You can’t forbid being beautiful. Especially when there is a financial opportunity to pay for the work of professionals.

It’s really hard to give up wizards-surgeons when a fit in the profession is required or when fear is overwhelming, especially of old age.


  • 10. Melanie Griffith
  • 9. Emmanuelle Bear
  • 8. Tori Spelling
  • 7. Daryl Hannah
  • 6. Lindsay Lohan
  • 5. Meryem Uzerli
  • 4. Kim Basinger
  • 3. Lara Flynn Boyle
  • 2. Jennifer Gray
  • 1. Renee Zellweger

10. Melanie Griffith

American actress. She was born in 1957. Swedish, German, Norwegian roots made her appearance unusually attractive.

The fighting spirit of the Scandinavians and the poise of the Germans made her an attractive image. And as they get older – sexy.

It seems that small fireballs continuously exploded around her, each film caused a moan of desire from the male part of the audience.

This wonderful girl’s career began at the age of 9 months. Plunging into the world of great temptations, this led to the fact that the appearance of the actress began to deteriorate.

Plastic surgeries began to follow one after another. As a result, a possible facelift led to a change in the shape of the eyes and made them elongated, feline.

Full, luscious lips began to look like twisted. Botulinum toxin injections made the skin thin, porcelain.

The zest of the actress was dissolved in the operations. As a result, there has been a decrease in offers in cinema since 2006.

9. Emmanuelle Bear

French actress. She was born in 1963. Romy Schneider became the idol for the child. The whole subsequent life of the girl was subordinated to the achievement of this goal. And it was achieved.

A sensual, charming, sophisticated image poured from the screens of the films shot. The actress has become the standard of beauty. At the same time, while remaining very vulnerable, she strongly depended on the assessments of others who spoke out about her appearance.

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Fear of not living up to the aspirations of her fans brought her under the surgeon’s knife. The result was exactly the opposite of what was expected. Gone is the angelic beauty, and with it the images that were based on this perception of the actress.

8. Tori Spelling

American actress. She was born in 1973. The daughter of the most productive producer. The girl played her first role at the age of 6 in her father’s film Vegas, who continued to invest in projects with his daughter.

The girl, in addition to her acting inclinations, had a very interesting appearance. Not like anyone else, in demand.

But since childhood, the remaining complexes did not give rest. The nose was the first to get under the plastic surgery of the surgical knife. Then there were still attempts at correction. But the actress does not mention them. Their peculiarity is that the expected result has never happened.

I had to say goodbye to the career of an actress. But the family only won. Since she acquired a caring mother and a publicist.

7. Daryl Hannah

American actress. She was born in 1960. Since childhood, the girl puzzled her parents with shyness. Psychiatrists have also studied mental health. At school, it turned out that there were problems with reading. Then the emphasis in development was made by parents on improving physical data.

The girl’s love for cinema manifested itself in adolescence. And it cured the child of all complexes. Later, Hollywood considered Daryl’s candidacy in a cohort of promising, young actors.

The first beauty with a shock of light brown hair and blue eyes. I didn’t live, I didn’t work quietly. The general acceptance was not satisfying. And plastics began. As in a terrible fairy tale that turned life upside down beyond recognition. The gentle, fairytale heroine disappeared from the screens. At present, nothing has been heard about her.

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6. Lindsay Lohan

American actress. She was born in 1989. A little girl who was brought out under the spotlight at the age of three.

The child grew up charming and restless. The red-haired, bright, young actress became famous after the movie “The Parent Trap.” And from about this age, temptations began to tear the soul of a fragile person.

Plastic surgeons were quick to offer their services. The mammary glands, lips and nose were corrected. Repeated surgeries ruled out the unsatisfactory results of the previous ones.

Unwillingness to listen to other people’s opinions, one’s own megalomania, a coarse appearance have led to a decrease in the number of professional proposals. And the status of a socialite was not convincing.

5. Meryem Uzerli

Turkish-German actress and model. She was born in 1983. From childhood, the girl who was keen on the theater could not be stopped.

She felt good only when she breathed the air of the theater. It was necessary to decide to participate in the casting of the historical series “The Magnificent Century”.

And then a resounding success followed. The whole world fell in love with her, clever and beautiful Roxalana.

For the received fee, the actress performed a number of cosmetic operations in combination with cosmetic procedures.

It seems that Meryem herself liked the result. Fans are confused by excessively plump lips and protruding cheekbones. They did not like the correction of their already bright appearance.

4. Kim Basinger

American singer, model, actress. She was born in 1953. In a large family. As a result of her puritanical upbringing, she was quiet, shy.

To correct the costs of parental influence, the girl literally had to be persuaded to take part in a beauty contest. This is how the start in the profession began in the life of a talented actress.

Her sensual, plastic, musical roles made her famous for decades to come. In her life, the actress carefully looks after her face. Facelift, eyelids carried out in order to preserve their freshness and youth.

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3. Lara Flynn Boyle

American actress. She was born in 1970. The beloved and only daughter of her parents who strove to develop all the child’s talents. Singing, dancing, acting – all were supported by my parents. As well as the girl’s confidence that everything in life can be achieved, if only you want.

The successful actress of the blockbuster “Men in Black 2”, the heroine of “Twin Peaks” for some time began to overcome fears of aging. The actress saw a way out of this situation only in anti-aging operations.

One cannot look at the pictures of Lara before and after plastic surgery without shuddering. Unrecognizable. It is difficult to imagine that to such an extent a person can destroy what nature has endowed the beauty of Hollywood with.

2. Jennifer Gray

American actress. She was born in 1960. In a family of musicians, theater and film actors.

In the beginning there were minor roles, but real, wild success came after the movie “Dirty Dancing”. New films and dizzying fees were looming.

It’s time to “make yourself”. It turned out, probably great. The surgeons performed a jewelry operation. And the producers broke contracts one by one. Everything is explained simply – a new face, a new destiny.

I had to take a break from creative work. But during this time a family was created, and a daughter was born.

1. Renee Zellweger

American actress and producer. She was born in 1969. Unforgettable roles in the romantic comedy “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and in the musical “Chicago”.

According to the actress herself, as long as she can remember herself, she dreamed of being an actress. Classes in the studio of drama only strengthened the desire to practice acting.

She conquered Hollywood. Connoisseurs of the actress’s talent are sure that their favorite began to resort to the services of plastic surgeons in connection with failures in her personal life.

The natural beauty made the appearance of the actress unique. Rene herself believes that the return to the previous body weight has made the face thinner. The admirers are upset. Be that as it may, the cunning in the eyes has disappeared.

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