10 scariest girls and women in the world

10 scariest girls and women in the world

Beauty fascinates, attracts the views of other people, to some extent guarantees success both at work and with the opposite sex. However, one should not exaggerate the importance of external beauty in life. No wonder they say that it is important to be born not beautiful, but happy. Sometimes girls who did not have a particularly attractive appearance achieved tremendous success in life. Or, on the contrary, women, wishing to prolong their youth and make facial features more harmonious, achieved the opposite effect.

Numerous plastic surgeries have led to the fact that they began to frighten others with their appearance. The scariest girls in the world were once cute and attractive, but by interfering with their natural beauty, they got on this far from honorable list. There were exceptions, and they proved that appearance is not so important if a girl has character and talent.

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  • 10. Christina Rae
  • 9.Yulia Gnuse
  • 8. Donatella Versace
  • 7. Jacqueline Stallone
  • 6. Mary Ann Webster
  • 5. Maria Kristerna
  • 4. Julia Pastrana
  • 3. Jocelyn Wildenstein
  • 2. Elaine Davidson
  • 1. Elizabeth Velazquez

10. Christina Rae

If we look at the first pictures of Christina Rae, we can see a beautiful girl. She was once withdrawn and shy, and in order to cope with her complexes, she began to experiment with her appearance.

Having become a freak, she became famous all over the world, but she did not become prettier from this. It all started with piercings, tattoos, ear tunnels. Then the girl decided to enlarge her lips. She admits that she was inspired by the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, from the story of Roger Rabbit. She has made over 100 injections, becoming the owner of the largest lips in the country. Then she changed the shape of her nose and ears, made a split tongue (split) and inserted metal horns into her head, stuffed tattoos. But in 2018, she participated in the show “Reload” on TNT, where she was helped to regain her natural appearance.

9. Julia Gnuse

An American woman called “The Painted Lady.” She became incredibly popular because about 95% of her skin is covered with tattoos, got into the Guinness Book of Records . Julia Gnuse was not going to become famous, she started covering her body with tattoos because of a rare genetic disease. After 30 years, she developed porphyria, due to which the skin becomes sensitive to sunlight, bursts in the light and becomes reddish. She has scars and non-healing ulcers.

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The girl turned to specialists for help, but they could not do anything. Then she decided to cover her body with a tattoo, because bright drawings could hide ugly scars. The girl got so carried away that she gradually covered all parts of her body with tattoos, now there are at least 400 of them on her body. Julia admits that she was once a shy and insecure woman, and now she is happy to pose for photographers.

8. Donatella Versace

Donatela Versace was not just a devoted sister, but also the best assistant to Gianni Versace, his full partner. After her beloved brother died, she took up his Fashion House and he prospered. The death of her brother, responsibility for the company, and the constant use of cocaine affected her appearance, she began to look older than her years.

It seemed to her that everyone was laughing at her, she decided to completely change. She enlarged her lips, lifted her face, did breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, etc. This is how the “second Donatella” appeared. But the woman overdid it. Now she is called the next victim of plastic surgery.

7. Jacqueline Stallone

Jacqueline Stallone – the mother of actor Sylvester Stalonne , became famous after one of her sons became famous. But besides that, she is known for constantly trying to rejuvenate. The woman was born back in 1921, now she is 98 years old. At this age, changes are natural, moreover, not everyone manages to live to almost 100 years. But Jacqueline was not ready to put up with this and did a huge number of plastic surgeries. She herself admits that she overdid it a little.

The woman who once looked amazing has changed beyond recognition, nothing could stop her, not even allergic reactions to drugs and a heart attack. Sylvester himself jokes that this is not his mother. Despite her considerable age, she never gave up her hobby, continues to do anti-aging procedures and plastic surgery.

