Top 10 stars with the largest lips in the world

What women do not go to become more attractive! Plastic surgery, beauty injections, tons of makeup … But they just don’t think that “artificial” beauty sometimes looks frightening, and in pursuit of it, they lose the most important thing – individuality.

For example, every second girl dreams of correcting her lips, making them plump and seductive. This fashion originated in the days of Nefertiti . Of course, modern beauties have much more opportunities, but if you see a girl with full lips, it is not necessary that this is the result of the work of plastic surgeons.

This article will focus on the largest lips in the world. Their owners are famous women, singers, actresses. You can admire their seductive lips, and you will also find the answer to the question: yours or plastic?

List of stars with largest lip

  • 10. Meg Ryan
  • 9. Fergie
  • 8. Victoria Lopyreva
  • 7. Anna Khilkevich
  • 6. Paris Hilton
  • 5. Svetlana Loboda
  • 4. Kylie Jenner
  • 3. Yulia Volkova
  • 2. Lindsay Lohan
  • 1. Kim Kardashian

10. Meg Ryan

American actress Meg Ryan recently turned 58. She, like all women with public professions, takes care of herself and tries to do everything to look younger.

Meg even resorted to plastic surgeons on several occasions. In 2013, the actress shocked fans at the Italian Film Festival. Her lips have always been a topic of discussion, but this time she overdid it.

Ryan’s lips were compared to dumplings, it was difficult for her to smile. It is worth noting that the actress does not pay attention to other people’s opinions. Apparently, she feels young and desirable. Meg says that she has never done plastic surgery, but if you look at photographs from different years, everything will be clear without words.

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9. Fergie

American singer Fergie has never been afraid to experiment with her looks. Change of image and hair color, constant transformation of images … Now Fergie is 44 years old, and she found her ideal style, which has not changed since 2015.

She prefers natural makeup, voluminous styling. The singer does not forget to emphasize her lips with lipstick or gloss. Fergie also enlarged them, but agreed only because they were different in size. The upper lip was a little narrower than the lower one, Fergie was complex about this.

Now everything is in the past, she boasts seductive, plump (and the same!) Lips.

8. Victoria Lopyreva

Russian TV presenter and fashion model Victoria Lopyreva is a very beautiful woman. A spectacular blonde with blue eyes does not like to answer questions about her appearance.

When one of her fans asked what procedures help her lips look so seductive, Lopyreva replied: “Pencil”.

Yes, Victoria’s lips are naturally plump, but still she corrected their shape. Plastic surgeons say that this is most likely a contour plastic. Before denying the obvious, Victoria should remember how she looked 10 years ago.

7. Anna Khilkevich

Russian actress, Univer star Anna Khilkevich is a very pretty girl, but … insincere. However, it is only for her to decide what details of her personal life to lay out for everyone to see.

Anna has been repeatedly accused of reshaping her nose and enlarging her lips. The actress makes an “offended look” and says that her beauty is from nature.

As evidence, Khilkevich even posted her childhood photo, which confirms that she used the services of plastic surgeons. It’s too big a difference, but Anna doesn’t seem to want to notice her.

6. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has excelled in various fields of activity. Actress, singer, producer, designer, business woman … Legends were made about this sexy blonde at one time. She was called an icon of bad taste.

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Fashion trends did not pass by Paris. As soon as everyone around began to do plastic, the star also decided to go under the knife. Nose, chest, let alone lips.

Ill-wishers joked that Paris’s lips ” grew by leaps and bounds ” after visiting Moscow clubs as a DJ. The beauty decided to use her fee profitably, she had every right to do so.

5. Svetlana Loboda

The lips of a Russian singer are a separate topic. Despite the fact that many consider Svetlana Loboda to be a beautiful and sexy woman, the lips on her face look like something alien. They are huge.

The singer was too carried away by plastic, but this is the case when interference is harmful. The pretty girl now looks like a transvestite. Loboda’s fans are very worried that she ruins her face. Svetlana does not comment on this situation in any way.

4. Kylie Jenner

The American model, the socialite, the dream of many men – all this is Kylie Jenner . The girl is not only attractive, but also rich. In 2019 she became the youngest millionaire in the world. At that time, she was 21 years old.

Kylie can afford any procedure. Even as a teenager, she enlarged her lips. She admitted that in this way she wanted to get rid of complexes.

Because of her lips, Kylie got into the epicenter of a scandal. She recommended to “increase” them with a vacuum pump. The girls who took her advice were injured. Jennifer apologized and said that her lips were the result of fillers. When the model was 20 years old, she decided to get rid of them. Her lips now look more natural, but it’s worth noting that they are not less sexy.

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3. Yulia Volkova

The Russian singer also regularly seeks the help of beauty specialists. Her lips have already caused a big commotion once, but in 2017, Julia returned to her previous size. Apparently, something went wrong, and the star again wanted to experiment with her appearance. Julia Volkova achieved what she wanted.

After the publication of new photos on Instagram (thus she decided to thank the clinic staff), her former popularity returned to her. Even those indifferent to her work could not pass by. Everyone considered it his duty to write to the singer that her new lips look disgusting.

2. Lindsay Lohan

The American actress and model, known for her scandalous antics and a passion for alcohol and drugs, is no stranger to a sense of beauty. Lindsay Lohan has strived for excellence in such a way that she is now considered a shining example of failed beauty treatments.

She could not get rid of bad habits and tried to become more beautiful through countless injections and surgeries. Lindsay’s lips looked like bees had bitten her.

At the moment, the actress has revised her principles, she quit drinking, refreshed. It looks like Lohan has not gotten rid of all her bad habits. It is much more difficult to overcome becoming plastic than addiction to illegal substances. Recently, the actress increased her lips again …

1. Kim Kardashian

The reality TV star Kim Kardashian is also on good terms with plastic surgeons. Chin, lips, nose – there is nothing natural about this girl. The lips are the last thing fans pay attention to though. But once Kim looked like an “earthly” girl. Now she is called a ” plastic doll ” and others.

Kardashian hates questions about plastic. She claims that her beauty is natural, but her lips are becoming plump and plump lately. Admirers of the beauty protect their idol. They are confident that Kim uses makeup skillfully, and due to this, her lips seem larger than they really are.

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