We love Hollywood stars for their talent and popularity, their ability to present themselves in public and grab the attention of the crowd. Not all actors and singers have become famous for their luxurious body, bright appearance, connections or famous parents. Nature endowed some people with a bland or even repulsive appearance, but instead of despairing, they made the image their zest and still achieved success.

Appearance is a very subjective characteristic, so there will always be spiteful critics and envious people with a specific taste. And the various world races are closer in appearance to their relatives, so they simply may not understand the standardized beauty of Hollywood idols.

We present the TOP 10 ugly celebrities who have hidden their inferiority complexes and proved to the whole world that their main merit is talent.


  • 10. Steve Buscemi
  • 9. Tilda Swinton
  • 8. Cate Blanchett
  • 7. Ron Perlman
  • 6. Benedict Cumberbatch
  • 5. Willem Dafoe
  • 4. Jonah Hill
  • 3. Lena Dunham
  • 2. Kelly Osbourne
  • 1. Hilary Swank

10. Steve Buscemi

Not the most attractive man cares little that does not make it into the ratings of sexy stars and desirable men. He has made more than three decades of acting career, the list of his famous roles is impressive – what more proof is needed? It is interesting that Steve, due to his modest external data, was not given the main roles, but the man successfully reincarnated in a variety of characters and inspired with his game. The audience was so fond of the leading role in the “Underground Empire” that they completely ignore the actor’s appearance.

9. Tilda Swinton

A woman constantly gets into journalistic reviews and TOPs of unattractive celebrities. Yes, her appearance is very specific and does not fit into the imposed standards of beauty. An androgynous appearance makes a woman more like a guy, and the bobbed white hair does not give her charm and gloss. Nevertheless, the actress demonstrates versatility in the stage play, skillfully transforming herself into characters of different genders and even angels. Tilda is not upset that she is often recognized as a man, but refers to the situation with healthy humor. And why be sad, because Lady Matilda from an ancient noble family already has an Oscar and a Golden Globe in her track record.

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8. Cate Blanchett

And this girl causes extremely contradictory thoughts about her appearance. Yes, she does not fit into the modern “plastic” standards of Hollywood, she does not abuse cosmetics and the services of extravagant hairdressers, does not shock the audience with defiant outfits. But in the world of cinema there are true connoisseurs of beauty, who saw in the talented actress the famous elf from The Lord of the Rings. Neat facial features, healthy and beautiful hair, graceful figure and tall stature – yes, the girl is a born model, whoever says what!

7. Ron Perlman

Yes, no one considers the actor to be a sexy man and a thief of ladies’ hearts. Even in an elite tuxedo on the red carpet, he looks modest and casual, and to some he even resembles a hard worker who is not burdened with intelligence. Perlman’s lack of beauty is of little concern, because he demonstrates the height of efficiency and flexibility. Colleagues in the frame and the staff on the set assure that it is a pleasure to work with a kind, executive man. And how would such powerful roles as “Hellboy” manage without Pearlman’s manly appearance. Someone should be able to play “bad guys”, monsters, sacrificing numerous fans who see only external data in a person.

6. Benedict Cumberbatch

And this man is so unusual in his appearance and behavior on the screen that he makes some skeptically laugh at his crooked teeth, and others burst into enthusiastic cries. The genius theatrical artist played enough roles in films and remained inconspicuous due to his boring appearance. But the role of detective Holmes changed everything – he was naturally blond, he dyed his hair dark and abruptly acquired masculine and expressive features. Ben suddenly began to get into the ratings of handsome and successful men for himself, although he identifies himself more with an otter. Journalists now and then throw out pictures of the star, where he demonstrates the crooked “palisade” of his English teeth. But this does not scare women – they are head over heels in love with the mannerism, gloom and coldness of this man.

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5. Willem Dafoe

The humble actor has no illusions about his appearance. He even suggested in an interview that it was precisely because of the lack of good natural data that he did not get the main roles. Yes, a quiet and calm actor is spoiled most of all by his smile, which turns a man into a kind of “maniac”.

4. Jonah Hill

This is someone who is overweight, curly and ordinary looks help to get very “juicy” roles. The chubby boy is ironic about his appearance and uses it to the advantage of his career, playing weirdos in youth comedies. One role in “Macho and Nerd” is worth something. Jonah can manage her weight, for which she constantly adheres to strict diets and does not ignore visits to gyms. Of course, this does not make him more beautiful – he is still the same round-cheeked and clumsy. The charming comedian, it seems, does not attach any importance to fleeting female admiration for a long time, so for the sake of a cult role in “Guys with Trunks” he boldly gained a couple of dozen kilos and began to weigh 115 kg. This is how real fans love him.

3. Lena Dunham

A versatile woman who acts as a producer, screenwriter, and one of the main actresses of the series “Girls” cannot boast of a model appearance. Sometimes it seems that the actress does not care about her appearance so much that she does not try to hide imperfections at all. The paparazzi more than once caught the girl in the most unsightly form with a saggy belly, thick cellulite legs, pimply skin and unkempt hair. And fans like this image of a star, because many see themselves in her – an ordinary person with their own advantages and disadvantages. And the main advantage of an actress should be the ability to transform well into her character.

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2. Kelly Osbourne

The famous singer had little chance of being born a beauty, because the legendary and at the same time terrible daddy Ozzy Osbourne rewarded her with his genes. The girl does not try to escape from reality and makes good use of her non-standard appearance in show business, not hesitating to experiment with specific images, non-standard fashion and bright hairstyles. Until recently, Kelly was still overweight, which, however, did not interfere with building an excellent career. And yet, the younger Osborne decided to radically lose weight, continues to improve her figure and even resorted to laser removal of tattoos recklessly made after alcoholic libations.

1. Hilary Swank

“Million dollar baby” in life does not look so expensive and impressive. The girl has rough, muzhikish features, a massive lower jaw, and a not very beautiful nose. Hilary is not shy about her appearance and often experiments in search of her style. She even resigned herself to the fact that the most successful roles are precisely those of her where she looks completely unfeminine (for example, a transsexual character or a female boxer). However, that didn’t stop the unsympathetic Swank from winning an Oscar for natural talent.

Most celebrities are ordinary people with their own vices, defects and specific external data. Someone suffers from natural injustice and abuses plastic. Others drown their inferiority complexes in alcohol and drugs. And the representatives of today’s review were able to overcome uncertainty and realize themselves in show business.

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