Negative thoughts can undermine your health. Stress, anxiety, self-criticism will sooner or later become the causes of neurosis, depression, heart disease, etc.

Also, all this affects the appearance. Do you want your skin to become dull, wither and wrinkle quickly? Keep plaguing yourself with negative thoughts.

Even if you are young and attractive, negative thoughts create a certain atmosphere around you. A sullen personality, focused only on their experiences, cannot be attractive. She attracts the same people who, instead of pulling her out of the swamp of experiences, help to climb into it headlong.

Therefore, it is so important to work on yourself, to remove all bad things from your head. And then life will sparkle with new colors.


  • 10. Regret for the past
  • 9. Self-pity
  • 8. Envy
  • 7. Demanding to yourself, perfectionism
  • 6. Desire to find problems where there are none
  • 5. Anger
  • 4. Desire to hustle, do as many things as possible in a short period of time
  • 3. Greed and selfishness
  • 2. The desire to always and in everything to win
  • 1. Dissatisfaction with your life

10. Regret for the past

You may have made some mistakes in the past. But nothing is worth regretting. If you did so, then it was necessary. That was your upbringing, outlook at that moment. You just couldn’t do otherwise.

Any mistake is an invaluable experience. Maybe it just seems to you that you did the wrong thing. And no one knows how your life would have turned out then.

This illusion of lost happiness is deception. Happiness does not depend on people and circumstances, it is an inner feeling that comes when we are in harmony with ourselves.

9. Self-pity

Sometimes you really want to sit in a chair, turn on sad music and plunge into the world of sadness, cry, feeling sorry for yourself and your wasted years.

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But this is the position of a weak person. The child cannot control the circumstances, he is forced to obey his parents or other adults.

But an independent adult manages his own life. If you don’t like work – find another one, friends are offended – figure out what you are doing wrong, relations with your mother do not work out – move to a rented apartment.

We ourselves choose how we live. And there is no point in reveling in self-pity, much less demanding it from others. We have one life and no time to endure.

Live here and now, build your own happiness, and do not rely on Santa Claus or another wizard who will deal with your problems.

8. Envy

We know that envy is bad since kindergarten. We burn ourselves from the inside, because are confident that other people who are less worthy get what you do not have. But this is a senseless feeling.

It seems to you that everything is perfect for others. But it only seems to you. There are not so many happy people on Earth, and this happiness does not in any way depend on material wealth, the presence of a husband (wife) or a prestigious job.

You simply cannot get into the soul of another person and know all his feelings. All of us, regardless of status and position in society, are unhappy. Does it make sense to be jealous?

7. Demanding to yourself, perfectionism

Often we overstate ourselves unnecessarily. Do you want to be the perfect person? But there are no such people. This must be understood and accepted. We all have our shortcomings, just not all of them stick out and show.

Accept your weaknesses, or start changing. But do not torment yourself with reproaches, engage in self-criticism. Instead of helping, you are destroying yourself. Remember that in addition to disadvantages, you have many advantages.

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6. Desire to find problems where there are none

How often we ourselves create problems out of the blue. Instead of making life as simple as possible for ourselves and those around us, we begin to invent something that does not exist.

For example, you met an old acquaintance, and he did not greet you. Often we immediately begin to wind ourselves up, look for resentment, and we ourselves begin to take offense at him.

But there are thousands of other explanations for his action. Maybe he forgot to wear contact lenses today and just didn’t see you. Maybe he was in serious trouble at work or in his personal life, so he was immersed in his thoughts.

If you didn’t buy or did something – this is not the end of the world, buy and do it later, offended someone – apologize. There is nothing but the death of loved ones that cannot be corrected and which cannot be done without.

5. Anger

Do you often get angry? If so, then you should figure out why this is happening. Anger is a consequence of inner pain. Who or what is causing you this pain, why does it bother you so?

Whatever the answers to these questions are, they need to be dealt with. If you can’t do it yourself, seek help from a psychologist.

Anger not only makes us unattractive to other people, but also shortens our lifespan.

4. Desire to hustle, do as many things as possible in a short period of time

If you are a serious, business person, then it is important to plan your day so that there is no room for rush. Scatter point by point what you will be doing in the next few days. Leave some time. And you can live in peace.

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You need to enjoy life. How can you enjoy it if you have to constantly run somewhere, in a hurry and in a hurry?

3. Greed and selfishness

You are absorbed only by your own needs, do you want your desires to be satisfied at any cost? This makes it difficult for you to feel happy. you lose the ability to love other people.

Love is a mutual feeling, in order to receive attention and care from others, you need to share warmth yourself. A person who loves and is loved blossoms and becomes beautiful.

2. The desire to always and in everything to win

Being the first is not so bad, healthy ambition helps us move forward. But you can’t always be the first in everything. If you decide to be a winner at any cost, forgetting about your health, rest, sleep, you should not be surprised that your appearance has become less attractive, and you have to seize constant stress.

Why do you need to prove something to someone? If there is a need for it, this may indicate low self-esteem. We need to work on this. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, it is not at all necessary to be the best at everything.

1. Dissatisfaction with your life

You may not be happy with the way you live. But if you scold and harass yourself or your parents, your spouse, this will not help you to change something. On the contrary, you can bring yourself or loved ones to a nervous breakdown, and it is much more difficult to conquer new horizons in this state.

Learn to be more positive, smile at people, look at things and see the beauty in them. If you succeed, then people will reach out to you, there will be good job offers that will help you fulfill your dream.

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