10 Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

In the past few decades, Samsung devices have ended up being the yardsticks of the industry we know today as “PDAs or smartphones” specifically in the Android business sector. That is the justification for why whenever other cell phone producers release new units, we regularly compare and contrast them with Samsung leads. Samsung aimed at launching its new device called the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is obviously the fourth era of its Galaxy S succession and Yes! Samsung S4 is in the markets of New York with all the new and distinct features. In accordance with the launch of new smartphone model, a debate can be heard all around among the two smartphones. Well there is a perceptible distinction in overall exhibition and performance between the S4 and the S3. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was a standout amongst the most ubiquitous cell phones of 2012 however how does it contrast with its displacement, the Galaxy S4? We examine how the new lead handset contrasts with its antecedent in Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 correlation. In this article I would like to tell you the specifications of S3 and S4 and the 10 Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4.

10. Storage:

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

The storage capacity of new Samsung galaxy is more or less the same but with a slight enhancement. The storage of Samsung Galaxy S4 is 16GB /32 GB /64 GB along with Micro Sd slot in comparison to 16GB / 32 GB storage.


9. Battery:

10 Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

The battery of Samsung galaxy S4 is larger as compared to the Samsung galaxy S3. The S4 battery is 2600mah as compared to the battery of S3 which is 2100mah. This therefore suggests that the S4 battery would have a longer battery life and longer standby and talk time as compared to S3.


8. Software (Operating System):

software, Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

S3 with a version of 4.1.2 android is exceptionally well and latest Smartphone. But with a version of 4.2.2 android, S4 has opened more and more paths to be exposed and worked upon. The differences in the software and hardware are worth mentioning. The enhancement in these features has made Samsung once again the most important devices in the lead.


7. Cameras:

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

The 2012 S3 had an 8Mp camera with a fairly justified resolution. But in comparison, the S4 has a 13 Mp rear installed camera with an enhancement of 5Mp and 2.1Mp front camera. This upgrade is pretty cool and has led to higher resolution.


6. Processor:

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

Another landmark in the S4 is the increase in RAM which has actually been doubled from around 1GB to around 2GB. This in turn increases the quality and demand of S4. Moreover, it has 1.9GHz Quad-core processor as compared to 1.5GHz snapdragon processor.


5. S4 vs. S3 Design:

galaxy s4 vs s3 design

The Galaxy S4 looks to a great degree comparative to the Galaxy S3 in outline. But basically, it is a bigger form and a greater version. It maintains the adjusted corners yet has a marginally squarer look a bit like the Galaxy S2. The home button is also of slightly diverse shape as compared to S3 diverse shape.


4. Dimensions:

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

According to the statistics regarding the new Smartphone launch, the dimensions of S4 are 136.6*69.8*7.9mm as compared to the dimensions of S3 which are 136.6*70.6*8.6mm.


3. Weight:

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

Talking about the weight of the new Samsung Smartphone, the S4 is lighter as compared to the S3. The new device is light weight with a weight of 130g as compared to S3 with a weight of 133g.


2. Size:

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

When we talk about the size of the new Samsung Smartphone, the S4 is thinner as compared to the S3. Although the lozenge shaped button and the round corners are the same, but the new device is slimmer. While the S3 felt quite plastic, S4 is sleek and glossy with thickness of 7.9mm as compared to S3 with thickness of 8.6mm.


1. Hardware:

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a full-HD 1920×1080 screen displaying comparison with S3 having 1280×720 display. Not only this, but the display and the presentation may even make the hop from 4.8 inches to 5 inches. This also enhances the pixel density from 306 parts per square inch (ppi) to 441 parts per square inch (ppi).

Samsung galaxy S4 also contains new and exquisite features in comparison to the preceding Smartphone including smart pause, smart scroll and air gesture. Having done with the distinctions among the two android devices, one thing is clear that the advancement in technology has led to more and more research and the technicians are trying hard day and night in order to conquer new ways to make life easier and happier. Another important bottom line regarding the Smart phones is that with these advancements in the Samsung galaxy S4, the users have been attracted more towards this exquisite device. The demand would definitely increase with every passing second because of the mere fact that Samsung galaxy is among the top most competitive Smartphone companies worldwide and the statement of Samsung enterprise which stated that the number of 60 million buyers would be attracted towards this superb cell phone would definitely be accomplished. So dear friends! If you are always looking forward towards purchasing a fantastic android smart phone, then do search the specific features of all the important devices including the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4 !!

11 Responses to “10 Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4”

  1. Harshpreet singh says:

    a gr8 submission,another gr8 phone from samsung.would love to use it if got a chance..!!

  2. zorax says:

    i am glad to know about these differences gettoptens is providing best information among others and i am saying this because i was searching for detail differences and i found much relevant data related to differences of s3 and s4 and i am happy to read from here. Thanks gettoptens team keep it up.

  3. devrawat says:

    thanks for comparison. I am waiting for Galaxy S5. wondering what else Samsung provide.

  4. freid says:

    has th s4 got 4g or 3g and i bet a baby could snap the phone in half

  5. freid says:

    have you used the two phons before you compaired them and let a baby hold it to see if the baby can break the phone when it throws the phone or trys to snap it in half

    • Mary says:

      Uhm, I don’t think you should let a baby play with it in the first place, but with a strong, durable cover, it would not break if dropped. Preferably one with a rubber AND plastic case. My brother is an accident prone and when he got a nice sturdy case for his Galaxy 3, it got not one scratch on it for the past 6 months.

      • Big Brothers says:

        Yes protection is better then cure but it does not mean that this set is too much strong. Its your brother’s luck .

  6. Chris says:

    Looks like a cool phone, but not a significant enough upgrade to make me drool and / or rush to the store to upgrade from my S3. Hopefully the S5, which should come out in the next year and a half if our schedules are maintained, will be good enough to warrant an upgrade.

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