Top 10 biggest celebrity priests in the world

By gettoptens Dec3,2020

Recently, mouth-watering buttocks have become more and more popular. 90-60-90 is no longer a trend. What women do not go to in pursuit of big priests. Someone who sweats for hours in the gym, pumping the “butt”, someone agrees to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon, just to get a dream ass.

It is not surprising, because women’s buttocks at all times have attracted the attention of men, and the hourglass figure has always been out of competition. This article will focus on the world’s biggest pop stars.

The rating includes celebrities whose buttocks are non-standard sizes compared to the waist. These priests are known all over the world, and their owners are considered to be perhaps the sexiest women on the planet. Let’s start.

  • Igi Azalea
  • Mariah Carey
  • Lola Monroe
  • Black China
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Bionce
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Amber Rose
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Natasha Stewart

10. Igi Azalea

Parameters: 86-61-98 (175).

The first non-American white female rapper. Most people in the world are known not so much for her musical talents as for her unusual figure and scandalous antics.

We Iggy Azalea gorgeous buttocks. They say that they are of natural origin, although the singer once already used the services of plastic surgeons when she enlarged her breasts. The girl admitted that she wanted to make the figure more proportional.

Igi looks great, but doesn’t consider himself perfect. A case from her youth had a great influence on her perception of herself. Azalea decided to become a model, but the agency criticized her figure. However, the star has long forgotten about it. She gladly puts on sexy outfits and emphasizes her dignity in every possible way.

9. Mariah Carey

Parameters: 96.5-66-89 (175).

An American singer who has achieved great success. Mariah Carey has repeatedly entered the tops of the best-selling singers. It is impossible not to note her achievements in the musical Olympus. In addition, she acts as an actress and producer .

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The parameters of the star cannot be called shocking, but Mariah’s booty is in perfect order. Her figure is “hourglass”, lush chest, thin waist, steep hips, mouth-watering buttocks. A couple of years ago, the singer had problems with being overweight, but not so long ago she got into shape again. Carey knows about her attractiveness, and her concert images are not modest.

8. Lola Monroe

Parameters: 86-56-102 (162 cm).

Famous American rap singer. Also, Lola Monroe tried his hand as a model and actress, and very successfully.

With a relatively low stature, the singer’s pop has a shocking size. Lola does not hide that her buttocks are the result of the work of the best plastic surgeons. Monroe does not think she was “overdone” and is greatly offended when she is compared to an ant.

7. Black China

Parameters: 96.5-68-109 (157).

American model, dancer. Black China has become a real Instagram star . This girl is famous for her unique forms, as well as opposition to the Kardashian clan.

Black started her career early. She worked as a cashier and waitress, soon gave preference to striptease. Black immediately noticed, too prominent “fifth point”. She starred in many music videos and continued her dancing activities.

They said different things about China. Many are surprised how she manages to dance with a “polushka instead of a priests.” Perhaps men like it, but it doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing. The model does not like to talk about plastic, but doubts can hardly arise here. You can’t pump such an ass in the gym.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Parameters: 88-63-96 (167).

Actress, singer, businesswoman, model and just a beautiful woman. Booty Jennifer Lopez haunts not only her fans, but this is not the only virtue of the star (as in many other cases).

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Jennifer is considered one of the richest stars in show business. She is also one of the highest paid Hollywood actress. The popular expression “ A talented person is talented in everything” is the best fit here .

Not only professional success becomes the object of envy, J. Lo has a very beautiful figure. She did not do plastic surgery, her forms are the result of long work. The star limits herself in nutrition, goes in for sports, dances a lot. It is pleasant to look at her, the figure of Lopez looks very harmonious.

5. Bionce

Parameters: 90-63-101 (169).

Popular R’n’B singer, dancer, producer and actress, owner of an equally famous priests. Bionce knows how to highlight her virtues.

Her concert images favorably highlight the “fifth point”, and energetic dances will drive any man crazy. Her figure is the standard of femininity. The singer has three children. In 2017, she gave birth to twins and after two months she delighted fans with an ideal figure.

An interesting fact: at one of the concerts of the star, there was a nuisance. From under the too short dress, some of the fans managed to make out shorts with silicone overlays. Bioncé agreed to comment on this situation and said that her forms are a gift from nature, and she had never used such “devices” in her life.

4. Kim Kardashian

Parameters: 97-67-110 (159).

The name of this American reality TV star, model and actress is known all over the world. Kim Kardashian’s popularity is largely due to her luxurious buttocks. Even those who do not know Kim have heard about her sirloin part of the body. This is her calling card.

Kim does not like to talk about her figure, but plastic surgeons say that it was not without intervention. Looks too unnatural. Most likely, the star had luxurious forms by nature, but emphasized them with the help of plastic. One way or another, most girls dream of having a ” ass like Kim”.

3. Amber Rose

Parameters: 107-69-104 (173).

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Actress, fashion model and artist from the USA . With her buttocks, Amber can compete with Kardashian herself.

By the way, girls have long been at enmity. The reason for their hatred is Kanye West, who dated Rose back in 2009 and then left her for Kim. Since then, girls have been competing in which of them is better and more successful. There is an opinion that they are ” measured by priests .” Indeed, if you look at the photographs of past years, you can notice an impressive difference, their priests are growing by leaps and bounds.

Amber Rose, like most other stars, thanks nature. She also claims to have pumped up her ass in the gym. ” I’m tired of plastic asses, ” – this is the opinion of the actress about the Kardashian sisters.

2. Nicki Minaj

Parameters: 102-69-114 (157 cm).

American rap singer. True, her fans are not very interested in the vocal data of the star, an unusual figure is what attracts their attention. At Nicki Minaj magnificent breasts and thighs delicious. The difference between the waist and the buttocks is 45 centimeters. Everything is clear here, plastic.

The difference between the photographs of the star of different years is colossal. However, Minaj is not worried about this. She says it’s okay to wash bones. But no one can come off when Nicky dances twerk.

1. Natasha Stewart

Parameters: 66-122 (waist – hips, chest volume and height are unknown).

Natasha Stewart also decided to become famous with the help of priests. This American woman wanted to get into the Guinness Book of Records, and she succeeded. Plastic surgeons made Natasha’s dream come true, the difference between the waist and the bottom is 56 centimeters. Now Stewart proudly bears the title of ” The Biggest Silicone Butt in the World, ” and people call her the ant woman.

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