Now it is quite easy to find out who the most beautiful woman is: it is enough to conduct a large-scale voting or competition. Another thing is to evaluate the beauty of women from other eras, including ancient ones. This is not an easy task, but we still tried to establish who these women were. The rating is subjective and does not pretend to be reliable, but it turned out interesting.

We bring to your attention the 10 most beautiful women in the world in the entire history of mankind: a list of beautiful girls of all time – photos and names of pretty ladies.


  • 10. Isadora Duncan
  • 9. Virginia Aldoini
  • 8. Mata Hari
  • 7. Yang Yuhuan
  • 6. Zinaida Yusupova
  • 5. Lina Cavalieri
  • 4. Cleo de Merode
  • 3. Theodora
  • 2. Phryne
  • 1. Aspasia

10. Isadora Duncan

The American dancer (who also had Soviet and French citizenship) at the beginning of the 20th century made a real revolution in dance , creating her own style.

Isadora Duncan’s dance philosophy moved away from rigid ballet technique to seeing everything as a natural movement: ” I spent long days and nights in the studio looking for this dance that could be the expression of the human spirit through body movements . 

She believed that the dance had to embrace everything that life has to offer – joy and sadness. Feeling uncomfortable in her native America, Isadora first went to London, where she opened her first studio, and then, when she had already achieved some fame, to France.

She also visited Russia several times, where in 1921 she met Sergei Yesenin , who became her husband, although he was 18 years younger. The marriage was short-lived: already in 1923, the couple broke up, and 2 years later Yesenin committed suicide.

Isadora survived the poet for 2 years: in 1927 she died by accident and rather stupidly when her scarf was wound around the wheels of her own car (the design of the car of those years contributed to this).

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During her lifetime, she was considered a written beauty, especially when she began to dance. In addition, she was a rebel: bisexuality, atheism, sympathy for communism – at that time they preferred to remain silent about this, and Duncan was not afraid to speak openly.

9. Virginia Aldoini

Virginia Elisabetta Louise Carlotta Antonietta Teresa Maria Aldoini was born on March 22, 1837 in Florence and was unusually beautiful from her youth. At the age of 16, she married the Count, and later became the mistress of Emperor Napoleon III. This scandalous romance forced her husband to divorce her, which Virginia Aldoini herself did not regret much.

Wanting to preserve her beauty for posterity, she turned to Pierre-Louis Pearson with a request to help her create 700 different photographs of herself. She spent most of her personal fortune and even went into debt to complete this project.

Most of the photographs show the Countess in her theatrical costumes, and some depict her in risky positions for that era – in particular, bare legs and feet, which at that time was considered indecent.

Although she was not the first fashion model, she definitely made a huge contribution to the development of this industry.

When her beauty faded in the 1880s, she locked herself in the house, covering all the mirrors so as not to see her reflection.

8. Mata Hari

If you might not know the names of previous women, then the name of Mata Hari is known to everyone thanks to movies, books and even music.

In art, her image is extremely popular, since she was a truly extraordinary person. She became famous as a performer of oriental dances and courtesan, traveling throughout Europe.

Even before the First World War, the Germans recruited her, making her their spy , which in the context of time made her image even more romantic. Alas, this killed her: in 1917, the French shot her for spying for the enemy.

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7. Yang Yuhuan

Yang Yuhuan was the wife of one of the sons of Emperor Xuanzong, but over time she managed to charm the emperor himself and he made her his wife.

She is considered one of the main beauties of Ancient China, although her fate cannot be called happy: during the An Lushan uprising, when the emperor and his cortege fled from the capital of Chang’an to Chengdu, the emperor’s guards demanded that he kill Yang Yuhuan, because her cousin and several other family members supported the rebels.

The emperor capitulated and reluctantly ordered his assistant Gao Lishi to strangle Yang.

6. Zinaida Yusupova

Zinaida Yusupova , born in 1861, was rightfully considered one of the most beautiful women in tsarist Russia, and besides, she was the most enviable bride.

She was the last representative of the noble family of the Yusupovs and the only heiress of a huge fortune, so all bachelors dreamed of marrying her, and not only in Russia.

She was smart, well-mannered, erudite, rich and beautiful – the perfect match, whatever one may say. She refused many men, until she said yes to Count Felix Sumarokov-Elston, who was also rich.

Their son called the parents’ marriage happy, although in character they did not fit each other: Sumarokov was not distinguished by a great mind and did not like secular society, being in this respect the complete opposite of Zinaida.

5. Lina Cavalieri

Born in 1874, Lina Cavalieri was recognized by her contemporaries as the most beautiful woman of her generation, as well as the most successful fashion model.

It was thanks to her beauty that she managed to become famous on the opera stage, since her vocal abilities were mediocre and with a not so chic appearance she would never have become an opera star .

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Her life formed the basis of the 1955 film ” The Most Beautiful Woman in the World “, in which Gina Lollobrigida played the role of Lina .

4. Cleo de Merode

Cleo de Merode was born in Paris on September 27, 1875. She was the illegitimate daughter of the Austrian Baroness Vincent de Merode and loved to dance from childhood. At the age of eight, Cleo was sent to study dance and made her debut at eleven.

As she grew up, she became famous for her glamor even more than for her dance numbers, and her image began to be printed on playing cards and postcards.

There was no end to the men: so, she is credited with an affair with the Belgian king Leopold III, who was 40 years older. This greatly spoiled her reputation, but did not stop her from becoming famous all over the world.

3. Theodora

Theodora was born in about 500 and very early began performing in the circus with her sisters, since her father worked there. Unlike the sisters, Theodora had no talent, but she was wildly beautiful and knew how to charm men.

Having started as a courtesan, she later became the wife of Emperor Justinian I and ruled Byzantium along with her husband. Over the years, she became interested in religion and lead a righteous life, so she was even canonized.

A beautiful woman of easy virtue, who became an empress and a saint, is a truly unique case.

2. Phryne

This ancient Greek hetaira (courtesan) was born around 390 BC and became famous for her beauty. She allowed Frina to become the muse of many sculptors and make a fortune.

The only man who could not succumb to her female charms was the philosopher Xenocrates. Phryne wanted to seduce him into a bet, but she lost the bet.

1. Aspasia

Another ancient Greek hetaira, who was also a poet, philosopher and writer.

It is reliably known that Socrates was a frequent guest in her house , and some sources claim that there was more than just friendship between them. Perhaps it was Aspazia who inspired him to create his philosophical treatises.

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