Women’s legs have always attracted the attention of men. Of course, not all girls can boast of perfect shapes, but if their legs are too thin or thick, you can always correct them with the help of physical activity. If the legs are crooked or too short, only a plastic surgeon can help.

This article will focus on women who have something to be proud of. Long, slender limbs not only provide their owners with male attention, but also help to get settled in life.

The doors to the modeling business are always open for these girls, and they can also succeed in some sports. Who are these lucky women? From our article you can find out who owns the longest legs in the world (among women).


  • 10. Ji Dieng – 122.94 cm
  • 9. Nina Pylskaya – 123.5 cm
  • 8. Elle Macpherson – 123.5 cm
  • 7. Lauren Williams – 124.46cm
  • 6. Holly Burt – 125.73 cm
  • 5. Adriana Karambö – 125.73 cm
  • 4. Sam Stacy – 127.6 cm
  • 3. Chase Kennedy – 129.54 cm
  • 2. Carolyn Arthur – 130.81 cm
  • 1.Svetlana Pankratova – 131.83 cm

10. Ji Dieng – 122.94 cm

In the photo, the popular model Ji Dieng was born in a poor country – Senegal. No one even imagined that an African girl would make a dizzying career as a supermodel.

Ji’s parents decided to try their luck in another country and left for France . There, a long-legged beauty was immediately noticed and invited to a modeling agency. Still, the lower limbs Dieng – 122.94 centimeters (height 180). The girl wears shoes of size 41.

Long legs are not the only merit of the model. She worked hard, stubbornly pursued her goal. To shine on the catwalks of Milan, she had to master the Italian language perfectly. Gee has collaborated with many famous brands, appeared on the covers of fashion magazines.

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Besides, Dieng is a very kind person. She is regularly involved in charitable activities and is a Goodwill Ambassador.

9. Nina Pylskaya – 123.5 cm

Nina Pylskaya was born in Kazakhstan. From a young age, she dreamed of a modeling career. She had all the data for this. With an increase of 193 centimeters, her legs reached a length of 123.5 centimeters.

Having achieved some success at home, Nina decided to go to Moscow . There she studied at the courses of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. For some time, Nina bore the title of “Longest female legs among models”, but soon she had to give way to a longer-legged beauty.

Little is known about Nina, the model has not yet achieved tremendous success on the catwalk, so few people are interested in her personal life.

8. Elle Macpherson – 123.5 cm

El Macferon is not only a successful supermodel, she is also an actress , designer and businesswoman.

El’s story is like a fairy tale. The girl traveled to America when she was offered to try herself in the modeling business. She had perfect parameters and infinitely long legs. Height 185 centimeters, leg length – 123.5. A supermodel’s foot size a priori cannot be small – 42.5.

Macferon’s career quickly took off. Already at the age of 22 she was recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world, a little later they began to call her “Miss Body”, because Elle was always in great shape.

She did not dwell on the modeling career, acted in films, owned a restaurant and her own clothing line for some time. Now Macferon is 54, but it seems she knows the secret of youth – every year the woman looks better and better.

7. Lauren Williams – 124.46cm

Lauren inherited high growth from her parents. There is no person in her family with a height below 183 centimeters. Height Lauren Williams – 190, leg length – 124.46 centimeters.

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Long legs brought the girl a lot of trouble. At school she was constantly teased, she found it difficult to choose her clothes. Only in college, Williams was able to accept herself and learned to use what nature gave her.

Lauren started playing basketball. Soon, her legs caught the attention of a modeling agency scout. Within a few months, a contract was signed with Williams. Now Lauren’s legs are her pride. By the way, she no longer has problems with the choice of clothes, things are sewn for her individually.

6. Holly Burt – 125.73 cm

A student from America also decided to compete for the title of Miss Long Legs. Holly Burt is studying to be a designer. The girl works, her activities are directly related to her future profession – she designs clothes.

Holly dreams that someday she will become a popular model. While her long legs please only the people around her. With an increase of 195.58, they are 125.73 centimeters.

The girl admits that the legs are sometimes the cause of discomfort. She has difficulty choosing clothes and does not fit in too small cars. In matters of personal relationships, Bert is principled, she will never meet with a guy whose height is less than 190 centimeters.

5. Adriana Karambö – 125.73 cm

Adriana’s long legs helped her get into the Guinness Book of Records . At the moment, her record has been broken, but her legs still haunt many men. Their length is 125.75 with an increase of 185.42 centimeters.

Adriana Karambö dreamed of making a career in medicine, even decided to get a specialized education. The girl changed her plans when she received an offer to try her hand at modeling.

Adriana has achieved a lot, she has collaborated with many famous fashion houses, represented popular brands and even starred in films.

4. Sam Stacy – 127.6 cm

Stacey also got into the Guinness Book of Records, this happened in 2001. Her body can be called unique. The girl’s height is only 180 centimeters, and her legs are 127.6. If you apply mathematical calculations, you can understand that this is 71% of the total body length!

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Surprisingly, with such data, Sam Stacy did not try to become a model. The girl worked as an ordinary employee. Now nothing is known about her life.

3. Chase Kennedy – 129.54 cm

It turns out that being tall can be an obstacle to a career as a model. Chase Kennedy from California decided to try her luck in this area, but she was often refused. The reason is too tall. Indeed, the American woman was a little short of 2 meters, her height is 195.58, the length of the legs is 129.54 centimeters.

Kennedy did not despair: she seriously took up basketball, starred in a cameo role in the film. Chase wants to pursue a career in tourism, she is now getting an education.

2. Carolyn Arthur – 130.81 cm

Carolyn Arthur was a former model. She lives in Melbourne and still hopes to become the longest-legged woman in the world. She has repeatedly tried to re-measure her lower limbs. Her height is 189 centimeters, legs – 130.81 centimeters.

Carolyn was not always happy with her height. She experiences the same problems as all other long-legged girls, but she is lucky with her husband. He works as a builder, and built a house with 3 meters high ceilings specifically for his wife to feel comfortable. Caroline has two children, they are also tall.

1. Svetlana Pankratova – 131.83 cm

In the first place in the rating is our compatriot, Svetlana Pankratova , her hometown is Volgograd in Russia. The woman has repeatedly sent an application to the Guinness Book of Records, for 5 years she was ignored. Not the first time, but she managed to become a record holder.

Since 2008, she is officially the woman with the longest legs in the world, so far no one has been able to challenge this title. Her height is 195.58, her legs are 131.83 centimeters long, and her foot size is 46.

Russian woman Svetlana Pankratova admitted that popularity did not bring her any material benefits. She now lives in Virginia, is married and is an assistant coach on the women’s basketball team.

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