List  of youngest billionaires in the world

The stereotype “to get rich, you need to work long and hard” still exists. Indeed, it is difficult to achieve great success at 20, but some succeed. Thus, Forbes magazine regularly publishes ratings of the rich who have not yet crossed the 30-year mark.

If you are wondering how you can “make a fortune” at such a young age, take a look at our article. Here you will find a list of the world’s youngest billionaires, but keep in mind, the ways that these people have enriched are very diverse. Some of them became wealthy thanks to their mental abilities, some of their appearance and talents, and some of them were rich parents. Let’s start.

List  of youngest billionaires in the world

  • 10. Lisa Draxelmeier (29 years old)
  • 9. Ludwig Theodor Brown (29 years old)
  • 8. John Collison (29 years old)
  • 7. Pedro de Godoy Bueno (29 years old)
  • 6.Evan Spiegel (29 years old)
  • 5. Jonathan Kwok (28 years old)
  • 4. Gustav Magnar Witze (26 years old)
  • 3.Katarina Andresen (24 years old)
  • 2. Alexandra Andresen (23 years old)
  • 1. Kylie Jenner (22 years old)

10. Lisa Draxelmeier (29 years old)

At 29, Lisa owns the German group of companies “Dräxlmaier”, specializing in the production of automotive components. These parts are used in the assembly of cars of different brands and models. Among them are Mercedes-Benz , Porsche , BMW , Audi and others. How did this girl achieve such tremendous success in the non-feminine business? It’s simple, it’s a family business. Draxelmeier’s father Fritz has long headed the company, and recently decided to hand over the reins to his daughter.

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Apparently, Lisa will be able to justify all her father’s hopes. This serious girl works a lot, she rarely appears at social events and leads a non-public lifestyle. Experts estimate her personal fortune at $ 1.2 billion .

9. Ludwig Theodor Brown (29 years old)

Another heir who is engaged in serious business. The German company B. Braun Melsungen AG is a leader in healthcare products. It began its history back in 1839 with the sale of medicinal herbs. Now the company is a leader in the sale of medical and pharmaceutical equipment. The enterprises are located in 60 countries of the world. Russia is no exception, the “Helikon” plant in the Tver region is also owned by the Browns.

Ludwig owns 10% of the shares, his fortune is $ 1 billion . Little is known about this young man. They say that he does not even have a page on social networks, although maybe he is just well encrypted. The billionaire does not need universal attention.

8. John Collison (29 years old)

John is a prime example of how you can fulfill your wildest dreams without the care of rich parents. His fortune is $ 3.2 billion . The guy earned this money on his own. 17-year-old John, together with his older brother, organized his first company. The guys were engaged in the development of payment systems. Then they received their first million. The Collison brothers are now the owners of Stripe. The company specializes in developing solutions for receiving and sending electronic payments. In November 2016, John became a billionaire. His fortune increases annually.

7. Pedro de Godoy Bueno (29 years old)

In 2020, Pedro from Brazil made it to the billionaire list for the first time. State of the 1.1 billion $ , he received through his father. Edson de Godoy Bueno founded Amil in 1978. Specialization – medical services. He also owned shares and stakes in other equally well-known organizations in the healthcare sector.

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In 2017, Bueno Sr. died of a heart attack. The company is now headed by Pedro.

An interesting fact . Edson started out as a shoe shiner, but then decided to connect his life with medicine and did not lose. But his son was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the guy will definitely not need anything.

6. Evan Spiegel (29 years old)

Evan was born into a wealthy family, his parents were lawyers, but of course they were far from the level of Forbes. Spiegel studied at Stanford University , he could have become a good industrial designer, but fate decreed otherwise. During his studies, he lived in a dorm, his roommate became Murphy, who studied computational mathematics. Instead of getting an education, the guys started building a messaging application. They did it. Snapchat has become very popular.

At the moment, Evan’s fortune is estimated at $ 2.3 billion . By the way, Spiegel still received his diploma, although he had no rights to it. The university administration went to meet him, obliging Evan to pass the missing credits. But the billionaire never kept his promise.

5. Jonathan Kwok (28 years old)

Jonathan’s fortune is $ 2.5 billion . He received it after the death of his father Walter Kwok, who owned a stake in Hong Kong’s largest property developer, Sun Hung Kai Properties. Prior to joining this company, the guy worked in the American financial conglomerate Morgan Stanley and became a rather successful specialist. You can be sure that Walter’s business is in good hands.

4. Gustav Magnar Witze (26 years old)

Gustav Magnar from Norway became a billionaire back in 2013. His father is the owner of Salmar ASA, the largest fish supplier in the world. So in 2013, he donated 47% of the shares to his son. At the moment, Gustav’s fortune is $ 2.3 billion . Unlike other young billionaires who prefer to hide the details of their personal lives, Magnar is open to communication. He actively maintains a page on social networks, works as a model, loves surfing and regularly pleases subscribers with new photos.

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Gustav travels a lot, and in between pleasures he tries to realize himself by investing in real estate and technology startups. Apparently, the younger Witze is not very interested in fish production.

3. Catharina Andresen (24 years)

Katarina Andresen from Norway also got rich with the help of her parents. She received from her father a 42% stake in the investment company “Ferd”, she owns $ 1.2 billion . After graduating from college in Amsterdam, the girl decided to join the management of the family business. Time will tell whether Katarina can become a successful business woman. In the meantime, she, as is typical of all young ladies, enjoys life. The girl throws parties, travels, does shopping and occasionally gets into unpleasant situations. In 2017, Katarina was arrested for drunk driving.

2. Alexandra Andresen (23 years old)

The younger sister of Katharina Alexandra also owns a stake in the family business. She also owns 42% of the shares in Ferd, but the girl has other plans for life. She is not going to do business, but wants to devote her life to what she loves. Alexandra loves horse riding. By the way, here she has achieved good results. Andresen became a three-time Norwegian junior champion.

Unlike her older sister, she does not spend money on trifles and prefers traveling to parties.

1. Kylie Jenner (22 years old)

Kylie became the youngest billionaire in history. The girl was born into a wealthy family, her mother is the famous businesswoman Kris Jenner. At the age of 13, Kylie began a modeling career, but she earned her first million selling cosmetics. The girl opened her line at the end of 2015, and now this brand is very popular. Moreover, Kylie regularly releases new series and maintains interest in her product. She also actively maintains her Instagram page . One ad post costs $ 1 million.

At the moment, the name Kylie was excluded from the Forbes lists, as it became known about financial fraud with reports. According to experts, its capital was $ 1.2 billion .

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