Top Wave Broadband Compatible Modems in 2022

By mindmingles Jul7,2022
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Wave Internet is one of the key internet service providers in the country that is offering incredible internet speed, consistent and reliable services, and affordable price tags to its widespread customer market. However, instead of its exceptional internet service quality what may make inconvenience or inconsistent internet speed at receiving end of the customer is a modem.

The modem is one of the fundamental factors that directly influence the quality of internet service and speed of the internet you may get in your space. No matter how stable and fastest the internet service provider is delivering internet signals or services if the modem in your internet network is incompatible or underrate then you will always face trouble while doing any online activity. 

Most of us prefer to readily lodge complaints to the internet service provider or start searching for another best and alternate option available in our area. But very few of us try to even consider that may be the root cause of the present issue is within our system instead of at the providers’ end. 

Interestingly, usually, the issue you are facing in your internet service is because of the modem, Ethernet cables, or other connecting cables and devices attached to your setup. Modem, in particular, is the major determinant of the quality of internet signals therefore you should always get the finest quality, compatible and reliable modem. 

 We truly understand that it is not a piece of cake to find the righteous modem for a non-technical person. Since the market is full of plenty of options it has turned it quite trickier for us to choose the perfect fit for our internet connection. Plus, the compatibility of a modem to your existing internet service provider matters a lot and you cannot overlook it at all. It is the fundamental aspect that you should put at first place while searching for a modem. 

Sounds difficult? It must be but worry not if you are a Wave Internet

 user. Why? Because you have landed on the blog loaded with a list and detail of all the major compatible modems that will work smoothly and efficiently with your internet connection. 

So, fasten your seat belt, and let’s start your exploration for the highly compatible modem to have a promising live streaming, online gaming, video conferencing, online classes, zoom, or Skype meetings without any inconvenience. 

List of Compatible Modem for Wave Internet 



This modem is referred to as the highly compatible one in the market. It employs the advanced DOCSIS 3.1 technology that gives the fastest internet speed so you can have an incredible browsing experience. Unlike the older generation, this modem is way faster and has backward compatibility as well which allows you to keep working on previous DOCSIS technologies such as 2.0. 

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It has a 32X8 channel bonding that allows users to have improved speeds even during peak hours or when the network is overcrowded. The good thing is, this modem is truly compatible with a majority of cable service providers however, for Dish, DSL, and bundled voice service providers it won’t work. 

You can get a smooth and consistent upload speed of 500 Mbps and a download speed of 1 Gbps through this modem. But lets us clear to you that it is not a modem/router combo which means you need to connect it with your WIFI router. One more thing, if you are currently using a high-speed internet plan then you should assure that its compatibility with your internet connection before taking the final decision. 


  • Technology Used: DOCSIS 3.1 
  • Upstream/ Downstream Channels: 32 x 8
  • Upload Speed/ Download Speed: Up to 1Gbps/500Mbps 
  • Modem/Router Combo: No

Pros and Cons of NETGEAR CM1000

You may have three benefits of acquiring this modem but it has an equal number of drawbacks. Therefore, it is recommended to go through the good and bad about NETGEAR CM 1000 and then decide what to do. 

It has a compact unit and can be set up easily. Also, this modem has employed DOCSIS 3.2 technology that offers blazing internet speed. In contrast, the level of internet speed drops down after using it for a couple of months. Customer support is also scarce and you need to spend money on buying a WIFI router to make it work since it is not a combo of Modem/router. Thus it can be a little pricy for most of us. 



NETGEAR C7000 is a perfect match for Wave internet to have a robust internet speed. Whether you download heavy files, multiple files at once, or want to stream online videos, play online games, and do whatever you need you won’t experience sluggish internet speed. Why? Because consistent internet speed is the core of what it offers by delivering 100 Mbps uploading speed and 400 Mbps downloading speed. Plus, the device will not overheat on excessive use which you may experience in most of the routers provided by the internet service providers in the country. 


If you have 20 devices in your home that you are willing to connect and work with your internet connection then this modem is for you because it is capable of delivering 1900 Mbps speed. That means if you have a big house with multiple smart devices, smart home appliances, security devices, and many users at home or running a small-scale business then it is a perfect choice for you.  

NETGEAR C7000 is a dual-band modem that equally and appropriately delivers across both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz. Also, it has 24 X 8 channels that assure you have smooth speed without lining up for any other device. Why? Because it has ample bandwidth to handle this area. Moreover, its internal antennas work amazingly without facing trouble in receiving signals and thus provide outstanding coverage for about 2,000 sq ft. area. And the credit for it goes to the beamforming technology that has made it possible for NETGEAR C7000 to deliver exceptionally good service. 

