Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2012

2011 has gone but has left foot print of many tragic moments. The some of country has hit badly by the unexpected happening. The people living there are not safe and you can say they are living under fear. Some political issues and terrorism activities made these countries non secure. These countries are not safe for foreigners to visit. The people have lost most of their lover ones. We hope to have a peace in these countries even for the benefit of the people living there but also for the whole world. Check this list of Top 10  Most Dangerous Countries In 2012.


10 .Russia.

Russia is well economical country but some security challenges are being faced by this country. The crime rate is increasing with the passage of time. Russia is also included in the list of top 10 countries with most kidnapping. Russia has involved in war in the past and now it is suffering with terrorist activities, bombing, police extortions. Still tourists are visiting this country. But they might be have a target.


9. Brazil

Brazil has a good repute around the world because sports activities especially football makes this country famous. Brazil has a good security but still not controlling the increased crime rate. The murder rate is too much rise and increasing with the time. It is 4 times greater than in USA. High kidnapping rate, robberies and criminal activities make Brazil non secure and non comfort for tourism. Salvador and Sao Paolo is a place which ins most dangerous in Brazil.


8. South Africa

South Africa is included in this dangerous countries list due to increasing in crime rate, murder, rape. Cape town is at number 1 place where all these activities are going on. Woman should avoid to visit Cape Town due to highest rapes rate here. South Africa has a many travel destination places and famous around the world in sports activities having a world’s best cricket team. But still is a dangerous country for people living there or for tourists too.


7. Venezuela

Venezuela is a beautiful country and have a famous beaches for spending summer season. But still is a dangerous country. High rate of murdering is a big fear in this country. This rate is high in Caracas. The rate of robberies and kidnapping is also increasing. The increase in crime rates is having a reason of weak police force and unstable neighborhood. These all things made this country to include in top 10 dangerous countries.


6. Burundi

Burundi has suffering from war crimes. Government is trying to resolves the armed conflict. This country has high rate of systemic violation of international humanitarian rights law which include murder, rape and torture. Government has failed in resolving these problems. The young generation is forced by these problems to take up arms for the protection of their families. These all made Burundi the world’s 6th dangerous place. Burundi should not be a travel place for tourism.


5. Afghanistan

Being in an internal and external war since a last many years Afghanistan is warned world-wide for nay tourist activity especially USA gave travel warning to their nation. The citizen has living in fear due to presence of external forces there for the name of working against terrorism. The forces are involved in killing of local citizen rather than terrorists. This war is the reason for the non secure and dangerous place for tourist. The high decline rate of tourism activities are found in Afghanistan


4. Colombia

Colombia is a medium income nation. This has become the dangerous place due to high rate of crime including murders and kidnapping. The main problem is the deaths due to drug trafficking. And terrorist activities has remains the threat throughout the country. People have lost their lives in several bomb blasts. Government has done in improving the security but still is a dangerous country.


3. Somalia

Somalia is a beautiful country and should be a travel destination for the tourist from the world’s wide. But it is suffering from many challenges. No any tourist has come in this country for the past 14 years. You are thinking that why this happened even it is beautiful country. The civil which started in 1990 disturbed Somalia so badly. The civil war, drug trafficking warlord’s fight made Somalia a dangerous country which is ranked at number 3rd.


2. United States

You are surprised to see this country in this list which is super power. It has done after the 9/11 attacks on this country. This country is a target country due to having in wars in different countries especially in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Here they have killed huge number of innocent people on the name of “war against terrorism”. USA involvement in killing innocent citizens in many countries has made it unsecure and dangerous. Because the people who are involved in killing of innocent people could be a victim of terrorist activities.



Iraq is the world’s most dangerous country. The main reason is of  terrorist activities, that are still going on even after the departure of external forces. It has become a war zone where no one is secure. Bomb blasts on continuously basis killing so many people. People are living under fear here. Iraq has lost its infrastructure due to war.

43 Responses to “Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2012”

  1. nigeria boy. says:

    where is Nigeria ?

