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Doctors advise giving birth to children between the ages of 19 and 26. Not so long ago, women after 30 years were considered old primiparous, now they include those who decided to become a mother for the first time after 35. Many girls strive to first learn, achieve certain success at work and only then, being financially secure, have children. But there are those who postpone the birth of a child due to health problems.

Doctors warn that it is much more difficult to conceive, bear and give birth to a healthy child at a certain age. By the age of 40, many develop chronic diseases. If we talk about biological health, then the optimal age for the birth of a child is 20-29 years, after 35 ovulation becomes more rare. The risk of giving birth to a sick baby increases . with age, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities increases. But late motherhood also has its advantages, because such children are most often planned and long-awaited, they receive more attention.

Many famous personalities became mothers after 35 years old, and they feel great, like their children. The oldest mothers in the world have proven that it is possible to become parents at almost any age; modern medicine sometimes does real miracles.


  • 10. Memnun Teriyaki (at 64)
  • 9. Annegret Raining (at 65)
  • 8. Khaya Shahar (at 65)
  • 7. Elizabeth Edney (at 66)
  • 6.Harriet Stole (at 66)
  • 5.Maria del Carmen (at 66)
  • 4. Adriana Iliescu (at 66)
  • 3. Rajo Devi Lohan (at 69)
  • 2. Omkar Panwar (at 70)
  • 1. Dalinger Kaur (at 72)

10. Memnun Teriyaki (at 64)

In 2006, a resident of Turkey Memnun Teriyaki had a long-awaited baby, although she was already 64 years old. The woman herself and her 62-year-old husband Omer tried to become parents for 35 years. But thanks to IVF, their dream could come true. A donor egg and sperm from an older man were used.

9. Annegret Rauning (at 65)

Annegret Rauning once wanted to be the mother of just one child, but has given birth to many children from 5 different husbands. However, this did not seem enough to her. Despite the fact that she already had 13 children from 10 to 44 years old and 7 grandchildren, the woman once again wanted to become a mother. She could not conceive a child at her age, so she used IVF services, donors provided her with eggs and sperm.

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German doctors doubted that she was able to bear and give birth to a child at this age, and Annegret turned to one of the medical centers in Ukraine. 4 embryos took root, and she decided to leave all the babies. On May 19, 2015, twins appeared with the help of a caesarean section. Many compatriots criticize Annegret Rauning’s act, because are not sure that she could raise even those children that she already had, and the babies born will not have normal parents. But she herself does not regret anything.

But at least material problems do not bother an elderly mother, because she received 2 prizes and a house from the German government, and also made a lot of money by selling the rights to her story to one channel.

8. Khaya Shahar (at 65)

The oldest woman in labor in Israel is 65-year-old Khaya Shahar from Bnei Brak. In 2015, her child was born, a cesarean section was performed at the Meir hospital. For her, this is the first birth, for 46 years she and her husband tried to become parents, but they did not succeed. The artificial insemination procedure was performed outside of Israel, because in this country it is illegal for women over 54. Mom and baby were doing well. At that time the spouses were 67 (father) and 65 (mother) years old. Both are confident that this is a miracle, which became possible thanks to the blessing received from one of the rabbis, who promised in 2012 that they will have a child.

7. Elizabeth Edney (at 66)

Entrepreneur Elizabeth Edney from the UK was able to get pregnant and give birth at 66, despite the fact that doctors warned her that childbirth at this age could harm her health. The woman is not married, she has no heirs, and she decided to give birth to a child, so that later she would leave all her money to him. In May 2009, she had a son, whom she named Jolyon. She was able to get pregnant using artificial insemination. Elizabeth herself is sure that physical age is not so important, she even now sometimes feels like 39 years old, and sometimes – 59 years old.

6. Harriet Stole (in 66 years)

66-year-old Harriet Stole from the UK gave birth to a boy in 1999. But she had a good reason for this. The woman decided to become a surrogate mother for her daughter. A healthy boy was born in the eighth month of pregnancy. But the family in which this amazing event took place chose not to tell strangers about it and did not give interviews.

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5.Maria del Carmen (at 66)

In 2006, the   Spaniard entered the Guinness Book of Records , who gave birth to 2 twin boys. They were named Pau and Christian. Maria del Carmen Bousada has lived her entire life with her mother in the province of Cadiz. All her life she dreamed of becoming a mother, but it did not work out. In 2005, the woman decided to carry out her difficult plan, which she kept secret from her relatives. They found out about everything when she was already 2 months pregnant. They did not immediately believe her. The woman’s mother died at the age of 101, she hoped to live the same and not only put her children on their feet, but also nurse their grandchildren. She worked as an ordinary saleswoman in a department store.

To make artificial insemination, I decided to sell my house, because the operation had to pay 59 thousand dollars. She went to the Los Angeles Fertilization Center and said that she was 55 years old. according to the law, older women cannot carry out such procedures. She was not asked for documents. This was her first pregnancy. The babies were born healthy. She did not explain the reason for her act to journalists, she only said that she had her own motives. The woman died when she was 69 years old, and her babies were 3.5 years old. The cause of death is ovarian carcinoma. The children were given to be raised by her niece.

4. Adriana Iliescu (at 66)

Adriana Iliescu, a simple teacher from Romania, in 2005 decided to have a daughter, despite the fact that she was already 66 years old. Eggs and sprmatozoa were provided by donors. Initially, 3 children were supposed to be born, but one of them died immediately, and the second girl was 33 weeks pregnant. However, daughter Eliza was born healthy. Many years have passed, Eliza has grown up, now she is a teenager, and the pension that Adriana pays is enough for her and the girl.

But the woman understands perfectly well that she can die at any moment, and is trying to teach her daughter to independence. She admits that she has never been rich, she has nothing but a few jewelry. But she loves her library and hopes that her daughter will never sell her.

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3. Rajo Devi Lohan (at 69)

In northeastern India in 2008, almost 70-year-old Rajo Devi Lohan became the mother of a girl. She was born by cesarean section. The woman got married very early, at the age of 12, but for 15 years she was unable to give birth to a child. Rajio even agreed to a 2 wife, in the hope that then children would appear in their house, but she also turned out to be childless. After reading a note that one woman gave birth with IVF at a mature age and decided to take this step, because in India they do not like childless people, they believe that they bring misfortune. Having borrowed money and mortgaged property, they went through the procedure.

A daughter was born, who was named Navin. Mom was even able to breastfeed her for 2 years. Now the girl is forced to take care of all household chores. parents move a little, lie down most of the day. But she attends school, receives certificates.

2. Omkar Panwar (at 70)

The exact age of this woman is not known, as she lived in one of the Indian villages where no birth certificates were issued. She is about 70 years old. Omkar Panvar did IVF 3 times to give birth to a son. She already had daughters, but she dreamed of an heir. The pregnancy of the elderly woman was difficult, the children were born by cesarean section. The family saved money for the procedure for a long time, they were able to collect them only in old age. The villagers advised them not to take risks at that age, but they did not listen to anyone.

1. Dalinger Kaur (at 72)

Also an elderly couple from India, he is 79 years old, she is 72. In April 2016, their son Arman was born. Dalinger Kaur considers the birth of a baby a blessing, because had long been desperate and had no hope of becoming a mother. She was offered to adopt a baby, but she refused. Now she admits that it is very difficult for her to cope with a small child. She is constantly tired, has health problems, worries that she will not be able to take care of the baby. But the woman is sure that she did everything right.

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