List of best PC monitor manufacturers

Equipment, as a rule, is bought for a long time – no one plans to change it quickly. It is not surprising that PC users take into account all the nuances, carefully study the characteristics and customer reviews – I want the purchase to serve for a long time and show itself well in work.

The choice of monitors must be approached especially carefully – an uncomfortable leg that seems to loosen even from an accidental touch, a screen that is unsafe for the eyes can cause discomfort to the user, and he will regret the money spent. To prevent this from happening, let’s find out which monitor manufacturers are considered the best today . This will help you navigate when choosing a technique.

List of best PC monitor manufacturers

  • 10. AOC
  • 9. Philips
  • 8. LG
  • 7. Dell
  • 6. HP
  • 5. MSI
  • 4. ASUS
  • 3. Xiaomi
  • 2. Acer
  • 1. Samsung

10. AOC

It is difficult to say which model is the best from AOC , as many of the manufacturer’s monitors have received high ratings from buyers. Initially, the German company supplied equipment for offices and banks, but later, thanks to hard work, entered the general market. And she did it for a reason!

Buyers think AOC monitors are no worse than branded monitors, and once in Russia they were even a “curiosity”. Even in budget monitors, the picture is quite decent – the equipment of this company works for a long time and without any complaints. The company is reliable, which has won trust since 2000 – you can safely choose your favorite monitor from a wide range.

9. Philips

Everyone knows this company. Still would! Philips has been making products for over 125 years. During this time, she managed to establish herself firmly in the market and find constant fans. The brand’s monitors, as customers note, do not get tired of the eyes (and this is one of the most important characteristics), they have an expanded color palette and ultra-modern design.

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Philips appliances confidently keep pace with fashion – people’s needs change, so do offers. If you have an eye for technology, you might be interested in a curved monitor, and there are even 3D options for avid moviegoers. Looking for a stylish and high quality monitor? You will definitely find one at Philips!

8. LG

LG is a South Korean company, one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics. Among the wide assortment at LG, you can find monitors for both gamers and programmers for working with documents.

Some models, for example, UltraWide 29WL500, allow you to work with 2 or 3 documents, in addition, modern technology has a stand in the form of a rounded saber, which reduces the footprint. Marketing is doing its job – despite the general trust in LG, some models disappoint users – they do not always include an adjustable stand, and glossy cases attract dust, etc. But in general, the company’s technology is popular with users, the main thing is to carefully choose a monitor for the tasks that you will put in front of him.

7. Dell

The American corporation has been providing the whole world with technology since 1984, allowing dreams to come true. It was named after its founder – Michael Dell, who was included in the list of “The richest people in the world.”

Many users are convinced of the quality and reliability of Dell monitors . Color reproduction in monitors is perfect – what more could a gamer or movie fan want? The monitors have reliable stands, so you don’t have to worry about falling and breaking. A huge advantage is the value for money. Despite the promoted brand, the manufacturer does not inflate the prices of its products.

6. HP

The company HP offers advanced solutions, ranging from high-end storage platform to a new generation of intelligent cloud solutions. The innovative principle also touched on technology – buyers note that sitting at a curved monitor, you feel like a person “from the future.”

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HP monitors are clean, compact and carefully designed. The price of a monitor with a large diagonal may confuse, but if it is bought for a long time, it is not worth saving. We can say with 100% probability that the equipment from HP will seem perfect to you! There are models with reduced eye strain – this is especially true for those who work at a computer for a long time.

5. MSI

The Taiwanese company MSI was founded in 1986 and is famous for producing some of the most expensive laptops. We do not undertake to find out whether they are so good, because we are interested in monitors. Speaking of them, the general impression of users is good: the monitors are made in a modern design, for immersion, some models have a curved shape and have a high-definition mode.

The leader of 2020 – the Optix MAG271C – 144 Hz and 1 ms response allow for maximum smoothness and instant response to what is happening on the screen. The technique can be customized to suit your requirements – you must admit, it’s very tempting.


Company ASUS feels a passion for technology and innovation – this charge and all equipment manufactured by it. The company understands that a modern person cannot imagine life without technology, therefore, it is guided by the principle of achieving incredible results in everything!

Consumers are eager to choose ASUS technology, because it has won their trust: monitors have very bright screens, clear menus and they have no glare. Some models have gamer chips in the menu – sight, etc., which, according to the players, is very convenient. ASUS engineers create a technique that combines powerful performance, bold design and intuitive controls.

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3. Xiaomi

The Chinese company is on the wave of success, however, for some time Xiaomi has experienced falls. The company was officially founded 10 years ago – in 2010, and since the launch of the first smartphone has been referred to as a follower of Apple. Lei Jun has always confessed his love for Apple, and even referred to Steve Jobs’s vocabulary during the presentation of his product.

The company offers a wide range of products: from smartwatches to laptops, but let’s focus on monitors. If you are looking for a cool screen, check out the 2020 hit Mi Curved display 34, which reduces eye strain and supports 144Hz. The modern curved design pleases. Buyers leave only positive feedback on their purchase.

2. Acer

During his evolutionary development, man has learned to do a lot, and one of his most important inventions is the computer. This invention has become so irreplaceable that life cannot be imagined without it. There are many manufacturers, and the world leaders of technology can be counted on one hand, and Acer entered them .

Acer monitors have many advantages, but most importantly, the price always matches the quality. Buyers love the build quality, performance, and compactness of monitors. Many models have built-in LED backlighting to ensure excellent image quality.

1. Samsung

The company Samsung is deservedly among the most famous brands in the world for the production of household appliances, and, since 1938, did not give up its position. Buyers are satisfied with the purchases of a well-known brand, in particular with monitors.

Good build quality, luscious picture and adjustable stand are the main advantages of Samsung monitors. The manufacturer does not inflate the prices for promoted goods, and the price always corresponds to the quality – this is what Samsung wins over. Monitors are perfect for gamers, professional photographers (who use Photoshop), and for the average user who loves to surf the Web for another hour or chat with friends on the Internet.

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