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In the last couple of decades, this trend has been observed: many children are born with indicators above average (height and weight). 4 kilograms – this figure no longer scares anyone. However, a large fruit is not so bad. It is much more frightening when a child is born with a critical body weight. Although there are a lot of nuances here, the viability of the fetus depends not only on weight, but also on the duration of pregnancy.

According to the WHO, a very low body weight is considered to be less than 2 kilograms (for boys, 2.1 kg). Although there are cases when children were born with a weight of less than 500 grams and they managed to survive. Of course, these are exceptions to the rule.

This article will focus on the smallest children in the world who managed to survive. All of them were born prematurely, but thanks to the efforts of the medical staff, these guys are now enjoying life.


  • 10. Willow Ludden Brooks, 450 g
  • 9. Nathan Siberras, 435 g
  • 8. Alexis Clark, 312 g
  • 7.Amalia Sonia Taylor, 284 g
  • 6. Madeline Mann, 280 g
  • 5. Kenna Moore, 272 g
  • 4. Melinda Star Guido, 269 g
  • 3. Tom Tamb, 269 g
  • 2. Rumaisa Rahman, 244 g
  • 1.Emilia Grabarchik, 226 g

10. Willow Ludden Brooks, 450 g

Willow Ludden-Brooks is a British native . The girl was born in 2009, the gestation period was 23 weeks. The mother was diagnosed with an intrauterine infection. It was she who became the cause of premature birth. The doctors were 90% sure that the child would not be saved. Surprisingly, Willow was able to breathe, she even had the strength to cry.

At first, the press closely followed the girl’s life. She was quite healthy, of course, it took a lot of time in the hospital. Now nothing is known about her, but we hope that Willow is doing well.

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9. Nathan Sieberras, 435 g

Another case that occurred in the UK, in Saupthampton. Nathan Sieberras was born at 24 weeks. This happened in 2008. Doctors gave one chance in a million, but the boy managed to take advantage of it. By the way, his name is translated as ” Gift of God “.

Despite the short period of time, he was able to breathe on his own. Nathan was placed in an incubator and spent a lot of time there. Siberras’s parents went through many difficult moments, the doctors did not give any guarantees, the boy’s life could end at any moment.

Apparently he was born under a lucky star. Within a few weeks he was discharged. Nathan had a very good appetite, he began to grow by leaps and bounds. Soon, the boy was almost as tall as his older brother, by the way, the difference between them was 4 years.

8. Alexis Clark, 312 g

This event took place in San Diego in 2013. A little girl was born, her weight was a little over 300 g. Little is known about her. Apparently, her parents are not one of those who like to communicate with the media. The term was only 25 weeks, the chances of survival were, but insignificant.

The girl spent six months in the hospital, after which she was still released to her family. Mom Laurie Clarke calls her an angel and thanks fate for keeping Alexis alive, although her life hung in the balance more than once.

7. Amelia Sonia Taylor 284 g

For some time, Amalia Sonia Taylor from the United States was considered the record holder among other premature babies. Not surprisingly, birth weight is gamma 284 (21 weeks). The girl was born in 2006.

Her mother was diagnosed with infertility, but the woman did not give up, she hoped that fate would give her a child. There were many attempts, and the lucky woman still managed to get pregnant. It was a real miracle. But she could not bear the child. Amalia spent six months in an incubator, she had many health problems. She was discharged with a weight of 1.8 kg.

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In the future, she lagged somewhat behind in development from her peers. Physical and mental performance was not normal, but Sonya Taylor’s parents did not despair. Now the girl is 13 years old. There is no information about her on the network, the family carefully avoids communicating with journalists.

6. Madeline Mann, 280 g

Madeline Mann was born in 1989. This is the story that should be told to women who are worried about the life of their child. Indeed, at that time medicine had not yet reached such a level as it is now.

Madeline’s mother developed preeclampsia, and the doctors were forced to perform urgent surgery. Mann was born by caesarean section. Big health problems. She was forced to stay in the hospital for 4 months. When Mann was discharged, she weighed about 2 kilograms.

In the future, all health difficulties remained in the past. Madeline was no different from her peers. She received her education and became a psychologist. Having matured, Mann retained her diminutiveness, at the age of 20 she weighed 32 kg (with an increase of 1.30 m).

5. Kenna Moore, 272 g

Kenna Moore was born in Charlotte ( USA ). Pregnancy was initially problematic. Doctors suggested to Kenna’s mother to have an abortion, as the fetus was found to have abnormalities. The woman refused, but at 24 weeks she had to undergo a caesarean section.

To the surprise of the doctors, the child showed signs of life, but Kenna could not breathe on her own. She underwent several operations, each of them could cost her her life, but nothing happened. Moore’s dimensions did not exceed the palm of an adult, she could well fit on it.

She spent six months in an artificial therapy apparatus. When the girl’s weight reached 3 kilograms, she was discharged from the hospital.

4. Melinda Star Guido, 269 g

This incident happened in 2011. Melinda was born in Los Angeles at 24 weeks. The girl’s parents begged the doctors to save her, because they had already lost one child. The doctors did not make any promises, they themselves did not believe that the little patient would be able to survive.

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She spent a long time in an incubator, could not breathe and eat on her own. Melinda’s mother did not want to leave her daughter for a minute, she was around the clock. Perhaps her prayers helped, but after a while the girl’s weight reached the required mark (2 kg), and she was discharged.

3. Tom Tamb, 269 g

In 2009, Tom Tamb was born in Germany . His mother underwent emergency surgery at 25 weeks. Doctors discovered serious deviations that arose during pregnancy, it was impossible to hesitate. 5 months in the intensive care unit were not in vain. During this time, Tom has grown significantly. At discharge, he weighed 3200 g.

2. Rumaisa Rahman, 244 g

In 2004, an equally unique case occurred in the state of Illinois (USA). Two tiny twins, Hiba and Rumaisa, were born . The weight of the first was 563 grams. They were worried about her life, of course, but not as much as about the life of Rumaisa’s sister. She weighed 244 grams, her height was 24 centimeters.

The health condition of the sisters left much to be desired, their eyesight was badly damaged, they even underwent laser correction. At 2.5 months, they were able to eat on their own (from a bottle). Soon Rumaisa caught up with her sister.

The girls were discharged from the hospital after six months. In the future, they did not differ from their peers either in physical or mental development.

1. Emilia Grabarczyk, 226 g

Emilia Grabarchik proudly bears the “title” of the smallest premature baby who managed to survive. This story took place in Germany in 2016. Lucas and Sabina Grabarczyk had to make a difficult choice: agree to an urgent caesarean or continue to carry.

At any moment, Emilia could die in the womb, there were problems with the placenta and nutrition of the baby. The parents decided to take the chance and try to save their daughter. Sabina had a caesarean section at 26 weeks pregnant. The weight of the fetus was much less than it should be, but the doctors still decided to fight for the child’s life.

This case is called unique, because the chances of survival were negligible. Fortunately, everything ended well.

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