Living in society, a person tries to take into account and respect the interests of others. This is necessary in order to minimize conflict situations.

Accordingly, he expects the same from other people, he wants to be appreciated and respected. But this is not always possible to achieve, more often this is due to the fact that a person does not know how to present himself in society, treats himself disrespectfully, provoking others to do the same.

In this article, you can find 10 signs that indicate that you do not respect yourself.


  • 10. You want to please everyone
  • 9. You give up your beliefs to avoid conflict
  • 8. You are indifferent to your health
  • 7. You gossip too much
  • 6. You say bad things about yourself
  • 5. You continue to be friends with those who treat you badly.
  • 4. You constantly do things that you don’t like
  • 3. You allow others to interfere with your life.
  • 2. You say yes, even if you feel like saying no
  • 1. You allow others to disrespect you.

10. You want to please everyone

Many people are so kind that they are ready to make the life of others better, strive to please them in everything.

Psychologists consider this maneuver to be erroneous, because in the pursuit of the life of others to be cloudless, a person forgets about himself.

More often people strive to please someone because they expect recognition and love, this indicates that they themselves are not able to love themselves.

Self-sacrifice in some cases is necessary, but if you do it regularly, then others will cease to appreciate it.

9. You give up your beliefs to avoid conflict

Striving to prove your case always and everywhere is not one of the best tactics of behavior in society.

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But psychologists also do not recommend giving up your point of view on things for any reason, trying to avoid a conflict situation.

A person who respects himself will also respect his beliefs and will not abandon them for any reason.

8. You are indifferent to your health

In pursuit of money, people often start literally living at work, depriving themselves of proper rest, sleep and nutrition.

What can we say about visiting doctors. Health is very important for a person, it cannot be neglected. It is worth contacting the hospital not only when something is already sick, but also when there is a need for a preventive examination.

A self-respecting person always cares about his condition, and if he needs rest, then he exercises it. Those who do not care about their health, as a rule, do not love and respect themselves.

7. You gossip too much

Psychologists believe that one of the signs of disrespect for their personality is the love of gossip.

A person who seeks to keep abreast of the personal life of his colleagues and friends, is interested in all its details and immediately discusses them with others, cannot respect himself. This suggests that he lives someone else’s life, trying by all means to find out who sleeps with whom, who eats what and who earns how much. He doesn’t care about his own life.

6. You say bad things about yourself

Psychologists do not recommend that anyone speak of themselves in a negative way, for example, criticize their appearance, merit, tell others that you are stupid, and all your successes are just a lucky coincidence.

Gradually, a person who speaks about himself in this way begins to sincerely believe in it, which prevents her from achieving her goals.

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Then those around him will think that the person is a loser and that it is worth communicating with him less so as not to slide down to his level.

5. You continue to be friends with those who treat you badly.

Friendship is an important part of every person’s life, but psychologists advise you to carefully choose your environment.

If you are friends with people who do not give you a penny, spit on your opinion, speak negatively about you and even allow rudeness towards you, then you definitely do not respect yourself.

Any self-respecting person would rather remain alone than keep liars, boors, impudent people, manipulators or individuals who want to assert themselves at your expense around him.

4. You constantly do things that you don’t like

If you work at a job that you don’t like, live in a hated city, eat food that is disgusting, and the words “must” and “must” are firmly entrenched in your vocabulary, then most likely you do not respect yourself.

The habit of constantly doing what we don’t like often comes into adulthood from childhood, when we eat stewed cabbage through force in kindergarten, because the teacher said so when we play uninteresting games to please a friend or watch films that do not bring pleasure for the same reason.

Parents from a young age should allow the baby to do those things that bring him joy and satisfaction.

3. You allow others to interfere with your life.

Next to a person, there are often individuals who want to impose their opinion, find out the details of their personal life and try to tell how to live and what exactly to do.

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You shouldn’t let them do this unless you ask for advice yourself.

Psychologists believe that if a person allows others to delve into his life and give unsolicited advice, then he is an immature person, unable to respect himself.

Friends, acquaintances and colleagues who are hungry for details from their personal life and want to help you figure it out should be kept at a distance.

2. You say yes, even if you feel like saying no

The problem of disrespect for themselves as a person for many lies in the fact that they do not know how to say “no”, and answer “yes”, even in those situations when they do not want it at all.

If you have your own affairs, but you postpone them and strive without looking back for help to the one who called you, then you are wasting your resources, and you could use them for your own benefit.

You should not be afraid to offend others with a refusal, those who are offended by a well-founded refusal of a request, as a rule, are simply looking for people on whom it will be convenient to shove off their responsibilities.

A person who respects himself will not be comfortable for anyone.

1. You allow others to disrespect you.

If they treat you disrespectfully, they can humiliate you, and you silently listen to it, not trying to answer the offender because you think you deserve the insult or, fearing aggression from him, then, according to psychologists, you do not respect too much yourself.

A person who feels love and respect towards himself will never allow others to hurt his feelings, he will always stop the attacks of others.

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