Famous And Most Beautiful Hollywood Celebrities Of 2013

Hollywood can be stated as a dream panorama which provides people with the best entertainment in the most charming and thrilling manner. Hollywood divas always continue to cast and everlasting spell on billions and add vigor to their life. Here is an insight into some of the hot happenings in the life of some of the hottest divas in this industry today. Here we have Famous And Most Beautiful Hollywood Celebrities Of 2013 .


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Who is unaware of this young singing beauty who acquired stardom at a very early age? She is not only a great singer but also a song writer who has the distinction of being the youngest one to have been hired by the publishing house of Sony music. She expresses the experiences of her life as teenager through her beautifully written and sung songs which have made her a darling for millions of girls. Being the pop star that she is, style is in her blood and she carries everything in an elegant manner and shows various transitions in the way she looks. The same can be said about her relationships as she does not seem to show any permanency in them and has dated many which includes Joe Jonas, Taylor lautner, John Mayer the musician, Jake gyllenhaal and Conor kennedy, the list is quite length as compared to his age. A recent happening on her that is a bit awkward is that she hit the cover of cosmopolitan’s December issue in which she is sizzling with her purple dress and sexy cleavage. Now what’s awkward is the fact that she has broke up with Conor Kennedy while the magazine is hyping both her sexy looks and he craze for Kennedy. The star has revealed some habits about herself in the issue where she states that she always like to carry her hairs half way up, her love for her cat which is surely not kennedy and the song which makes her most emotional.



Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway

She is again a darling American actress with cute looks and a perfect body. Her acting career started very early when she kicked off with stage roles and then took part in a television series in 1999. The actress remained on television screen for some years before she started doing family movies which earned him some recognition. She won awards for her voice performance which she gave in Simpsons. Her academy award nomination for the movie ”Rachael getting married’ earned him prominence in the eyes of the big film makers in the industry and since then it has been no looking back for her. She was also included in the 2006 list of most beautiful people. Her recent big roles have been the Catwoman performance in dark night rises which has done tremendously well at the box office. The big controversy that she faced in her life was due to her ex-boy friend Raffaello Follieri who was into real estate business. They were together four more than four years after he was arrested for defraud of millions which really surprised her big time and she remained in a state of shock for weeks. The news remained in the media for quite some time and she had to seek help of friends to get out of that state of mind. Luckily for her as she was not accused of any crime in this process. This hot chic has accomplished a lot since then and is a true style icon for many.



Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen

This young American beauty has a romantic touch about his on screen presence and is affluently stylish in carrying everything she wears. The actresses’ career is going well with flicks lines up for launch among which the most talked about is the good girls. She has been on the cover page of many magazines with different themes to her looks and with something new each time. Her recent cover page appearances are on the bullet’s romance issue and the September issue of the glamor’s glam up. She is quite dedicated with her acting and likes to be a perfectionist in whatever she does but is she true with her relationship status which has seen to pop up many times on the streets now, no guesses , I am just saying that the girl has been seen strolling in Orleans Louisiana with his boy toy Holbrook. They grabbed some launch there from a local restaurant called Cochon and she was looking pretty darling in her wavy grey top, blue trousers and her brimmed hat. She has also been seen out there with another man but Holbrook need not take it seriously because the sources say that the other man seemed to nothing more than a friend. Elizabeth has been previously linked with other men too but all of it is past as she is now stuck firm with this hot and happening Holbrook thing. Surprisingly, the girl has not yet been hit by any claim of surgery as she is young and is managing her natural assets quite well.



Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara

This sizzling American actress born in Bedford has a touch of elegance and cheekiness to her which shows in her attitude and acting. The girl made her debut back in 2005 and has done some decent work till now. The girl has also won a critical acclaim and has also been nominated for Oscar, golden globe and for many other awards for the work she did when she portrayed lisbeth Salander. She is quite is bold and never backs out from doing passionate and intimates scenes with his co stars. The girl is also into charity stuff and is dedicated with her passion for becoming a top actress in this industry. Now coming towards his personal thing, she has been dating Charlie McDowell for almost two years now and they are still going strong. The actor is open with her relationship with McDowell and has stated many times that he makes her feel on top! Oh don’t you jump into conclusions now as it’s just a personification of her relationship with the guy. The pair has gelled so much that they have now been seen to dress on the same scale many times. Recently spotted strolling in Manhattan streets with again the same dressing spectrum, Rooney has put some weight since her last release and her hairs have also grown lengthy from the cropped cut that she carried for that movie. Might be not surprising for many that some experts are saying that the girl might have gone through a nose job and her smooth forehead also suggests that a Botox might also be the case.



Emma Stone

emma stone

Emma oh Emma, do u really have one is the pick of the gossip stream these days. Many of you might have reached where is stand when I say Emma do you have one. Now for those who haven’t, Emma might possibly be a better half of a sex tape and this news has been revealed by some of the not so revealed sources. The girl turned a star through many of the fun filled characters that she has played over the years but she is still 24 my dear and is still happening. Now coming back to the tape thing, if we go with the insiders, they say that people are unaware of the wild streak that this beautiful and talented chic carries with her and this streak might have induced him into such a thing. The sources also say that this passionate act was performed before Andrew and before she hit the scene as a household brand. She was too young then and might have also thought that who can possibly know. The insider also claims that the tape is not being promoted or being shopped and rests with the other half of the acting crew of the tape. So wait folks till it might pop on the main stream or might not but sources say that she wouldn’t use it to promote her as she might not see it as a benefit. Well it might be right because she is going strong and is also satisfied with his current standing. Emma is the 5th most desirable women of 2013 and due to his sexy look and famous meter she is one of the most famous and beautiful Hollywood celebrities of 2013 .

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