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The profession demands the perfect appearance from the model : a fit figure, smooth beautiful skin, luxurious hair. There are many beautiful women among them, but one should not forget that beauty is different for everyone. Someone likes brunettes, someone likes blondes … In this article we will talk about the girls who conquered the whole world. These are generally recognized beauties-models, they are liked by everyone, without exception. They have achieved great success in the modeling business and made a name for themselves.

Many people think: “Lucky”, but the profession of a model is hard work. Girls need to always look great and be on top. We bring to your attention a list of the most beautiful models in the world: the top 10 best women who were shot nude for the most famous magazines (photos are attached).


  • 10. Anya Rubik
  • 9. Carmen Kass
  • 8. Miranda Kerr
  • 7. Adriana Lima
  • 6. Tyra Banks
  • 5. Yasmine Le Bon
  • 4. Doutzen Cruz
  • 3. Natasha Poly
  • 2. Candice Swanepoel
  • 1. Heidi Klum

10. Anya Rubik

One of the most popular models of the 2000s. Anya Rubik was born in Poland. Since childhood, she dreamed of a podium, fate gave her a gift. Anya was 13 years old when she received her first advertising offer .

Then there was cooperation with popular magazines Vogue, V Magazine, Numero. Her career developed rapidly, at the age of 18 Anya Rubik became the brightest star of Parisian fashion, it took her a little more time to conquer the whole world.

Anya works with global brands such as Tiffany & Co, Furla, Chloe. She is not limited to a modeling career and tries herself in other areas. Rubik went into business, also worked as an editor for an American fashion magazine.

9. Carmen Kass

Carmen shows by her example that models are not only beautiful, but also smart. Her homeland is the Estonian town of Paid.

While attending school, Kass participated in model shows and willingly attended beauty contests. A chance meeting with an agent from Milan changed her life. The girl had to forge her mother’s signature, since she did not give permission to leave. Soon she set out to conquer the world.

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Carmen Kass has worked with many famous brands, her photo has appeared on the covers of the most reputable magazines. In 2000, she became Model of the Year (according to Vogue magazine).

Today her name is included in the Industry Icons category. Carmen is the owner of a part of the agency where she once worked. She is also an actress and politician. Carmen has repeatedly said that she plans to further develop her political career.

Carmen’s favorite hobby is chess, for some time she was the president of the Estonian Chess Union.

8. Miranda Kerr

The beautiful Miranda lived in the province (Australia) on a horse farm and dreamed of becoming a nutritionist. Fate decreed otherwise, an attractive girl won a beauty contest, the prize was a photo session in a popular magazine. Her angelic beauty has caught the attention of the most popular modeling agencies.

Miranda Kerr has achieved a lot, but her most important achievement is her collaboration with the Victoria’s Secret brand. The company has its own models that advertise their products. These girls are called angels. They go to the podium in underwear, wings flaunt on the back. They are paid fabulously high fees.

Mirianda is a versatile personality, she appears in music videos, TV shows, develops her own business – a line of organic cosmetics.

7. Adriana Lima

The Brazilian supermodel has also become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She regularly hits the tops of the most beautiful models. In 2014, Forbes named her one of the highest paid.

At the age of 13, she won a beauty contest in her city, after 4 years she signed an agreement with an American modeling agency and moved to New York.

Victoria’s Secret has brought worldwide fame and high fees to Adriana Lima . Her outings in expensive underwear create a real sensation. Her image is impudent, sexy, although in fact this beauty is a believer. She adheres to strict moral principles.

6. Tyra Banks

Tyra was born in Inglewood, California. At school, the girl had a hard time, classmates laughed at her. Banks was tall and very thin. Soon Tyra realized that this was not a disadvantage, but a virtue. She decided to conquer the fashion world.

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At the age of 17, she began her career in a famous modeling agency. She has achieved great success, no one has ever managed to make such a splash.

Tyra Banks quickly became a popular model. In addition, she starred in films. When Tyra turned 27, she decided to devote herself entirely to cinema.

Taira is known even by those who are not at all interested in fashion and the modeling business. She acted as the host and producer of America’s Next Top Model. Banks has many talents, she sings beautifully and writes books.

5. Yasmine Le Bon

The shy Oxford woman was working as a salesman in a clothing store when an agent noticed her. She started working in a modeling agency, but failed to achieve popularity.

Yasmine Le Bon is a dark-haired dark-skinned woman, and the standards of beauty at that time were completely different. Nevertheless, she managed to reach the final of the Miss Oxford competition and sign a contract with Models 1. Career took off, in 1989 Yasmin became the highest paid model in the world. Leading designers dreamed of working with her, her face could be seen on the covers of popular magazines.

There is an opinion that “the age of the model is not long,” Le Bon refuted this statement. She continued to work even when she was 40. Yasmin is now 54 years old, but she does not look her age.

4. Doutzen Cruz

Dutch supermodel, blue-eyed blonde, the dream of all gentlemen. Unlike many other models, who were lucky to be in the right place at the right time, Doutzen had to take everything into his own hands.

She organized an amateur photo session, and sent the pictures to leading modeling agencies. They became interested in her, and at the age of 20, Cruz became the best model in Vogue. She was a participant in advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, Gianfranco Ferré, Gucci.

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Doutzen Cruz is not only a successful model and a beautiful woman, she is a very kind person. The girl regularly does charity work.

3. Natasha Poly

The pride of Russia, one of the most sought-after models in the country. Hometown – Perm.

As soon as Natasha turned 15, she set off to conquer the capital. At the beauty contest of models, she managed to reach the final, after which several lucrative offers followed.

Soon her career continued, the aspiring model accepted the offer of Women Management and after a while went to conquer the world. Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli – this is not a complete list of brands that Natasha Polly was able to work with .

Of course, one cannot fail to note her belonging to the famous “Victoria’s Secret”. Few people manage to reach such heights, but an ordinary girl from Russia showed that this is real. The main thing is to set a goal and go all the way.

2. Candice Swanepoel

Another blue-eyed “angel”. By the way, Candice achieved popularity and fame thanks to pictures in swimsuits and underwear.

South African model originally from Mui River. She lived on a farm and did not even dream of becoming a model. A chance acquaintance turned her life upside down. An agent saw her at the market and would offer her a try.

The modeling biography developed rapidly and brightly. Three years have passed, and Candice Swanepoel has participated in the shows of the leading fashion brands. By the way, she is the only South African Victoria’s Secret model.

1. Heidi Klum

Heidi is a German supermodel, actress, TV presenter, producer and screenwriter. Her parents worked in the field of beauty, Heidi dreamed of conquering the catwalk.

At 19, she won a modeling competition. A year later, she moved to the United States, where her career took off. She has never appeared on the catwalks in Paris or Milan, but she has already been offered a collaboration with Victoria’s Secret. It was Heidi’s finest hour, she was inundated with job offers.

But Heidi Klum did not limit herself to a modeling career, she enjoys acting in films. Let her only be offered cameo roles so far, but she hopes that she can become a popular actress.

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