A Complete Guide to Writing the Perfect Essay

essay writing guide

Essay writing is not as simple as some people make it look. A lot of research and planning goes into writing an essay successfully, which is why students who struggle with it immediately look for a proper essay writing guide.

Here is a brief essay writing guide for you:

1. Analyse the essay question

Your essay should directly respond to the specific essay question assigned by the teacher. It should directly address the essay question. So ensure you are clear about what is being asked of you. Essay questions mostly consist of three components:

  • Limiting terms
  • Content terms
  • Directive terms

2. Use reasoning, evidence and scholarship

Evidence, reasoning and evaluation of relevant scholarship are essential materials to convey to audience in your essay arguments. Evidence will let you add concrete information to support your claims.

It should include specific quotations, facts, examples, illustrations and statistics. The reasoning will help you form a bridge between evidence and arguments. You will need to show how the evidence supports your argument. Scholastic is used for showing how arguments in your essay relate to whatever has been written on the essay topic.

3. Develop your thesis

The thesis statement is the center of your essay. This particular sentence should summarise the central point that you want to discuss in your essay. It should be broad enough for you to have enough things to discuss in the essay. However, it shouldn’t be so broad that you cannot be thorough.

4. Outline your essay

Outline the essay as you go about it. This will allow drawing a proper skeleton of the essay paper. Outlining the paper will ensure your essay paper is well organised, logical and flows smoothly. Write the thesis statement in the beginning paragraph and put the topic sentence in the beginning of each body paragraph. Thus, it s necessary that you need to have a clear idea of what each paragraph should be about before you decide to write them. You can also get cdr report for electrical engineer from our experts.

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Avoid jumbling too many ideas in each paragraph as this can confuse the readers. Readers should be able to follow from one idea to the next.

5. Start writing

After creating the outline, start writing the essay immediately. Based on the basic skeleton formed, write a cohesive, whole and clear essay. Focus more on the introductory and conclusion paragraph because readers mostly read this part to understand what the essay paper is all about.

6. Edit and revise

You are done writing the last paragraph does not mean your job is done. Now it’s time to polish your content to ensure your teacher/professor receives the best version of your essay paper. Eliminate all unnecessary chunks from the text. Do check for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. You cannot always count on tools to recognise every error on the paper.

Go through this simple essay writing guide to understand how to write essays like a pro. Consider all these tricks if you wish to create compelling essays.


The guide will lead you toward a well-written essay. Follow all the steps to ensure you receive a well-structured, concise essay paragraph. All the best!

AUTHOR BIO: Mark Thompson is a university professor at one of the top universities in the UK. He is also a part of MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he can provide a step-by-step detailed essay writing guide making your essay writing process easier.

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