10 Oldest fathers in the world who became famous

There is an opinion that it is better for women to give birth before the age of 40. Delayed labor can lead to serious health problems for the mother or baby. By the way, even among celebrities, there are several sad examples that only confirm this truth. But you can become a father even at 80, there are no restrictions for men. In fact, doctors have confirmed that late parenting is also risky. Even if the partner is young and healthy, the likelihood of having sick children increases every year.

Of course, different situations arise, and if God gave a child, it is foolish to refuse him. Late love or last chance – there can be many reasons. In this article, we will tell you about the oldest fathers in the world. The first eight from the list are famous people who learned the joy of fatherhood at a very old age, and the 2nd and 1st places are occupied by male record holders, they became famous only thanks to their children.


  • 10. Hugh Grant (at 57)
  • 9.Andrey Konchalovsky (at 66)
  • 8. Steve Martin (at 67)
  • 7.Alexander Gradsky (at 69 years old)
  • 6.Oleg Tabakov (at age 71)
  • 5. Charlie Chaplin (at 73)
  • 4. Ivan Krasko (at 74)
  • 3. Emmanuel Vitorgan (at 79 years old)
  • 2. Armais Nazarov (at 89 years old)
  • 1.Ramjit Rajan (at age 96)

10. Hugh Grant (at 57)

Hollywood actor, favorite of women, not so long ago became a father again (in 2018). This news did not become a sensation, the fans were not even embarrassed by the fact that Hugh Grant was 57 years old at the time of the child’s birth. His chosen one is Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein 22 years younger than her husband. This is their third child together, but parents are in no hurry to share their happiness with the public. Until now, neither gender nor name is known. Now he already has 5 children, but it is quite possible that Grant will not stop there. His first child was born when the actor was 51 years old.

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9.Andrey Konchalovsky (at 66)

Actor, director, politician and father of many children. Andrei Konchalovsky managed to do a lot in this life. He was married five times and had seven children. The difference between the first and the last child is 37 years. Andrei’s youngest son, Peter, was born in 2003, married to actress Julia Vysotskaya. Now the boy has already grown up, but Konchalovsky admits that late children are a gift of fate. Parents treat them differently, they know how quickly children grow up, so they enjoy every day they spend together.

8. Steve Martin (at 67)

But the American comedian actor Steve Martin first became a father at 67 years old. At 59 he met his destiny. Ana Stringfield became his chosen one. They met for some time, and in 2007 they got married. Five years later, it became known that the couple had a child. The paparazzi managed to photograph them while walking. Steve and Ana declined to comment on this situation. At the same time, there were rumors that they had adopted a child or used the services of a surrogate mother. Later, the actor’s official representative confirmed information about the replenishment in the Martin family.

7.Alexander Gradsky (at 69 years old)

A popular Russian singer and composer, as gossipers like to say, “found myself a young one”. Alexander Gradsky was married 3 times, he already had two adult children when he met Marina Kotashenko. The girl is 31 years younger than him. Of course, she dreamed of a normal family and children, Alexander justified all her hopes. Their first joint child was born when dad was 64 years old, the second – at 69 years old. These are two boys who were named with beautiful Russian names, Ivan and Alexander. Parents are in no hurry to show them to the public, but Gradsky is very proud that now he has two heirs.

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6.Oleg Tabakov (at age 71)

Soviet and Russian actor Oleg Tabakov , the favorite of millions of viewers, also got into this rating. He was married twice. The second wife, Marina Zudina, bore him two children: son Paul (at 60) and daughter Maria (at 71). This love story is like a movie. 16-year-old Marina fell in love with Oleg, who was 30 years older than her. This did not prevent them from becoming happy, however, Tabakov had to divorce his previous wife. Children from their first marriage could not forgive their father for a long time. Should I blame him? Everyone has the right to be happy. At the time of Tabakov’s death, his youngest daughter Maria was 12 years old. Pavel followed in the footsteps of his father, he became an actor.

5. Charlie Chaplin (at 73)

American actor Charlie Chaplin lived long enough, he died at the age of 88. He became famous not only for his talent, but also for his stormy personal life. Charlie was married four times, he had eight children, all in the last marriage. The actor had a weakness for young girls, and 16-year-old Una O’Neill dreamed of becoming an actress. They met, and Charlie was ready to make her a star. But the girl refused and married him. Their marriage lasted 34 years. The last child was born when Chaplin was 73 years old.

4. Ivan Krasko (at 74)

Actor Ivan Krasko regularly draws attention to his person. 4 marriages, 5 children, one of them Andrey Krasko died. The last two children of the actor appeared in a third marriage with Natalya Vyal. This event became a real sensation, the girl was 47 years younger than Ivan. She gave him two sons, Ivan and Fyodor, the latter was born when the happy father turned 74 years old. Ivan Krasko, however, did not stop there, and soon found himself a new wife. Their age difference was 60 years.

His new chosen one Natalya Shevel has repeatedly accused Natalia Val of treason. She said that it was impossible to become a father at 74 years old. They were even invited to the program “Let them talk”, where Krasko’s previous wife secretly conducted a genetic examination. However, this is a completely different story …

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3. Emmanuel Vitorgan (at 79 years old)

Emmanuel Vitorgan is already a great-grandfather, but he does not forget about his personal life. In 2003, he married Irina Mlodik. In 2018, she gave birth to his daughter. Irina is an elderly woman, at that time she was 56 years old. She admitted that she did not dare to become a mother because of serious health problems. A year later, another girl was born. The spouses did not comment on this situation, but Vitorgan’s friends kindly agreed to talk to the press. They said that Irina and Emmanuel used the services of a surrogate mother.

2. Armais Nazarov (at 89 years old)

This unique story took place in the Krasnodar Territory in the city of Armavir. Armais Nazarov is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. His children have already grown up and have become pensioners themselves, but after 80 years, the elderly man firmly decided to start a new life. He met a 34-year-old woman and was able to win her favor. The couple lived very well, soon Eugene became pregnant. 89-year-old Armais became a dad. Then he promised his wife that he would live to be 100 so that his son would at least grow up a little. Unfortunately, the man could not keep his promise. He died when Artyomka was 10 months old.

1. Ramji Rajan (96 years)

Ramjit Rajan from India became the record holder back in 2010. The 94-year-old man had a son, his wife then turned 54, but the child was born naturally. Two years later, Ramjit broke his own record – another newborn son. Rajan became a celebrity, he was constantly asked how he manages to maintain sexual activity at this age. It turns out that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are to blame . But the birth of children did not bring happiness to the man. According to some reports, the eldest child went missing at the age of 7. The wife left, taking the youngest son, and Ramjit was left alone again.

Unfortunately, at the age of 104, Ramjit Rajav was gone. But he died not of old age, but because of an accident!

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