Despite modern technologies that guarantee the protection of the house, guard dogs are still in demand. Yes, and not everyone can afford system equipment because it is not cheap. From time immemorial, a dog is a loyal friend of man, it will follow its owner into fire and water, and will also protect housing from unwanted intruders. Regardless of the breed, a watchdog must be hardy, live in all weather conditions outside in a booth and be well trained. Based on this, and you need to choose a dog to protect your property.

The breeds you will learn about from our list have all the characteristics you need to guard your home. Let’s find out the names.

List of guard dogs

  • 10. Doberman
  • 9. Shar Pei
  • 8. Black Russian Terrier
  • 7. German Shepherd
  • 6. Tibetan Mastiff
  • 5. South Russian Shepherd
  • 4. Moscow Watchdog
  • 3. Caucasian Shepherd Dog
  • 2. Rottweiler
  • 1. Alabai

10. Doberman

Country of origin: Germany

Life span: 10-14 years

The Doberman is an amazing dog that combines high intelligence, grace and strength. You can cooperate with Dobermans, make friends – the latter is a priority for the dog. The Doberman is very devoted to his family, and since he has a very strong bond with the household, the protection of the premises becomes his main task.

Experts believe that the sooner you start training a Doberman, the better. The dog should be socialized from an early age, then it will grow up to be devoted and not aggressive. Dobermans do not hesitate for a long time what to do with intruders – they quickly react to them and attack.

9. Shar Pei

Country of origin: China

Life span: 10-12 years

Despite the funny appearance, the Shar Pei can outperform any other watch breed! The Chinese breed is known for its many folds in the skin, which make it look awkward. But funny folds do not prevent the Shar-Pei from being hardy and dexterous.

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Once the Shar Pei was exclusively a hunting dog – he served as a watchman and protected herds. But today they forgot about their fighting qualities, and began to wind up rather for fun. The advantages of this breed lie in loyalty, calm nature and they are always vigilant, so thieves cannot go unnoticed.

8. Black Russian Terrier

Country of origin: USSR

Life Expectancy: 10-11 Years

The Black Russian Terrier is a relatively young breed. Breeding work began in the Krasnaya Zvezda kennel after the end of the war. Then several dogs of different breeds were brought from Europe, and they became the ancestors of the terrier.

This breed is widespread in the world of literature. It is impossible not to pay attention to the completely unique breed. The Terrier is very hardy and has good health. The Black Terrier is a dog of only one owner, it is loyal, but spiteful and distrustful of strangers. It is best to take a Russian terrier at a young age and start training right away.

7. German Shepherd

Country of origin: Germany

Life span: 10-13 years

This breed is known all over the world, especially for the TV series “Commissioner Rex”. Santo vom Haus Zigelmeier was chosen for the role of the police dog. At that time he was only 17 months old. Despite such a young age, Santo bypassed competitors and got one of the main roles in a detective series.

The breed appreciates not only the excellent appearance of the shepherd dog – it is also very powerful, hardy, unpretentious to temperature changes and learns quickly. The German Shepherd does not think about the decision for a long time – it quickly analyzes the situation and acts. Just what you need for a guard dog.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

Country of origin: Tibet

Life Expectancy: 10-11 Years

This handsome giant cannot leave anyone indifferent. The Tibetan Mastiff is not recommended for those who are just beginning their knowledge of dog breeding – a dog requires competent socialization and colossal patience. Therefore, not everyone is in a hurry to start her.

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Tibetan Mastiffs are not dogs that will obediently sit on a chain. They love to communicate, and always come to the owner for attention. The Mastiff is incredibly intelligent and independent. Representatives of the breed are known as fearless defenders – and so it is. They will never leave the owner in trouble. The dog is inclined to constantly monitor the territory, and always warns about suspicious persons circling around the house.

5. South Russian Shepherd

Country of origin: Russia

Life Expectancy: 9-11 Years

This is a rare and almost exclusive breed that has been adversely affected by commercial breeding. This breed was used in the late 20s and early 30s for the protection of the territory. They guarded sheepfolds and residential buildings.

The South Russian Shepherd Dog has endurance and energy, has a high degree of reaction. Sheepdog is very distrustful of strangers, and its behavior is often called unpredictable and even aggressive. If you take a little dog and raise him, he will become an excellent guard and a reliable friend.

4. Moscow Watchdog

Country of origin: Russia

Life Expectancy: 9-12 Years

The name of the dog speaks for itself – the Moscow watchdog is designed to protect the house from intruders and protect its owners. The animal was bred to protect the territory. She is a loyal protector of the entire family and is easy to train.

All representatives of the breed are distinguished by courage, intelligence, activity and unpretentiousness. The Moscow Watchdog does not trust outsiders and quickly learns new commands. This breed gets along well with all family members, including children.

3. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Country of origin: Russia

Life Expectancy: 10-11 Years

Among dog breeders, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is especially popular. If you want to know about the nightmare of all thieves and bandits – it is before you. Despite its rather soft and even harmless appearance, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog has a formidable character.

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A dog of this breed is devoted to only one owner, and is always ready to protect him. Unique breed characteristics along with excellent endurance allow keeping this animal even in harsh conditions – including in the northern regions. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is calm, but at the same time it has a developed defensive reaction.

2. Rottweiler

Country of origin: Germany

Life Expectancy: 11-12 Years

Appearances are deceptive. This also applies to the Rottweiler. Formidable on the outside, but soft on the inside, the Rottweiler is able to establish deep relationships with its owner, making him stand out from other household members. Needs a strong mentor – if a Rottweiler is led by a person who is not versed in dog breeding, he may have a lot of problems on the path of education.

The impressive size and formidable appearance make passers-by keep away from the dog – the same applies to thieves. The dog has a good memory, so it needs competent education. If a Rottweiler lives at home, you don’t have to worry about your property – he is an excellent defender.

1. Alabai

Country of origin: USSR

Life span: 12-15 years

Alabai is a common name among people, but breeders call this dog differently – the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. This breed is not a fighting breed, but it performs excellent security functions and is always ready to protect all household members from intruders.

Alabai, somewhat wayward by nature, does not always listen to commands – first he thinks over the situation, assesses the expediency of actions, and only then decides whether to follow the order or not. Experts advise entrusting the training of Alabai to professionals – if you allow gaps in upbringing, this can turn negatively for the owners themselves.

Interesting fact: since ancient times, alabai have helped protect homes and nomadic peoples from wolves and other predators. Today there is no such need, but Alabai is still relevant as a hunting dog.

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