Every woman tries to do everything to make her husband happy. If, of course, they have strong feelings.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a happy man (or so his wife thinks) to leave the family or have a mistress.

It turns out that the woman did everything wrong, and her partner did not dare to express his claims to her.

If you value your relationship, talk to your husband more often. But not every man will frankly say that something does not suit him.

Do not despair, you can easily understand how your husband is feeling if you are a little more attentive.

Below are 10 signs that your husband is happily married to you. If your loved one does at least something from the proposed list, it means that he is happy with you.


  • 10. He kisses you regularly
  • 9. Calls and writes
  • 8. Says he loves
  • 7. Doesn’t matter
  • 6. Shares intimate
  • 5. Helps around the house
  • 4. Taking care of himself
  • 3. Gives you compliments
  • 2. He respects you
  • 1. He just feels good around you

10. He kisses you regularly

A man who is happy in a relationship enjoys kissing his wife. And not only kisses.

He shows tenderness, he wants to hug you, sit next to you, hold your hand.

Physical contact in a relationship between a man and a woman is very important. It’s not just about sex, although a happy marriage is also impossible without it.

If your man is offended or dissatisfied with something, he is unlikely to want to touch you. Again, kissing and hugging for some men is a matter of habit “so the wife doesn’t suspect anything.”

Therefore, first of all, pay attention to whether your husband likes to touch you, hug and kiss you.

Duty kisses and hasty hugs (if only to fall behind) do not count. No wonder they say that the first sign of dying love is the absence of kisses.

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An unloved person does not want to kiss. What kind of happiness can we talk about here at all?

9. Calls and writes

Of course, over time, the passion dies down. Those romantic messages and lengthy phone conversations are gone.

But a loving husband will never forget to call or text his wife, especially if she is in trouble.

Of course, everything is individual. If your husband is not able to talk on the phone or send messages during the working day, this does not mean that he is unhappy around you.

Some professions really can’t find a free minute to get to the phone. In this case, do not be offended and do not blame your man for indifference.

But if, your chosen one went on a business trip and did not even call you, this is a wake-up call.

If you are dear to your man, he will definitely inform you of his arrival, and also ask if everything is fine with you.

8. Says he loves

Yes, many men do not like to confess their love. As they say, you can’t pull words out of them with ticks.

But even the most severe man will not restrain his feelings and will tell his chosen one that he loves her if he feels happy.

These moments can be rare. A man will talk about his love when he is touched by any situation. Yes, it can be enchanting sex, and a delicious roast, and a sweater knitted by your hands.

The rest of the time he will be silent. Most men believe that if they once said about their love, there is no need to repeat themselves.

7. Doesn’t matter

If your man pretends and plays roles, he a priori cannot be happy.

This happens if a woman makes too high demands and tries to change him. Perhaps he loves you and wants you to be happy. To do this, a calm, domestic man will pretend to be an independent macho, and an ordinary guy, far from high society, will learn not to be afraid of cutlery in a restaurant and even read a book about the rules of etiquette.

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Yes, love can work wonders. It’s just hard to pretend all your life. The man who plays the role cannot be happy. One fine day, he will gladly take off his mask and go to the one who loves his present with all the advantages and disadvantages.

6. Shares intimate

If a man tells you his secrets, then he trusts you. He talks about his plans and dreams, does not worry about making a negative impression.

He is not afraid to seem strange and funny. He knows that you are “on the same wavelength” with him, so support all his undertakings. Your partner feels comfortable with you, so don’t let him down.

Do not let his stories go deaf, so that awkward situations do not arise in the style: “I told you so.”

5. Helps around the house

A happy husband will happily help his wife around the house. He will wash the dishes, vacuum the living room carpet, and even cook dinner. He wants to spend as much time as possible with his beloved wife, so he is ready to do everything to make her life a little easier.

Unfortunately, in this situation, most women make a fatal mistake. They begin to criticize her husband: “I didn’t wash it like that, I didn’t cook it like that.” Such comments will discourage any desire to do anything.

Therefore, if your man helps you around the house, rejoice and say gratitude to him, admire him. He feels good next to you, even a couple of broken plates and oversalted soup cannot interfere with your happiness.

4. Taking care of himself

If your man is happy next to you, he will never forget about his appearance. He wants to please his chosen one, so he does not ignore the bathroom and the razor.

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If you notice that your partner pays little attention to appearance, it is not at all necessary that the love is gone. Perhaps he has problems at work or an age crisis. In this case, only a frank conversation will help.

3. Gives you compliments

Does your husband compliment you regularly? You are the happiest woman in the world, and he is the happiest man.

There are such husbands in the world who notice the slightest changes in their wife’s appearance and admire them. They compose poems, sing praises, and all this is not just once every day.

It is a pity that there are very few of them. All others are capable of only the banal: “You are the most beautiful.”

If your husband can’t speak beautifully, humble yourself. Inexperienced compliments are also good, the main thing is that they are spoken from the heart.

2. He respects you

If a man loves and appreciates you, if he feels good next to you, he will never allow himself offensive words addressed to you.

A loving husband will not hurt a woman who makes him happy. Of course, a lot depends on the upbringing and on the behavior of the woman herself.

A man with a strong and tough character will be affectionate and gentle if his chosen one takes care of him, does not lecture him and does not require a diamond necklace and a mink coat.

Even the quietest and humblest husband will not stand it if his beloved will make scandals too often.

1. He just feels good around you

A man will be the happiest if he feels good next to his beloved woman. If he knows that they are waiting at home, he will gladly return there.

He does not seek to escape from a cozy nest, he wants to spend as much free time with you as possible. He can say: “I feel good being around you.”

If this is your situation, then your relationship can only be envied. If you notice that your husband is moving away more and more, do not wait for the weather by the sea. Take control of the situation.

Perhaps you still have a chance to change everything, and you can make your chosen one the happiest man on earth.7 0

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