10 Best Alternative Websites to YouTube

You all might have asked the question that from where did the idea of YouTube come from? There are a number of stories and gossips present on the internet, claiming to be original and exact accounts of the history of this website. But we are now here to discuss the past. Most of might think that the fame of this website is growing, but in reality it is not. With the passage of time, a decline has been observed in the fame of this website with substantial increases in the popularity of others. There a number of same websites like YouTube which you can access and have the same enjoyment in on-line surfing. Furthermore, some of these websites also have increased video posting limits, unlike YouTube which only provides a 10 minute limit for non-premium users. That’s ironic isn’t it? Not to worry, as I have done a great deal of research for you in summing up some of the better websites than YouTube. A picture is really more than worth a thousand of words, even millions. If you are a believer of this fact, then you will love the alternative websites mentioned below. I hope that you are going to find this list of the 10 best alternative websites to YouTube that are also very famous and very useful.



Google Video

The first in line is the website owned by the all-powerful and profitable Google. They not only provide you with good video posting options, but also future avenues for managing your videos. The video posting limit and vid limit varies as there is also a Google plus, but it is indeed something you should consider.




You might have downloaded your favourite movies from this website at one or the other in your life. If not, then now is the time to do it, as this website provides numerous options to free users. Not to forget that premium users enjoy more options. Furthermore, the download speeds offered by this website are better than most of the websites out there.




When it comes to hosting user generated and professionally managed content, then Revver is one those few names that strike to consciousness. Although they also use advertisement materials with these videos, still it is not something that should let you down. It is also one of the most effective methods for building your personal reenergized website. How wonderful is that going to be for your scheduled video posts? Why not start out now on this website, if you have your reasons.




If you are one of those professional video bloggers who are always looking for ways to advertise and share, then Blip.TV is one of the many options you have. There are also a number of dramas, movies and special TV shows which are waiting for you to download. Also spare some time for viewing the videos posted in the name of the daily guru, as they are all awesome. Not to undermine the various premium user options they have to provide.




Hulu is one of those video blogging websites that have generated their worth in a short time span. The users of this website seem to be limitless viewed from the number of posts that are made on a daily basis. Furthermore, the company is also planning to launch this website in a number of 3rd world countries as well. Now that is something really astonishing. Based on the user reviews, it is clear that all of them just love this website.




What is the first thing that strikes to your mind on seeing the name of this website on the number 5th spot? I am sure that all the things are going to be reverent and respectful, as Megavideo has been providing undisturbed and limitless services to all the users out there. Yes, there have been some discrepancies in the past, but they are sure to fade away very soon. Very soon, the website is going to be launched back again and there are speculations that the regular users are going to find something new and more useful than before. All you need to do is be a little patient about it.You can also enjoy here Online Movies entertainment of all type.




Looking for the better websites than youtube? Then why not give some space to Vimeo which is one of the top notch websites there are. I am sure that some of you might have used this website at one time or the other. If not, then now is the time to do it, as the websites gives a warm welcome to all its video bloggers and viewers. The upload limit to this website is more than 1 hour which is way more than youtube. There are also an instant messaging applications and platforms that provide a faster upload. This really goes direct into the face of youtube.



Daily Motion

Most of the users of this website consider it to be the best there is and the best there will be. It is all because of the community support and friendly platforms this video streaming site has been providing to its users now and then. I recently some of the most rare World War II videos on this website and I really loved them all. With a little optimism in mind, now is the time to begin your venture on this wonderful website.




One of the best known video breeds on the internet is now all loaded and booted to give you some rare video posting options and speed limits. Furthermore, the company is also planning to increase the video limit which is already more than that provided by the cocky youtube. Not to forget the tagging which is very simple and easy to carry out.




Whatever the youtube lovers might say, Metacafe has really knocked out the roof when it comes to limitless video surfing and viewing. The interfaces and uploading options are more than fast and simple to carry out. Almost anyone can do the uploading in a minimal time span. Furthermore, the users of this website also have a plethora of good things to say. There are more than 50 million videos on this website and the same also holds true for the users. How is that for an all in one treat for same websites like youtube and for reading this article? Lets time to enjoy 10 Best Alternative Websites to YouTube.


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