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We have a widespread stereotype: if you are a man, then you should not be afraid of anything. Boys are taught from childhood not to cry, to show as little emotion as possible, and fear is unacceptable for them.

But, under the external mask of severity and inaccessibility hides the same soul as women. Men are less emotional, but this does not mean that they are insensitive. They, like any person, have their own fears , which they simply do not voice. So what are men so afraid of?


  • 10. Loneliness
  • 9. Thoughts that life was wasted
  • 8. Fear of showing weakness
  • 7. Woman’s refusal
  • 6. Ridicule
  • 5. Defeat
  • 4. Change
  • 3. Another person’s power
  • 2. Failure in bed
  • 1. Treason

10. Loneliness

Not all, but many women are afraid to end their lives alone , surrounded by a bunch of cats. But men have a similar fear. And it may be stronger than that of the beautiful half of humanity, it is simply not customary to talk about it.

In society, it is considered the norm if a man has a family, at least a wife or a constant girlfriend. To go against the system, to contradict the norm is the lot of individuals. The rest sooner or later begin to think about the family.

You can be a bachelor at 25 or 30 years old, bathe in the attention of women, but sooner or later you want stability, family, normal relationships .

9. Thoughts that life was wasted

The fear that life has been wasted appears after 40 years, the same “midlife crisis.” It seems that he lived, tried to achieve something in life, but now you are already 40, and have not managed to find a job with a decent salary, become famous, leave your mark in history.

During this period, a man needs support and help. Each person has his own capabilities, his own point from which he started. It’s one thing if you were born into a family of a wealthy person, another thing if you climbed up from the bottom.

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Each person has his own values, his own goals, and not necessarily fame or money. The main thing is harmony in the soul, and it does not depend on material wealth.

8. Fear of showing weakness

Men are afraid of being weak . It is this phobia that makes them walk through the forest or through the streets of an unfamiliar country, pretending that everything is in order and everything is under control. Therefore, they will never say “I love”, because love is emotions, a manifestation of weakness.

Men are ready to lift heavy things, do push-ups, when their hands hurt from fatigue, they are ready for anything, just not to be weak and helpless. And this is understandable, it is embedded in them, tk. natural selection has not been canceled.

Women love the strong. But, if he found his home, his refuge, a man can sometimes afford to be weak, to experience his failures.

We are all human, and none of us was born with superpowers. It is good if next to a strong man there is a loving and understanding woman who will accept him with all his weaknesses and shortcomings.

7. Woman’s refusal

Even a woman herself cannot always understand a woman, let alone a man. Women’s logic is unpredictable, shrouded in feelings and experiences. Therefore, her actions are unpredictable, and there is no guarantee that you understood everything correctly.

Unsurprisingly, uncertainty appears. Having come on a date to a girl, many of the men are nervous, twitch, and can bring themselves to neurosis, fearing to get a negative result.

To cope with this fear, some start drinking. Then a woman’s refusal is perceived more easily, one can find a philosopher in oneself who will convince that there are many women, and the refusal of one of them means nothing.

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It is important to raise self-esteem, it will help to realize that one refusal means nothing.

6. Ridicule

Women can take pity on the person others laugh at. Men are sure that a funny person is a weakling. Therefore, they are very afraid to find themselves in a curious situation, to become a victim of ridicule .

But since any fears are destructive and must be dealt with. Sometimes self-irony attracts people better than the image of an alpha male. A good sense of humor helps you survive in any situation, even if you are surrounded by angry people.

But too zealous is also not worth it, self-esteem should not suffer.

5. Defeat

Men already from childhood begin to compete with each other. That is why boys and sometimes adolescents are frequent visitors to traumatology.

Men do not know how and do not like to lose. In the male world, weaklings are not tolerated. Any defeat is a fall in self-esteem, no matter where he competed, in an online game or tried to get the attention of a beauty.

But, fortunately, not only women, but also men become wiser over the years. They learn to lose without getting upset.

Healthy optimism is essential for everyone; failure alone means nothing if there are still many victories ahead.

4. Change

A woman, if she wants to change, can change her image one day. Or completely change the atmosphere in the apartment.

It is more difficult for men to decide on this. Everything new frightens them, and brings some representatives of the strong half of humanity to panic attacks.

You should not be afraid of changes , because calmness and lack of change are not always good. Stagnation in business and life prevents us from moving forward. Life does not stand still, it must be accepted and understood.

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Constant calmness can lead to getting bored. Therefore, you should not be afraid of changes, it is better to treat them as another entertaining adventure.

3. Another person’s power

A man, especially if he is courageous and has a bright personality, does not tolerate any submission. He is not ready to become part of a huge mechanism, to be one of the billions that spin in this system without the right to vote.

That is why many of them, as it seems to others, do crazy things: they argue with teachers, quit their jobs, and run away from the army. For them, independence and personal freedom are important.

However, we forget that we live in a real world where submission to the authority of others  is the norm. And it is not necessary to resist the system, because we live in a free state, which has no purpose to break the character of a person, or to cause him any harm.

Work, develop and live the way you want, if it does not bother other people.

2. Failure in bed

Men feel like complete losers if something doesn’t work out in their intimate life. This is important to them. And, if a woman has not experienced an orgasm, then this is a huge blow to male pride. Added to this is a lot of pressure from the media.

A healthy lifestyle is the best prevention against bed failure . As for everything else, if there are feelings , there will be pleasure.

1. Treason

It is she who can destroy relationships, destroy love. No self-respecting man will tolerate betrayal .

But besides this, there is another fear – to change yourself. Sometimes this happens by accident, under the influence of drunk alcohol. And this fear is not so bad, because helps keep the family together. Not every woman, even the wisest, can forgive treason.

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