Automate Your Life: How Tech Helps Seniors Succeed

By Swati May15,2023

Many people experience challenges to their independence over time. Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, maintaining your independence continues to become easier. Here are some of the ways technology can help seniors succeed.

How Technology Is Helping Older Adults

One of the most impactful ways technology is helping older adults is by providing them with access to essential resources, people, and services. With mobile apps, you can have vital goods delivered right to your door and request a host of different services. You can also enjoy peace of mind with medical and mobility apps.

Additionally, you can easily contact your doctor and other healthcare providers and find valuable brain health apps, reminder tools, and educational resources with tech. Older adults can use tech to maintain a healthy, happy life by staying in touch with friends, family members, and other loved ones.

Access to Essential Goods and Services

Maintaining access to goods and services often becomes more difficult as individuals age. However, technology can help those with mobility challenges still receive what they need without having to leave their homes. 

For example, many pharmacies have mobile apps people can use to order prescriptions and get refills on medications delivered to them. The same holds true for grocery ordering and delivery apps

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Individuals can easily “add” items to their grocery carts and have their purchases delivered to them. Before this tech was available, many older adults had extreme difficulty getting these and other vital items.

Peace of Mind with Medical and Mobility Apps

Many apps are available to make the lives of those with mobility issues — and their family members — easier and less stressful. For example, many apps and devices provide assistance with navigation and location assistance. 

Others can detect when a person has fallen and alert medical assistance personnel. Some apps are designed to monitor vital signs. Because of advancements in technology, these mobility apps are some of the best tools to help you maintain your independence.

Communication with Health Care Providers

Because of technology and mobile apps, older adults can now easily reach their healthcare providers for their needs. With telehealth services, you can simply ask health-related questions or even participate in a virtual doctor appointment visit. 

Numerous apps and devices can help you with your health concerns and also provide you with peace of mind knowing that doctors and other providers are always just a quick message away. 

Educational Resources and Apps for Brain Health

Educational resources are available through tech to keep older adults engaged and inspired, whether you want to brush up on your mechanic skills, dive into history, or learn another language. Brain health apps are also available that keep users entertained and mentally active. 

Research shows that activities like crossword puzzles, word search games, and other brain stimulation activities can help ward off Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and additional cognitive or memory impairment conditions.

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Various apps provide reminders, calendars, appointment-setting assistance, and other tools to help individuals stay on track and organized. For example, apps that provide daily medication reminders are widely used and extremely valuable to many older adults.

Staying in Touch with Loved Ones

Many older adults report that they often feel lonely; however, because of technology, more of them are discovering ways to stay in touch with loved ones and even make new friends online. 

Video chat capabilities make it possible for you to see and talk to other people in real-time, which is crucial, especially for those who have loved ones who live far away. Social isolation is common among older adults, but you can now remain in contact with friends and family through social media apps.

Tech and Senior Living Communities

While there are a number of apps designed for older adults, many seniors don’t use them, one of the reasons being that no one is around to show them how. Senior communities shine in this respect. With staff members always available in these communities, residents can take advantage of having helping hands nearby to facilitate learning.

Senior living communities support the desire for older individuals to access technology and its benefits while encouraging residents to tap into the full potential of technology. The best communities continuously make great strides in ensuring that tech is accessible to residents. 

A Better Quality of Life with Tech that Helps Seniors Thrive

The advancement of technology benefits everyone of all ages, including seniors. With technology that is designed to help older individuals connect with others, monitor health and safety, and provide access to essential services, people can maintain their independence longer and live happier, more fulfilling lives. 

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