6. Mary Ann Webster

Mary Ann Webster was born in 1874 in London to a working class family with 8 more children. She suffered from a rare disease called acromegaly, which makes her hands, feet and facial bones especially large. Despite her unattractive appearance, she got married and gave birth to 4 children. But her husband died suddenly, and there was not enough money to live on. She decided to take part in the competition for the ugliest women and won. And this feature of her helped her to survive, because she began to appear in public, to receive money for it.

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It was difficult for her to decide on such a step, but she agreed to perform in the circus of freaks for the sake of her children. After earning money, she returned to England, to the children, but due to unsuccessful investments she lost most of her savings. She started drinking and died at the age of 59.

5. Maria Kristerna

Mexican Maria Jose Cristerna became famous all over the world, and she is constantly written by the media, she is shown on various shows, she takes part in world exhibitions. She is called a female vampire. She is a lawyer by training, a mother of 4 children, but her appearance does not fit in any way with her profession or with motherhood. Once Maria was married at 17 years old. Realizing that family life does not bring her joy, she made her first tattoo out of a feeling of protest.

Now her entire body is covered with a tattoo, she has inserted horns into her skull and has grown real fangs. And what is interesting, the woman grew up in a deeply Catholic family, she studied at a religious school. Her image is a kind of protest. The girl’s husband both morally and physically mocked her, beat her, and her family did not support her in any way, urged her to endure. Her father said that this is how he brings her up, because Maria is a bad housewife. She did not tolerate, got divorced and began to work as a tattoo artist. Gradually covered her body with tattoos to look intimidating. She believes that then not a single pallet will be able to approach her.

4. Julia Pastrana

Julia Pastrana was a native of Mexico, Indian. She had a rare disease – hypertrichosis, due to which her entire body was covered with hair. An unusually large nose and ears made her look like a gorilla. Charles Darwin wrote about Julia , he noted that she was a kind and friendly girl, she danced wonderfully, knew how to read and write, cook and sew well. She, like other women with an unusual appearance, participated in the freak show.

Pastrana also visited Russia, where she was greeted like a real star. She could get married because There were a lot of applicants, but they were all rejected because Julia would agree to marriage only with a wealthy person. During a tour in Moscow, she became pregnant, gave birth to the same child as herself, but died due to postpartum complications. The kid also lived for only 3 days.

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3. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein was a lovable sweet girl that men paid attention to. Having changed several lovers, she met the wealthy Alec Wildenstein and was able to interest him. He married her, 2 children were growing up in the family. But the husband began to cheat on the woman, and in order to somehow return his attention, she began to do plastic surgery. But it all ended in a loud divorce. She spent $ 2.5 million on her operations. A beautiful blonde has transformed, turned into an ugly woman, but she herself does not admit this and considers all comments about her appearance to be envy.

2. Elaine Davidson

Brazilian Elaine Davidson became famous for the fact that her body is covered with metal jewelry in the form of piercings. In total – 6725 “hinged metal”, the total weight of which is 3 kg. Not surprisingly, she got into the Guinness Book of Records. Interestingly, she married a man who does not have a single tattoo or piercing on his body. The wedding took place in 2011. Now she lives in Edinburgh, owns an aromatherapy shop, does not want to return to her homeland, because afraid of being harassed for her appearance.

1. Elizabeth Velazquez

Elizabeth Velazquez has a very rare disease – Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch syndrome, in the world there are only 1-2 people with the same symptoms. Living with such a diagnosis is not easy. Her body cannot gain weight, with a height of 152 cm, she weighs only 29 kg, although she eats about 5 thousand calories a day, which is slightly more than an ordinary person.

She has weak immunity, her right eye cannot see, and her left eye also has problems. It was hard for her to face cruelty and misunderstanding, because already at the age of 17, she was named the ugliest in the world, having posted a video on YouTube. Commentators advised her to shoot herself, called her a monster. But instead of crying and suffering from depression, Velazquez decided to fight, to protect people with non-standard appearance. She launched a whole company, urging not to persecute those who are not like the rest. And it was supported by millions of people.

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