Achondroplasia and dwarfism sound like a terrible diagnosis that would seem to put an end to normal life. In this collection, we will tell you about the 10 smallest women in the world, most of whom, in spite of everything, lived or live fully, and even give birth to healthy children with their own height less than a meter.


  • 10. Hollis Andrews 122 cm
  • 9. Terra Joule, 122 cm
  • 8. Brittany Guzman, 122 cm
  • 7.Katie Glass, 111 cm
  • 6. Stacy Herald, 71 cm
  • 5. Bridget Jordan, 69 cm
  • 4. Madge Bester, 65 cm
  • 3. Jyoti Amji, 62.8 cm
  • 2. Paulina Musters, 58 cm
  • 1. Lucia Zarate, 43 cm

10. Hollis Andrews 122 cm

Our list opens with actress Hollis Andrews , who gained wide popularity in the United States after filming the reality TV series Little Women: LA from the Lifetime channel. This show is about the lives of women with dwarfism in Los Angeles and has been released since 2014. Hollis with a height of 122 centimeters fit into it just perfect.

9. Terra Joule, 122 cm

In the photo, Terra Jole is another female star of Little Women: LA. Her height is identical to that of Hollis Andrews, although some sources claim that she is 1 cm shorter than her co-star.

8. Brittany Guzman, 122 cm

Well known by her pseudonym FreakABritt , she is a dancer and reality TV star Little Women: LA who joined the filming for the third season. It was not only the series that made her successful, but also the dancing: she became a professional dancer before getting on the show. So, Brittany Guzman was on tour as a dancer with Miley Cyrus.

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7. Kathy Glass, 111 cm

Katie Glass (born June 1, 1944) is a retired professional wrestler better known as Diamond Lil .

Glass attended Fabulous Moolah: a wrestling school in South Carolina. She first appeared at the door of Mula (a cult figure in the Viennese wrestling world) in 1961 at the age of seventeen, with the desire to become a professional wrestler.

Mula did not take Glass until her mother signed a training permit. Because of Mula’s love for diamonds and Glass’s short stature, she was given a ring named Diamond Lil.

6. Stacy Herald, 71 cm

At Stacey Herald of Kentucky had a rare disease called Osteogenisis Imperfecta, which retard its growth. The genetic condition also caused brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs.

She made headlines around the world when she gave birth to her third child, after doctors insisted the pregnancy would kill her. However, with a height of 71 cm, even the first birth was very risky. She called herself a “miracle” and said that her children were “miracles” too She passed away at the age of 44, but not due to childbirth. Her husband, by the way, is completely healthy and has normal growth.

5. Bridget Jordan, 69 cm

Bridget Jordan and Brad Jordan are the smallest adult brother and sister in the world. At 19, Brad Jordan weighed only 35 kg, while sister Bridget at 21 with a height of 69 cm weighed less than 9 kg.

Bridgette and Brad in medical textbooks are classic cases of primordial dwarfism, which does not prevent them from living to the fullest and even going to college. There are pictures in which Bridget compares the size of the legs with her 10-month-old niece, who has them larger.

4. Madge Bester, 65 cm

Madge Bester was once the world’s smallest woman at 65cm and lived in South Africa . Bester has osteogenesis imperfecta, which is characterized by brittle bones, so she uses a wheelchair to get around.

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As a child, Madge wanted most of all to walk and do things for herself. Her disability did not allow this, so she decided to do something for others and began to motivate people by her example.

Madge has traveled all over the world and is known as a speaker and motivation coach. Her most famous words are: “Forget your flaws and use your strengths . 

About people with children with disabilities, Madge says: ” Parents should not hide children with disabilities, they should go to school on an equal basis with others and learn to be part of the community . 

3. Jyoti Amji, 62.8 cm

Jyoti Amji, at 62.8 cm, is 7 cm shorter than the previous title holder, American Bridget Jordan. Jyoti was honored when she celebrated her 18th birthday in 2011 in Nagpur City.

Her condition is called achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, and she is not expected to grow further. In 2009, she was named the smallest teenager in the world: then her height was 61.95 cm

2. Paulina Musters, 58 cm

Pauline Moosters is the smallest mature woman ever officially registered. She was listed in the Guinness Book of Records with a height of only 58 cm.

Born on February 26, 1876 in Osendrecht, the Netherlands, Paulina was just over 20 cm at birth. At nine years old, the tiny girl weighed less than 1.5 kg, and in adulthood she weighed less than 4 kg.

Her measurements at the age of 19 show that she had a seductive little figure, not severely disfigured by the disease, and in fact, she had no shortage of suitors.

Paulina started her professional career from infancy. At the time, the audience simply admired her tiny proportions, but as she matured she began performing as well.

After all, she was known as a skilled acrobat and was able to dance with partners drawn from the audience. As her performances developed, the girl acquired many unique stage names.

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She, perhaps, was better known simply as Princess Paulina, and along with her name, she began to wear wonderful elegant dresses on stage, with details and stitching so small that the clothes were a miracle in themselves.

During her career, the princess visited Belgium, Germany , France, and the United Kingdom before being invited to perform in the United States in 1894.

She made her New York theater debut on New Year’s Eve in front of a stunned and totally captivated audience. She performed with a grace that touched those who saw her. She was a fairy, a tiny princess on a huge stage, dancing what she felt in her heart – and it was beautiful. Princess Pauline quickly became the favorite of New York.

1. Lucia Zarate, 43 cm

Many people know about the tallest man in the world , and there are countless TV shows about some of the world’s heaviest people . However, few people know about the smallest man on Earth. This man is Lucia Zarate .

Lucia Zarate was believed to have been born in San Carlos, Mexico in 1864. Although, as is well known, circus performers often exaggerated the age of young people in order to help sell their shows to the public. And now new facts show that she was actually born in 1870 in Vera Cruz, Mexico.

A group of medical professionals from Oxford University did visit Zarate in 1876. Although they could not confirm her estimated age of twelve, they could confirm that she was at least six years old.

Lucia first went to America in 1876 and then made her debut in Philadelphia at the Centennial Exposition, and was a huge success. She soon began her career as one of the most recognizable female artists of the era.

After some time on the East Coast, Lucia embarked on a European tour with her family. At her most famous stop in Europe, on February 26, 1881, Lucia visited Queen Victoria and the royal family. She continued to tour Europe and the United States, mainly along the East Coast, for the next ten years.

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