    • reply guy says:

      north west africa

    • rahman says:

      where is antarctica?
      every day a polar bear rape a 10 pinguins and after killing pinguins and eat them.
      that why nobody not lives there. just bear and pinguins.

      • Me says:

        Polar bears can not kill/eat penguins because polar bears live in the nothern hemisphere and penguins in the southern hemisphere

    • naveed kiyani says:

      aslaam o alaikum,,,,,i am from pakistan,,,where is the land of most bravest country i mean pakistan,,,i thnk pakistan is the num 1,,,,,,,,paki are most dangerous country,,,where ppl kill eachother in 1 second for a little mistake

  2. Shona says:

    To whoever wrote this article: firstly, your grammar is atrocious. Secondly, you may think your being smart by putting America as number two, but in reality, America does not suffer terrorist attacks and murder rates nearly as often as the countries further up on your list- hence why 9/11 was such a shock to them. If you disagree with America’s foreign policy, fine, many people do. But saying that this place is more dangerous then Somalia and Afghanistan is just making little of the major problems in Somalia and Afghanistan. If you want to make a political statement- dont be daft about it.

    And no, I am not American, i’m Irish.

    • Big Brothers says:

      we are not American, nor Irish so our grammar is not good as yours . But i just want to inform you that these lists are not based on your views and thinking . We first compare rankings with others then publish , so please search other sites and then tell us again that is any thing wrong with our ranking. Thanks

      • jusme says:

        I live in America. None of the scenes you see in these other pictures are common place here. In fact I’ve never seen anything like those here.(not even the one you have for U.S.) I don’t know of anyone who has been forced to swallow 20-30 balloons of illegal narcotics, cross a border with them, and then deliver them through regurgitation, or their families will be killed. Happens everyday in Mexico though, which is absent from your list. Point is your wrong. Also you say you just copied the contents of similar articles and called that good research? tisk tisk…Misinformation is the cancer of the internet and you are a catalyst for it. Respond with whatever garbage you want just know that neither it or this ignorant list carry any validity.

        • Big Brothers says:

          Anyone love their country and don’t accept the reality , so kindly research yourself and then tell us the right view. Our aim is not to provide wrong information, and we didn’t ever said that we copied material from other site . Our team search on it then confirm from other sources , don;t take it personal in 2013 we will provide this article again with new listing, hope you will not panic . Thanks

          • jusme says:

            Just because you posted something on the internet doesn’t make it true. I live here and I know the reality and if this list was legitimate the U.S. would not be on it. So yes your list is wrong and does not provide accurate information. Furthermore, your list sucks in general regarding use of proper English, descriptions of situations and events, even the pictures suck. I mean come on for 7. Venezuela you have a photo of a demonstration wtf is that?

          • lol says:

            you are lying. please post references that your people studied & researched.

            there is none, because it does not exist.

      • lol says:

        you are lying. no list has usa anywhere near top 10 most dangerous. are you kiding? you know nothing about usa if you think its dangerous & your explanation is ridiculous:

        “USA involvement in killing innocent citizens in many countries has made it unsecure and dangerous”

        ok so killing people in wars takes down their border fence with mexico, erases their immigration policiy, destroys the strongest covert ops in the world? no it doesnt.

        your journalism is very poor.

    • name says:

      you think everyone in the worlds first language is english? we know we know… the world revolves around america. and you have several misspellings and grammer fuck ups in your own comment which you talk shit about other people for having bad grammar in.. fucking idiot. its you’re for you are, not “your”. and its than for opposition… not “then” so fuck off, dumbass.

    • Azaz Ullah says:

      Just shutup you are famous as porn star in ireland and because of you Ireland should be included in this list shona.I will fuck your ass very badly that you will have 10 chidren in one pregnancy.

  3. That one guy says:

    Where is mexico?

  4. that other guy says:

    it looks like you just wrote the same article for all of them and just changed the name. and its spelled colombia dumb shit

  5. osma says:

    where is the philippines?

