Top 10 Best Photo Editing Software

Number of application has been introduced in photo editing world. Photo editing software has become so demanding and famous all around the world. The photo editing software can help us in alter and adjust the photo according to our desires. You will find variety of software applications but in them some are outstanding and fulfill the all needs of users. Photos are the memory of our loving moments so it requires high quality software for better result. Avoid from low quality software. We are providing the list of top 10 best Photo Editing Software in 2012. Just check this list which will help you to buy the software of your desires.


10. Ultimate Point

In photo editing software world, Ultimate point software is so famous and has a well repute in the market. You will get this software in formats, one is shareware and other is freeware format. With having numerous features you can enjoy image creation, display and manipulation.


9. PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre photo editing software is invented by Antonio Da Cruz. This great man designed this software which is now available in two versions. One is paid one and other is free one. You will get this software in many languages. PhotoFilter is developed in sync with the windows Operating System. The version which is paid one has the more features than free one. For re-touching photos and photo montages Photo-filter is best choice to buy.


8.Adobe Photoshop Album Starter

Another superb software in photo editing field is Adobe Photoshop Album Starter which was first launched in February 2003. Number of version of this software has been released yet. In which the last one is version 2.0.1. This was released in March 2004. This software has the automatic organization features. This software has the feature of arranging the photos in one window and find any desire photo in a quick way. You can remove red eye effect, poor lighting, improper color balance errors with the help of this software.


7. ImageForge

Now a software having the different features from the previous ones is added here. ImageForge has a outclass features of importing files from the digital cameras and scanners. You can get a number of special effect filters in editing of photos. ImageForte also allows image editing with painting and editing tolls. The remarkable feature of this software is that at the end of editing session you can preserve and arrange your photos as a shape of an album.


6. Pixia

This was made for the animation world by Isao Maruoka. Now it is used in arts and other braches too. Different types of cartoons and movies are made with the help of this software. This software serves in a broad ways to fulfill the desire needs of users. It can work also with Windows Operating System. It has number of features which includes masking, bitmap based drawing tools and multiple undo.


5. Paint.NET

The creature of Paint.Net software was Ricky Brewster. Number of efforts has been made by human to invent new a advance technology. Paint.Net is a software which was a next step to Microsoft Paint with numerous advance features. You can say it was the invention for the learners but now it is using by experienced persons too. Only Window Operating System is favorable for work for this software. Abysmal undo option is one of the best feature of this software.


4. PhotoPlus 6

PhotoPlus 6 software is a advanced software. In the beginning it did not get the popularity because it was paid one. So people were not interested in buying this software. Now it is available free of cost and gained a remarkable position in the market. The PhotPlus 6 has features which include image maps and image Slicing, third party plug in support, export optimizer and photo enhancement tools.


3. IrfanView

IrfanView software was created in 1996 by Irfan Skiljan. This software can be use freely for non commercial purposes. But if you want to use it for commercial purpose then you will have to pay for it . This software has many features one of them best is its working under many operating systems from Window 95 to Windows 7. this software has the magical features that are view ,edit, convert image files. It can play audio/video files. It can also support the GIF, JPEG, BMP and PNG files.



GIMP software is created by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis in 1995.GIMP means GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is used as for retouching and editing tools, You can operate it on various famous operating systems as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. This software with advance features helps the users to work with the most complex procedures pragmatically and effectively. It has been launched in different languages and help in authoring an composition. With this superb features it is ranked at number 2.


1. Picasa

Picasa software was launched in 2002 and it was created by idea-lab. Now Google is owned this software since 2004. The software applications can be operated free of cost now. It is work well with Windows Operating System. If we see on the features of this software this software offers a lot. You can enjoy cropping , special effects and brightness adjustments and many more. This features ranked it at the top of the list.

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