Despite all attempts by scientists to study the human brain , it still remains the most mysterious organ of our body. Until the 80s, supporters of the theory of dualism loved to separate the soul from the body, in our time, philosophers studying the human psyche agree that everything that we consider to be consciousness is generated by the brain. That is, everything is interconnected.

Another interesting discovery is that multitasking is unusual for the brain. People think that they can do several things at the same time: talking on the phone, thinking about something, peeling potatoes, etc., but this is an illusion. In fact, multitasking is impossible for the human mind. We do not do some things at the same time, but quickly switch between them.

The topic of the brain will always be interesting, and, first of all, to researchers. It is difficult to say when humanity will come to its full knowledge (and whether it is possible at all). Until now, even its potential is unknown … But let’s not guess, but learn about some interesting facts about the human brain.


  • 10. Never rests, even in sleep
  • 9. Brain activity stimulates the appearance of new tissue
  • 8. Sometimes creates an “event boundary”
  • 7. It is not mental work that tires him, but the psychological state
  • 6. Size does not affect mental ability
  • 5. Needs a constant supply of oxygen
  • 4. The rapid development of the brain occurs from 2 to 11 years
  • 3. The smell of chocolate increases the activity of theta brain waves
  • 2. During alcohol intoxication, the brain temporarily loses the ability to remember
  • 1. Water is good for the brain

10. Never rests, even in sleep

There is an opinion that the human brain rests in a dream, but this is not so . The same applies to other organs: heart, lungs, etc. The fact is that the brain is responsible for all the vital functions of our body. He is characterized by a change of activity, but not rest.

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At night, the brain collects the “scattered” impressions of the day, processes, classifies them and enters into the register of long-term memory.

The brain rests only in one case – when immersed in a state of trance, which occurs when ” not thinking about anything .” You can notice such states in yourself – they are very short-lived, it seems that you are “falling through” somewhere , and then you come back again. Also, the brain rests during meditation, when all thoughts are “turned off”.

9. Brain activity stimulates the emergence of new tissue

To increase brain activity, vitamins and minerals are needed, for example, zinc, iodine. Why is it important? When a person receives all the necessary substances, he is better amenable to mental development, which helps to avoid brain diseases. By the way, coming up with jokes and anecdotes is very useful for this organ.

Due to its complex structure, the brain tissue is considered the most difficult object for research; until now, many processes that take place inside it remain unknown. However, it is believed that brain activity stimulates the appearance of new tissue .

8. Sometimes creates an “event boundary”

Our poor brain is constantly attacked by all kinds of information from all sides: news, intrusive advertising, and so on. Not surprisingly, the brain sometimes boils. What is the ” event boundary”? Thanks to her, we can easily switch to new cases and organize the information received.

Have you noticed that when you entered another room, you forgot why you came to it? The point is that when we pass through the doorway, an “event boundary” is triggered, separating one set of thoughts from another – it looks like a science fiction movie, as if episodes change. Our brain sends to the “archive” those thoughts that overcame us in another room, and clears the space for new ones.

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It is not for nothing that they say that a change of environment will be beneficial – moving to a new city and apartment, people forget about unhappy love, troubles, heal and start thinking in a new way. If you are worried about something, maybe you should just create a new “event boundary”?

7. It is not mental work that tires him, but the psychological state

Scientists wanted to test how many hours the brain can work without getting tired. As it turned out, the blood passing through the brain while it is active shows no fatigue at all .

As long as the brain is focused on something fun and interesting, it can maintain its working capacity for 12 hours of work, showing the same good results as at the beginning of the activity. Psychiatrists have found that fatigue arises from a psychological and emotionally depressed state.

6. Size does not affect mental ability

Scientists from the University of Washington concluded that brain size does not affect the mental capacity of its owner .

Professor William Calvin found that the brain of Homo Sapiens, which lived in Africa about 200 thousand years ago, was identical in size to the brain of modern humans. However, as you know, there were no intellectual conquests at that time. There is no connection between the size of the brain and the mental abilities that are contained in it – no.

5. Needs a constant supply of oxygen

The brain needs oxygen – probably each of you knows about it. We will tell you how you can saturate it and prevent oxygen starvation. Of course, the easiest way is to breathe fresh air, take more walks – preferably not in polluted places of the city, but somewhere in a forest or park.

Further, I would like to recommend that you sleep at least 8 hours (the most optimal time for sleep), include in your diet more fresh vegetables and fruits (very useful: currants, cranberries and blueberries), do exercises and, if you are in room, be sure to ventilate it.

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4. The rapid development of the brain occurs from 2 to 11 years

Many people want to improve their intellectual abilities, and this is understandable, because an intelligent person can solve complex life tasks, interact better with people, achieve goals, etc.

Do not be afraid that the brain develops rapidly before age 11 – it can be “nourished” at any age. However, the most rapid development occurs in the interval from 2 to 11 years . Scientists in their field agree that the brain continues to develop until the age of 25.

3. The smell of chocolate increases the activity of theta brain waves

Chocolate is known to be good for the brain, especially when there is trouble sleeping or being overworked. The more generously the chocolate is flavored with cocoa beans, the more beneficial it is.

In addition, the chocolate smell increases the activity of theta waves (they are responsible for the part of our brain that is located between the unconscious and conscious) of the brain, as a result, a person can feel how he felt calm, that is, relaxation occurs.

2. During alcohol intoxication, the brain temporarily loses the ability to remember

Have you noticed in yourself such a feature (after drinking alcohol) that you do not remember at all what happened yesterday? Alcohol in large doses has a detrimental effect on the neurons of the brain , and oxygen starvation can also occur due to shortness of breath.

In addition to physical impact, alcohol also negatively affects the moral side – just look at those who often drink alcohol. When it is taken, amnesia occurs – this means that there is a violation of the transmission of impulses through the neurons of the brain, which causes memory loss. Amnesia is an alarming signal that the body is unable to cope with the libation of alcohol.

1. Water is good for the brain

If you care about such an important organ as the brain, do not forget to consume plenty of clean water. The brain is 80% water, and when dehydrated, it suffers first .

Also, with a lack of fluid, the nervous system also suffers, as a result – a person suffers from headaches. To avoid problems, it is necessary to maintain the water balance of the whole organism.

Just do not forget – water only helps the body, but if you drink it in liters, it is unlikely that it will increase mental capacity. In addition, you need to know your daily water intake (depending on weight).

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