Nature never ceases to amaze people with its beauty. There is a wide variety of living beings in the world, about which many not only have not seen, but even did not even know. The most beautiful representatives among animals live not only on earth, but also under water. The underwater world never ceases to amaze with its uniqueness and brightness. It is home to the most beautiful fish in the world, which made our list. Because of their beauty, aquarists try to keep many of them in artificial conditions. But such fish, as a rule, require special care and conditions.


  • 10. Lyalius
  • 9. Yellow Masked Angel
  • 8. Tulle apogee
  • 7. Mandarin duck
  • 6. Parrot fish
  • 5. Blue surgeon
  • 4. Fiery centropig
  • 3. Horned Zankl
  • 2. Discus
  • 1. Clown fish

10. Lyalius

Lyalius opens the top ten fish with the most beautiful and brightest colors. This representative has several colors. Individuals can be found in blue, light blue, orange or bright red. Lyalius is actively bred by aquarists. This is a relatively small fish, reaching a maximum size of 6 centimeters. The body of this creature is oval, which is compressed on both sides. Females and males differ in fins. In females, they are more rounded. Laliuses begin to breed only from the fifth month of life. They love thickets, so in the aquarium you need to create all the necessary conditions for their comfortable existence in order to enjoy this natural beauty.

9. Yellow Masked Angel

The yellow mask angel has a very beautiful coloration, which allowed him to get on our list. The colorful coloring prevents this fish from going unnoticed. In addition to everything else, the yellow-masked angel stands out for its unusual shape: it has a flat body and a very high-set back. In the area of ​​the gills, the fish has a thorn, which differs in color from the body. The yellow-masked angel is capable of reaching more than half a meter in length. Individuals prefer to live in pairs, as well as in small harem groups, in which there is one male and several females. These representatives of aquatic inhabitants can be classified as omnivores.

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8. Tulle apogee

The tulle apogee occupies the honorable eighth line in our list of water beauties. This fish predominantly lives in the coastal waters of Indonesia. The species is listed in the Red Book, since there is a high probability of its extinction. This is primarily due to human fishing activities on an industrial scale. The tulle apogon can exist both in natural and artificial conditions, therefore avkariusmists also “hunt” for it. These fish are unusual not only for their shape and color. Before mating, the male is actively courting the female. After laying eggs, the male is on guard of his future offspring.

7. Mandarin duck

Mandarin duck is one of the most beautiful inhabitants of the waters. The fish has a varied and very variegated color. The mandarin duck is found in areas close to coral reefs. Many aquarists dream of keeping them in artificial conditions, but not everyone can. This fish requires special conditions of keeping and is very picky about care, therefore it is not often found in aquariums. Therefore, you can only admire the mandarin duck in a photo or in nature.

6. Parrot fish

The parrot fish is one of the most unusual fish with not a unique color. These are fairly large individuals that are capable of reaching almost 1.5 meters in size. Representatives of this species often choose coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Ocean as habitats. They called this fish not only because of its bright and variegated color. Individuals have a peculiar beak, reminiscent of that of the bird, after which they are named. There are also parrotfish that have external incisors or canines. A feature of this creature is also its ability to form a cocoon of mucus in which they sleep. The required content is excreted from the fish’s mouth.

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5. Blue surgeon

The blue surgeon is a very bright fish, the name of which speaks for itself about its color. Individuals of this species have an ovoid body, compressed from two sides. The largest representatives are capable of reaching a length of 30 centimeters. The blue surgeon features a steep forehead and long fins. Against the background of a bright blue body, a black pattern and a yellow fin appear. The blue surgeon belongs to the centenarians. It is known that fish can live up to 20 years. Adults prefer to live either in pairs or singly. The schools form only fry. Often a shark hunts the blue surgeon, which is not averse to feasting on them.

4. Fiery centropig

The fiery centropig is distinguished by a very bright color, which allowed him to enter the list of the most beautiful. Often these fish are bred for an aquarium, due to their unpretentiousness and omnivorousness. In the wild, beauties live in Pacific waters. The body of the fiery centropig has a bright scarlet color with golden splashes. The tail of these fish is usually yellowish in color. Individuals belong to bottom fish, which are distinguished by caution. This species does not breed in captivity. It is quite difficult to keep these fish under artificial conditions, since they require large water spaces.

3. Horned Zankl

The horned zankle opens the top three, who stand out among their fellows with an unusual shape and color. Translated from Greek, the name of the fish is translated as “beveled”. Individuals have a disc-shaped body, slightly flattened on both sides. In length, the horned zankl can grow no more than 20-22 cm. The fin located on the back is triangular in shape and consists of many spines. The snout in representatives of this species is somewhat elongated, resembling a tube. The body of the horned zankla is painted in black and yellow stripes, which complement the eccentric appearance of this fish.

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2. Discus

Discus belongs to the most incredible representatives of the inhabitants of the waters with a unique color and shape. They are often bred in aquariums because they are very beautiful and relatively small. The variety of breeding forms of discus, which have different colors and bodies, is striking. Among them, the most common are snow-white discus, blue diamond, red discus, red diamond. Discus are finicky and demanding, but well worth it, according to aquarists.

1. Clown fish

Clownfish – the name of this aquatic inhabitant already speaks for itself. Representatives of this species have a unique, eccentric and very bright color. Among the most common colors are purple, fiery orange, yellow and red. The peculiarity of these fish is that they are classified as hermaphrodites. If the female dies, the male is able to reproduce offspring himself.

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