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They say that beauty is a terrible force. The heroines of our today’s collection are the personification of this phrase in the literal sense. Far from the ideals of beauty (very far), they are nevertheless very successful and in demand.

We present to you 10 of the scariest models in the world – ugly girls with a bewitching appearance who have achieved success.

List of scariest models

  • 10. Laura O’Grady
  • 9. Kelly Mittendorf
  • 8. Daphne Greeneveld
  • 7. Diandra Forrest
  • 6. Casey Legler
  • 5. Lily McMenami
  • 4. Erica Irwin
  • 3. Madeleine Stewart
  • 2. Chantelle Brown-Young
  • 1. Melanie Gaidos

10. Laura O’Grady

Big protruding ears cannot be called beautiful in any way, but Laura O’Grady proved to the whole world that this external flaw can be turned into dignity.

Since childhood, she had to endure the ridicule of her peers, but in 2010, at the age of 15, she still found the courage to go to the Elite Model Look competition, where she was noticed. She was offered a contract and since then her career has gone up.

2013 was especially successful for her when Laura started working with Select fashion agency in London . At the same time, she was invited to appear in Vogue magazine, and was also invited to participate in the shows of Giorgio Armani and other brands .

Despite the fact that photographers always try to emphasize Laura’s ears in their photos, focusing on this feature, the model herself, apparently, is not happy with her. This conclusion can be made if you carefully study her Instagram : in most photos, she tries to hide her ears with her hair or chooses such angles for pictures so that they are as invisible as possible.

9. Kelly Mittendorf

Kelly Mittendorf was born in 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2011, she signed a contract with the Marilyn agency. She then appeared in an editorial for Italian Vogue, photographed by Steven Meisel; she also became one of the faces for Prada.

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Also in 2011, she opened a spring show for Topshop Unique in London and starred for Marc Jacobs. She then appeared in an editorial for Japanese Vogue, photographed by Paola Kudaki.

In 2012, Kelly Mittendorf appeared in an editorial for Dazed & Confused, directed by Serge Leblond, and in editorials for Italian and British Vogue. She has also been on the spring cover of Gray magazine, on the cover of Vision China magazine, iD magazine, Lula magazine and a Nars Cosmetics ad campaign.

In 2013, she participated in an advertising campaign for Kate Spade, contributed to editorials for Flair, Tank Magazine, UmnO Magazine and Vogue Ukraine. She has also been on the cover for the French Revue de Modes and UmnO Magazine.

In 2014, Kelly Mittendorf was on the cover of Beauty Rebel Magazine, she appeared in Fashion, Elle Mexico, Black Magazine, Rodeo Magazine, Playing Fashion, Marie Claire Magazine, L’Officiel Singapore, Elle Mexico and Mixte and appeared in advertising campaigns for Jucca Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter Holographic Universe.

In 2015, she appeared in editorials for Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire China, Vogue Turkey and Flair Germany. Is she beautiful? Unlikely. Successful? Certainly. Not every beauty model has as many offers as she does.

8. Daphne Greeneveld

Daphne Greeneveld is a Dutch model who quickly gained fame. She is originally from Leiderdorp, Netherlands. This diva grew up with her supportive parents, who have yet to be revealed. Sources suggest she has an older brother.

She started her career as a model from an early age. A modeling agent discovered her when she was just 13 years old. At this point, the diva decided to finish her education and dropped out of school. It also makes it clear that she had no further education. Her catwalk debut came in Fall / Winter 2010 in Milan.

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This beauty was soon awarded Best Dutch Model at the 2011 Marie Claire Netherlands Fashion Awards. Greeneveld has worked for Fendi, Carolina, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Anna Sui, Etro, Max Mara, Dio. Moreover, she appeared on the catwalk for Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Prado, Jill Sander, Giorgio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Versace Moschino, Mugler and many others.

7. Diandra Forrest

She is white and yet black. Her hair is naturally blonde, her skin and facial hair are milky white, her eyes are green, and her lips and nose are clearly African. She is Diandra Forrest , the albinism role model and the most stunning supermodel of our time.

She was born in the Bronx, New York on October 22, 1989, to African American parents. She is not the only albino in the family – of her three siblings, she also has a brother with the same condition.

The term “albino” comes from the word “albus” – the Latin word for “white”. About one in 17,000 people are born with this rare genetic disorder characterized by loss of pigment in the skin, hair and sometimes eyes. Albino people lack melanin, the substance responsible for the natural color of hair and skin. The condition affects people of all nationalities around the world.

As an albino child, Diandra did not initially feel different from her black family members. It dawned on her when the other children started asking if she was adopted. Since the albino grew up in a predominantly black area and in a school where most of the residents had dark skin, problems were inevitable.

There were several name-calling and ridicule from some of the children – the ” white girl” and “Casper”, which Diandra recalls. “ I used to come home crying ,” she told the BBC. “ In childhood, you are teased, and some people grow out of things, but you cannot grow out of an albino, ” she admitted in an interview with ABC News.

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6. Casey Legler

Casey Legler was born in France on Tuesday 26 April 1977 (Generation X). She is 42 years old and she is a Taurus. Casey Legler is a former swimmer who competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics.

She is an artist based in New York and is the first woman to be contracted as a male Ford model. She finished 29th in the women’s 50m freestyle and 10th in the women’s 4x100m relay at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

5. Lily McMenami

This girl started her career at 18 thanks in large part to her mother Kristen McMenamy, who was a successful (and beautiful) model in the past. Now Lily is one of the most sought-after models, although few people love her. Almost no one believes that Lily McMenamy would have been allowed on the catwalk without her mother’s patronage.

4. Erica Irwin

It’s easy to explain why Erica Irwin is scary: until 2004, her name was William and she was a man. However, even this did not prevent her (him?) From achieving success in the modeling business and appearing on the covers of many fashion magazines.

3. Madeleine Stewart

Madeleine Stewart is an Australian model with Down syndrome. She has appeared on the catwalk of New York Fashion Week, and has also walked at Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Runway Dubai, Russian Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week and many others.

2. Chantelle Brown-Young

Chantelle Whitney Brown-Young , professionally known as Winnie Harlow , is a Canadian fashion model and public spokesperson for vitiligo (skin disease). She rose to prominence in 2014 as a contributor to the twenty-first cycle of America’s Next Top Model television series.

1. Melanie Gaidos

Melanie Gaidos is one of the fastest growing models to challenge and transform the fashion industry. Gaidos was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a condition that causes her pores, teeth, nails, and small bones to form abnormally. It looks a little creepy, and it’s easier to portray her in films (in specific roles), but she still became a model.

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