Life is much more difficult for “non-standard” people than for everyone else. So, for example, too large or too small foot size can cause a lot of difficulties. It is difficult to choose shoes, complexes may also arise, especially in the first case. Of course, men are unlikely to worry about the “giant’s foot”, but women … Some are so fixated on this problem that life becomes not nice.

This article will focus on people with the largest foot sizes in the world. This list includes both famous personalities and “mere mortals” who became famous only because of their physical characteristics. Let’s start.


  • 10. Paris Hilton, 43rd
  • 9.Claudia Schiffer, 43rd
  • 8. Monica Bellucci, 44th
  • 7. Dwayne Johnson, 47th
  • 6. Emma Cahill, 49th
  • 5. Matthew McGrory, 58th
  • 4. Brahim Takiullah, 58th
  • 3. Hason Rodriguez, 60th
  • 2. Carl Griffiths, 63rd
  • 1.Robert Pershing Wadlow, 76th

10. Paris Hilton, 43rd

Actress, singer, designer, fashion model, socialite … Whatever Paris undertakes, she is successful in everything. This girl was not discussed at one time only by the lazy one, but we are not interested in her abilities and talents, but in her legs. Paris has 43rd size with a height of 1.73 meters.

For a long time, the famous beauty had a complex about this. Of course, she had no problems with the selection of shoes. Famous designers have created graceful shoes for the singer. However, the girl admitted that this gives her certain inconveniences, she cannot go and buy any pair of shoes that she likes.

After some time, Paris realized that it was not worth wasting time on empty experiences. She accepted her legs, loved them and even created a collection of shoes for women with custom foot sizes. It is worth noting that Hilton made good money on this business.

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9. Claudia Schiffer, 43rd

The world famous German supermodel also boasts big feet. In her best years, Claudia Schiffer earned 50 thousand dollars a day, she was even nicknamed the ” German business machine .” This name is entered in the Guinness Book , as the model has been shot for a record number of times for the covers of various magazines.

Does anyone pay attention to the 43rd foot size? Not at all, this woman has something to show, she does not dwell on her shortcomings, and in well-chosen shoes her legs do not seem huge at all. In addition, Claudia is quite tall (1.8 m), so the large foot size is not so striking.

8. Monica Bellucci, 44th

But the popular Italian actress’s height is slightly less (1.71 m), and the shoe size is even larger. It’s just not a problem for Monica. The fatal beauty achieved great success in the modeling business, after which she went to conquer the heights of cinema. She did it.

The star prefers not to answer sensitive questions, so the number 44 is still unconfirmed information. Although if you look at the photo of Bellucci , all questions disappear by themselves.

In interviews, the actress talks a lot about love for herself and her body. This is her philosophy of life, which, by the way, helps her to remain confident in her beauty and sexuality at any age.

7. Dwayne Johnson, 47th

It is unlikely that this brutal man nicknamed the Rock is worried about his legs. He has achieved a lot. He is considered one of the best wrestling wrestlers ever. In 2019, Dwayne Johnson became the highest paid actor. These are not all of his achievements, but this article is not about achievements.

Duane’s height is 1.96 meters, weight 118 kg, it is not surprising that with such parameters he has 47 foot size. Although Johnson admits that he often has difficulty buying shoes, he is most likely being disingenuous. With that kind of money, he can buy himself shoes of any size. And if not, then all the designers of the world will gladly agree to work for the good of the Rock.

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6. Emma Cahill, 49th

And this girl became famous thanks to her legs. She has the 49th size with an increase of 1.96 meters, but there is nothing to envy. Emma has the largest feet in Europe. Legs give her a lot of trouble, and not only them.

She is tall and powerful, it is difficult for her to find clothes of a suitable size, and she does not even want to think about shoes. Cahill dreams of elegant boats, but she can only sigh in sorrow. However, she can even joke about herself and says that she already has two huge boats.

Shoes are not the only problem of the girl; it is much more offensive that men bypass Emma. We hope that “not Cinderella” will still meet her prince.

5. Matthew McGrory, 58th

American actor Matthew McGrory lived a short life, only 33 years old. This person was very tall (2.29 m), so the size of his feet could not be small either. Shoes for him were made by the German company “Converse”, my mother sewed socks for him herself. Did he have any complexes about this? Now no one can answer this question.

The people around him called Matthew a good-natured giant. Despite his impressive build, he was a very kind person.

4. Brahim Takiullah, 58th

The native of Morocco was a record holder for some time, his name was even entered into the Guinness Book of Records. Brahim Takiulla lives in the suburbs of Paris . His height is 2.46 meters. The size of the legs is 58th (length of the left foot 38.1, right – 37.5).

The man is sick, he has a pituitary tumor, due to which there is an excessive production of growth hormone. He came to France to undergo a course of treatment.

3. Hason Rodriguez, 60th

Hason Rodriguez from Venezuela also got into the Guinness Book of Records. Not surprisingly, the size of his legs is 60th with a height of 2.2 m. Until the age of 10, he was an ordinary child, but then in a year he grew very much. The boy suffered from headaches and soon the doctors were able to identify the cause of such oddities – a pituitary tumor.

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Hason can hardly be called happy, he was bullied at school. He even considered dropping out of school. Of course, he does not buy shoes, they are made to order.

The family is not rich, so there were times when my mother sewed shoes for a guy from pants. It lasted no more than two weeks. Rodriguez does not give up hope for the best. He has a dream: he wants to learn how to bake and help people overcome depression.

2. Carl Griffiths, 63th

Carl Griffiths from Great Britain has a 63rd foot. He never tried to fix his record. Nothing is known about the guy’s health either. Parents just shrug their shoulders and wonder why their son grew up such a giant. By the way, Karl’s height is 1.97 meters.

Griffiths is not at all happy about this “gift of fate.” He works as a welder, so he needs high-quality work shoes, there is no way to buy them. Karl also loves to play basketball . The sneakers he orders in the US quickly deteriorate, although he keeps every pair carefully.

The guy has another problem: he is not allowed into nightclubs. He simply cannot go through the dress code, since he has no other shoes than sports shoes.

1. Robert Pershing Wadlow, 76th

The tallest man in Europe. His record was recorded in the Guinness Book. The guy suffered from a pituitary tumor. Until the age of 4, he was a normal child, but then he began to grow at a breakneck pace. At the age of 9, he could carry his father in his arms. At 21, his height was 2.72 m, and his foot size was 76th.

He didn’t have to be upset about the shoes. The famous giant was provided by shoe companies. Pershing Wadlow lived a short life, he died at 22 from sepsis. The doctors did their best to save Robert, but all attempts failed.

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