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The modem bears 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 USBs that allow you to connect any external hard drive if you opt to have a wired LAN. 


  • Technology Used: DOCSIS 3.0 
  • Upstream/ Downstream Channels: 24 x 8
  • Upload Speed/ Download Speed: Up to 100Mbps/ 400Mbps
  • Modem/Router Combo: Yes

Pros and Cons of NETGEAR C7000

NETGEAR C7000 is way better than any stock cable modem and has two USB ports and an attractive design. It is perfectly designed to easily connect any wired device with it. However, there are some drawbacks that you may also experience if you go for this modem. Firstly, this modem is a little pricy, and you cannot mount it on walls easily. Also, it is not a DOCSIS 3.1 platform device but even then it is the best choice for enjoying the best quality internet service and is highly compatible with Wave internet connection. 

ARRIS SurfBoard SBG6900AC


If you are looking for a less pricy yet good quality modem then ARRIS SurfBoard SBG6900AC is the best one compare to the aforementioned modems in the blog. Similarly, it has the same specifications as those of in NETGEAR C7000. Sound interesting? Of course, It is.


This modem router combo is something that you don’t want to hide away because of its aesthetically pleasing design. It has 16 X 4 channels for transferring data and its SBG6900AC gives a consistent upload speed of about 65 Mbps and download speed of about 686 Mbps. That means there will be no room for pause or lag while streaming videos, playing games, or doing any other online activity. 

Its AC1900 WiFi router is capable of delivering consistent speed to almost every device connected to it no matter at what distance it is within your space. You will get 300 Mbps speed on your device even if you place it at a distance of 130 ft from this modem. This specification has made it an ideal candidate for use in the big house or if you want to connect WIFI with a second HDTV placed at a significant distance from it. Plus, it is suitable if you have to connect multiple devices with it and want to have a seamless internet experience. 

At the rear of the modem, you will find 4 Ethernet ports and there is only one port available at the front side of it. 


  • Technology Used: DOCSIS 3.0 
  • Upstream/ Downstream Channels: 16 x 4
  • Upload Speed/ Download Speed: Up to 65Mbps/ 686Mbps
  • Modem/Router Combo: Yes
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Pros and Cons of ARRIS SurfBoard SBG6900AC

It is offering future-proofing based on the latest DOCSIS 3.0 technology used in it. Plus, it has a beautiful layout which made it easy for a user to set it up and configure an IP address. However, you cannot overlook some of the major cons of this modem including slight buffering in case of attaching too many smart devices and each of them is downloading at 20 Mbps. In addition to this, it does not have external antennas which confine its coverage to 1800 sq. ft and get overheated if used for extended hours.



The NETGEAR Cable Modem CM500 is a low-cost, high-performance networking device that uses DOCSIS 3.0 technology. At the rear, there is a single Ethernet connector that may be connected to a WiFi router to provide a high-speed data connection across your home.


NETGEAR CM500 comes with 16 x 4 channels available, you may securely connect at least fifteen devices without experiencing any latency. The setup is straightforward since all you have to do is connect to from your laptop and fill out the settings page. You might also request your ISP. It stands vertically and has a black facade.

We were unable to locate a wall-mounting option. The only minor issue is that it tends to disconnect after a few hours. Reconnection is, of course, automatic. A powerful and economical modem that is ideal for most households and small workplaces, in our opinion.


  • Technology Used: DOCSIS 3.0
  • Upstream/ Downstream Channels: 16 x 4
  • Upload Speed/ Download Speed: Up to 300 Mbps/100 Mbps
  • Modem/Router Combo: Yes

Pros and Cons of NETGEAR CM500

The NETGEAR CM500 is a lightweight piece of equipment that is small in size. Which means it is easy to carry and secure to plan anywhere in your house. Other than that, it does not require any battery to operate and can be easily connected to the nearest electrical port. One of the best aspects of this device is that it comes in a glossy black finish that allows it to look elegant. The only few things that can make this device an inconvenience at times is that there is a possibility that it can disconnect at times.

Plus, you will not be able to install the equipment on the wall since it does not come with any wall mount. Lastly, another thing that can become a bit of a problem is that the device only has one Ethernet port which means if you plan to connect any of your devices to the Ethernet port, only one person will be able to get the internet connection in the entire house. Albeit, the connection will be strong and lag-free, so if you live alone or are the only one using the internet, then there is nothing better than this!

Final Thought

Hopefully, after thoroughly reading this blog you have found your desired modem that will work compatibly with your Wave internet connection. We have tried out to cover very important aspects that you should know about the aforementioned modems in this blog. Thus you can make a well-informed and appropriate decision.

If you wish to know more about Wave’s latest internet bundles and plans, do check out BuyTVInternetPhone.

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