    • Princess Chocky says:

      philippines is not in top 10 and we are presenting lists of top 10

      • Princess Chocky says:

        I don’t know why people get offensive for no good reason? They first should search well and then try to show their efficiency if lasts that much long. If our grammar is not good and we don’t publish things that are not suitable then its our blog and our will. If you don’t like it, try something else and then come back again regretting :p

  6. Princess Chocky says:

    We only publish that information which is well-researched and pretty authenticated. Nobody gets personal with their profession even if its the matter of their own good. And we will try making our grammar better and write correctly, but to check that you’ll have to see our improvement daily. So keep visiting and hope you’ll understand :) have fun :)

  7. aristo says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the researches, but what I want to say is “let’s also research the solutions which can bring peace, well being and friendship in the world” I myself I’m originally from the DRC, but grew up in RSA, I hate what is going in my country, so I’m planning to do something there, so that peace and dignity is restored. Let’s not forcus on the danger, rape, sufferings, crimes and hunger but instead peace and friendship.

    • Princess Chocky says:

      Sir i appreciate your thinking, and agree with you but here we providing this list so we have ho inform other;s about that . I offer you to provide a list of your thinking with 10 headings about your topic i will publish your article on my web . Thanks

  8. aristo says:

    Thanks Pricess. Let’s keep in touch, invite me on facebook, Aristo Quaker is my facebook name.

    • Princess Chocky says:

      Sorry nothing personal , yes you can join us at twitter . Our twitter name is gettoptens. Link of that twitter page is also available on my web .Thanks if you want facebook then like our facebook page i will in touch with you there

  9. bhvunesh says:

    no 1 is pakistan

    • Princess Chocky says:

      Bhvunesh , Comment like an mature person.

    • Azaz Ullah says:

      I will fuck your mom,sister and if you have a wife that also that they will have 100 babies at a time and the No 1 is India in which approxiamately 1 lakh cases appear of rape and pakistan is a pure islamic country where there is a respecr for woman.

  10. Deepak says:

    the list sucks !!

  11. Kyxoi says:

    Mexico is n’t a dangerous country buddy..

  12. proud South Afican says:

    South Africa? Dangerous???! Realllly???! Seriously? I lived here my entire life and there is no such bull! Get your facts straight! And where the hell is India and all those North American Countries?

  13. Derek says:

    Whoever made this list is a retard, plain and simple. “Usa involved in killing innocent live” LOL compared to europe and the middle east, I hope thats a joke.

  14. Derek says:

    Whoever made this list is a retard, plain and simple. “Usa involved in killing innocent live” LOL compared to europe and the middle east, I hope thats a joke haha dumb list posters

  15. Prince Madu says:

    Well it tink dat jus wat d researcher could get.i do av my own listing check me out on facebook. My facebook I D is Prince Madu

  16. Chinchilli says:

    I really do like the effort put into this I really do. Here I’m gonna give my list… ( My Opinion… )

    10- Libya
    9 – Mexico
    8- Brazil
    7 – Uganda
    6 – Sudan
    5 – Somalia
    4 – Afghanistan
    3- USA
    2 – Columbia
    1- Iraq

    • Princess Chocky says:

      Chinchilli , we are very happy for your response . In 2013 we will update our list . Thanks for your response again

  17. Big Brothers says:

    Kyxoi are you from Mexico ?

  18. America...FUCK YEAH says:

    This is a pretty silly list…while the places on this list are definitely dangerous, I was born and raised in the USA, and have NEVER been a victim of torture, street violence, anarchy, civil rebellion, or terrorism while on American soil…I am a US Marine, I have been dropped all over this world…in some of these veryplaces…I dont NEED to do the research…I WAS the research…Do NOT comment about a country’s safety unless you know for yourself thru personal experience and you wont have to be called a moron…Semper Fi

  19. Big Brothers says:

    What do you think members Which country should be on the top in 2013 as top 10 dangerous countries of 2013 . If someone interested he or she should provide us 10 countries rank with genuine reasons. Come on reply fast

  20. jaco says:

    SOUTH AFRICA I live here for 45 years and never seen something like they show !
    Cape town is a lovely beautiful city and a lot of friendly people

  21. omg says:

    this is the biggest joke if usa is listed more dangerous than somalia. all i can say is the writer must be jealous he/she is not an american. this list is a joke

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