What attracts long series? Probably, a person’s desire to stretch the pleasure, to think and imagine what will happen next. The longer, the more interesting it is to be drawn into it and become a participant, to plunge yourself into the atmosphere of a life that you will never live. There is always an opportunity for the author to change the course of the plot, take into account the wishes of housewives and influence the fate of the character. Advertisers are also satisfied – they know the contingent of viewers. Everyone is happy and happy! We present to your attention the top 10 longest TV series in the world .


  • 10. Santa Barbara
  • 9. Impudent and beautiful
  • 8. Neighbors
  • 7. On the threshold of night
  • 6. Another world
  • 5. Young and daring
  • 4. All my children
  • 3. One life to live
  • 2. How the world turns
  • 1. Guiding light

10. Santa Barbara

The masterpiece of Santa Barbara has become a household name. It’s not just a name, it’s synonymous with something long and recurring in a relationship. This soap opera ran in the United States from the summer of 1984 to January 1993. Filmed in total 2137 episodes of 45 minutes. Approximately 1600 hours in time. Divided into 9 seasons. Events are taking place in the city of Santa Barbara. The plot tells the story of the life of the wealthy Capwell family. Others, less wealthy, are also present – Perkins, Andrade, Lockridge. Some are rivals, partners, envious people.

In the first season, the main plot is shown, and the rest are tied to it. Joe Perkins was unlawfully convicted of Channing’s murder. After leaving prison, he tries to restore justice. This reveals many secrets, “dirt” emerges – homosexuality, illegitimate children, crime. The first part of this series was criticized, but the authors skillfully handled events, introduced new characters and arranged disasters for unwanted heroes. Murder, intrigue, rape, gossip – even in the life of wealthy people there are no less problems. This is the main idea behind this long series.

9. Impudent and beautiful

The American TV series The Daring and the Beautiful , running from March 1987 to the present day, ranks ninth in our ranking of the longest TV series in the world. The episodes are twenty minutes long, there are about 7000. The total time in hours is about 2300. The series is distinguished by the fact that it is loved in different states. The action takes place in Los Angeles. The storyline revolves around the Forrester family and their “Fashion House”.

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The whole family is engaged in a common cause, everyone strives to develop this profitable business. The company has a competitor – the fashion firm of the Spectra family. The president of this company does not want to give way to the Forresters firm. This leads them to constant confrontation. Any action of some is perceived as an insult or a challenge to others. The world of business is a brutal world of survival and struggle. This is well reflected in the show.

8. Neighbors

Australian soap opera Neighbors , launched in March 1985, is ranked eighth in our ranking of longest television series. Today there are 27 seasons, consisting of 6256 episodes. The duration of the episode is 22 minutes, the time is about 6300 hours. The idea of ​​the series is a show based on real stories about the life of teenagers and adults.

The events take place in a fictional suburb of Melbourne. Initially, three families were involved in the plot – the Clarks, Robinsons and Ramsey. Ramsey and Robinsons are in constant rivalry, their confrontation involves other families in this process. Residents of the areas where the shooting takes place are happy to provide their yards for creating new episodes. The broadcast is not limited to Australia.

7. On the threshold of night

The American TV series On the Threshold of the Night was filmed for over 25 years, starting in 1956 is one of the longest in the world. More than 7500 episodes of 26 minutes were released. The total viewing time is about 3100 hours. The events take place in the fictional city of Monticello. The plot was focused on solving crimes. There are significantly few intrigues and love affairs, the series was conceived as a detective story. He even received an award from detective writers. It ended on New Year’s Eve, 1985, leaving the audience a secret.

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6. Another world

Another World is a very long series that started in May 1964 and ended in June 1999. Filming took place in Brooklyn. Filmed about 9000 episodes, which in terms of hours is about 10,000 hours. The action takes place in the fictional Bay City. The series tells about the usual joys and concerns in people’s lives. The motto of the series is “We live in the real world and the world of our dreams”. Heroes sometimes find themselves in exotic and extraordinary situations, which is reflected in their worldview and position in society. For the first time in the series, the topic of abortion was raised. The plot overlaps with another series – “Guiding Light”, from where the character Mike Bauer moved. The authors changed the duration of the series.

5. Young and daring

The Young and the Daring is the acclaimed American soap opera that launched in March 1973 and ranks fifth on our list of the world’s longest-running TV series. It is broadcast now. Approximately 10,800 episodes of 45 minutes have already been released. In hours it is more than 8000. The plot takes place in the fictional Genoa City. There are two families in the spotlight – the rich Brooks and the poor Fosters.

The departures of many of the artists forced the focus to shift to the Newman and Abbott families. The rivalry and competition of firms of these families is shown. There were some of the storylines that remained throughout the entire opera. An example is the story of the rivalry between Catherine Chancellor and Jill Foster. The length of the series varied from 30 to 90 minutes. The series is considered the highest rated among the daily ones.

4. All my children

The American TV series All My Children has been broadcast since 1970. The action takes place in Pine Valley, a suburb of Philadelphia. Susan Lucci played the main role throughout the story. Initially, the length of the episodes was about 30 minutes, but since April 77 it has doubled. In November 2012, the 10,000 episode was released, and the show was closed. A little later, they tried to restart the series.

The approximate time is 5000 hours. There was a time when the series became the most popular in America, it was even watched by men. The idea of ​​the series is to raise sensitive social issues. The topic of the Vietnam War was touched upon. The plot is tied to the rich girl Phoebe Taylor, single mother Mona Kane and her daughter.

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3. One life to live

The series One Life to Live was launched in the USA in the summer of 1968. The final episode aired in January 2012. A year later, it was revived and demonstrated over cable networks. It has 44 seasons. The episode length of this series varied from 29 minutes to an hour. A total of 11096 episodes were released. In terms of hours – about 8300. This is the first drama, touching on racial and social issues. The series has received many awards and prizes. Many Hollywood stars began their careers in it – Tommy Lee Jones, L. Fishburne, Mario Van Peebles.

2. How the world turns

The American soap drama How the World Spins , aired from April 1956 to September 2010, ranked second longest running TV series. The series was originally 30 minutes long, which was a novelty at the time. A total of 13858 episodes were filmed. The total running time is about 10,400 hours. It was the most popular TV series from 58 to 78. Since February 1967, it has been on record, not live. Since December 1975, the length has become 1 hour. All these years he filmed only in New York. The events take place in the fictional town of Oakdale. The characters of the series were thought out to the smallest detail.

1. Guiding light

The series Guiding Light , which aired in the United States from 1952 to 2009, is recognized as the longest series in the world. 18262 series were produced, the total time is not less than 4000 hours. The length of the series is from 15 to 60 minutes. The idea of ​​the series is that a lighted lamp on the window should illuminate the way for those who are lost in life. The whole concept is based on the life of a priest living in the suburbs of Chicago. The series involves many families around which the plot is intertwined – the Bauers, Roberts, Grants, Merlers, etc. The masterpiece has received almost a hundred awards.

It should be noted that the number of episodes does not always indicate the total duration of the series

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