For most ordinary people, the life of models is seen as a series of parties and photo sessions in luxurious interiors – not work, but sheer pleasure for which fabulous fees are paid. Many young girls, seduced by the prospect of leading just such a lifestyle, decide to plunge headlong into the modeling business, not realizing that this profession is far from being as simple as it seems to many. The workflow, of which the models are a part, has many “pitfalls” that everyone who wants to devote their lives to “gloss” needs to know about.

List of surprising facts about models

  • 10. Paparazzi are awake
  • 9. It’s okay to eat
  • 8. Filming doesn’t happen every day
  • 7. Photo sessions are work
  • 6. In reality, the models are not as slender as in the photographs.
  • 5. The model can be of any age
  • 4. Expectations have nothing to do with reality
  • 3. Filming doesn’t always pay
  • 2. Waiting is the main component of the profession
  • 1. Fabulously expensive things from the shows remain with the designers

10. Paparazzi are awake

Models can spend hours under the sight of the lens when they are at work. However, after returning home, most of them want to hide from prying eyes. Therefore, they are not satisfied with the threat of being filmed by another paparazzi, hunting for the “hot” details of her private life. Because of this, many well-known models have to adjust their lives in accordance with such conditions.

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9. It’s okay to eat

Admiring glossy photos, it seems to us that the ideal body of models is the result of constant exhausting diets. However, in most cases, the models do not adhere to any very strict restrictions in the daily diet. Moreover, like all people, they can sometimes indulge in completely unhealthy food: a hamburger in between filming or a pie on the way home.

Over the past few years, experts have noted that a steady trend has emerged in the fashion world towards the cultivation of female beauty, which does not fall under the “golden” parameters of 90-60-90. Models with large breasts, narrow waist and wide hips are in demand.

8. Filming doesn’t happen every day

Creative workers always complain that they lack stability, because it happens that two or three days of intensive work give way to months of unemployment, when you are happy with any offer. And models are no exception. It happens that they almost have to beg on their knees for the possibility of getting at least some kind of work. Therefore, they sometimes have to take part in rather dubious projects.

7. Photo sessions are work

Looking at the finished images, it seems that there is nothing complicated in the model’s work – it is not the same to unload the coal and go down into the mine. However, a professional photo session is a rather complicated process. One successful shot is the result of painstaking work of the model, photographer and other participants in the shooting process. In addition, the conditions in which the photo session is held may not be the best, for example, in the heat, you may have to be photographed in a fur coat, and in the cold season, show a swimsuit. Also, in one shooting, a model can change an uncountable number of outfits. We also did not take into account the extremely uncomfortable positions that have to be taken at the insistence of the photographer.

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6. In reality, the models are not as slender as in the photographs.

Nowadays, technology plays a significant role in the beauty industry. Retouching finished photographs is an obligatory stage in preparing a photograph before publication. Therefore, it is not surprising that some models in real life bear little resemblance to the ideal image from the pages of a glossy magazine. But many girls, having seen the beautiful figures of their “idols”, begin to exhaust themselves with diets, not realizing that this standard is actually far from perfect, and the ideal proportions are the result of high-quality photo processing, not diets and workouts.

5. The model can be of any age

In the minds of the layman, a model is a young girl with an ideal figure. In fact, now you can become a model at almost any age. For example, in recent years, 60+ models are very popular, whose physical form and professionalism can envy many eighteen-year-old girls who take their first steps in the modeling business.

4. Expectations have nothing to do with reality

In the work of many models, it is not uncommon for a girl to live for a long time in the expectation of one photo shoot, which ultimately turns out to be a difficult test for her in harsh conditions. And that’s not the worst option yet. It happens that the shooting can simply be canceled or another candidate can be taken in its place. Therefore, many girls involved in this business suffer from unemployment for years and rejoice at any opportunity to earn.

3. Filming doesn’t always pay

List of surprising facts about models

Models taking their first steps in the beauty industry usually receive a rather small fee, which is a certain percentage of the sales of not yet promoted brands that they show. Models often become victims of scammers who refuse to pay girls for their work at all. Remember, only a few of the whole mass of models rise to the top of the fashionable Olympus. Most have to prove their right for a “place in the sun” throughout their modeling career.

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2. Waiting is the main component of the profession

In fact, from the entire period of the photo session, very little time is allotted to the active work of the model in front of the lens. Basically, they are waiting: when the stylist sets the hair, the make-up artist puts on the makeup, the photographer sets up the lighting. In a broader sense, the models depend on the demand for their services. They constantly live in the expectation that they will be offered more or less decent jobs with decent wages, which is why they have to constantly prove that they are in no way inferior to their competitors.

1. Fabulously expensive things from the shows remain with the designers

It is a common misconception that models wear only branded outfits from famous couturiers, which they receive as a gift after every fashion show or photoshoot. In reality, this happens extremely rarely and only with models that have already reached certain heights in the fashion world. And girls who are just starting their path to a successful career as a beauty princess buy things in ordinary stores or even at sales.

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