Top 10 Tech Inventions Of 2012-2013

This modern world achieved very delighted and beautiful life to live. This only happened due to unbelievable and impressive invention of million of technologies. Different type of home accessories are in the market due to which burden of women is very low, now days like microwave oven and many things relates to home appliances. From business to home, from road to office and from life to death there are thousand of helping technologies are available in the market you can avail them easily. Many robots are introduced in the world who can work as an human being , many useful inventions which can help you to decrease your office burden any where like laptops, Tablet PC’s and many other smart phones . Here we are providing you the most awesome list of latest technology introduced in the market. We have 10 Awesome Tech Inventions of 2012-2013. You will glad to know about them. These crazy inventions will make your life more lively and easy.


10. Electronic Cotton

Electronic Cotton

This is one of the great inventions to use in the field of medical for human health purpose. Electric cotton device is used for conduction of electricity. The main purpose of electric cotton device is to monitor our health. Electric cotton use in the dress you wear for checking number of physiological problems.


9. Fuel cell powered MacBooks

Fuel cell powered MacBooks

There are many interesting and useful devices in the market like laptop, Tablet PC’s etc. You can easily use these gadgets anywhere but from the beginning of this technology people are facing battery timing issues. They all hardly have battery timing of 3 max 4 hours. But here we have one idea for you that you should go to market and just ask them for Fuel cell powered MacBooks. This MacBook use hydrogen as energy source and also increase the duration of entertainment by long energy source life.


8. Hybrid Computer GamePads

Hybrid Computer GamePads

This is one of the most beautiful Tech inventions of 2012-2013 for video game lovers. This mouse looks like a perfect weapon to play games. But the most interesting thing is that the name of this device is Chameleon X1 and there are number of wireless buttons I this mouse it allows you to enjoy superior gaming mode.


7. Super Memory Drugs

Super Memory Drugs

Drugs are now using for the benefit of human being. There are many life saving drugs are available in the market. But the function of Super memory drug is to enhance your memory skills. With the help of these drugs you would easily enhance your memories like short term memories and long term memories. Scientists decided to do full fledged experiment of this drug on human as soon as they feel confident.


6. 3D Printers

3D Printers

For those who love 3D technology and they want to printout most of their beautiful photos and work on high quality, There is a good news that tech introduce 3D Printers in the market in 2012-2013. So you just have to buy a good quality 3D printer from the market and enjoy the beauty of its work.


5. Transparent Touch Pads for Laptops

Transparent Touch Pads for Laptops

This is one of the most unbelievable news that most of the top industries introduced Transparent Touch Pads for Laptops, you can use your laptop as I pad or inventions like that. That pad is made from high quality glass and very easy to use. This is very amazing tech invention.


4. “If I Die” App

“If I Die” App

No body in this world knows about the time of his death, but if you want that some one on your behalf should delivered your some kind of message to all of your contacts like to all your face book friends, then you must use this application.


3. Fujitsu Lifebook

Fujitsu Lifebook

Before this everyone knows about the palmtops and laptops, but now in the market, technology introduced Lifebook. It works like other laptops but the interesting thing is that in the body of this lifebook has the ability to store your iPhone, smartphones, Digital camera and many other useful devices.


2. The live Shell

The live Shell

Everyone required computer or laptop for live streaming and to watch things but this device helps you to stream live and exclusive without any computer and laptop. It is just like an add-on device and it can easily sends whatever you want like images and audio clips on USTREAM with the help of WiFi adapter or device.


1. Nao Next Generation Bots

Nao Next Generation Bots

Aldebaran Robotics is the inventor of these robots. This is one of the awesome Tech Inventions of 2012-2013. This Robot is different from others and the specifications are following.

Two inbuilt HD Cameras.Ability to carry out full fledged Conversation with you.

This robot has the ability to recognize your face at any time.

It has the Ability to walk with you anywhere.

You can also enjoy many games with this robot.

nao next generation bots are number 1 in the list of 10 awesome tech inventions of 2012-2013 .

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  1. Aaron Musgrove says:

    I get all but one of why these are great inventions. The one I don’t understand is the Transparent Touch Pads for Laptops…I get what it does but WHY is it a great invention…it doesn’t change, add to, or lessen my computer experience at all…

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