Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In 2012

If you are a student and want to choose a specific field it will be little confuse able for you to make a decision that what kind of course should be taken. The list has generated of highest paying jobs in 2012.That you can check here. This will give better idea to you in choosing your favorite course in 2012. Number of courses is being taken up by students in the world.


The basic theme in choosing of their courses is to get highest pay when they will get the job. Some students are not confident in taking some kind of course but this list will make confident these guys to get a specific degree. Here we are providing the list of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2012.


10. Medical Assistant

Medical is a field which most of the people want to join. Medical field is one of the highest paid profession. Medical Assistant is a kind of job that does not require any formal training. The medical assistant has the responsibility to support the work of medical doctors and other health professionals. The growth is more than 162,900 and median salary is 28,860 dollars.


9. Registered Nurse

Another health profession job is included here that is Nurse. The demand of Nurses is being increased all around the world. Registered Nurse is required to pass a national licensing exam. They help the patients in improving their health and to prevent disease. This is the highest growth rate of employment job which reached the figure of 711,900. There is a better opportunity in this field because of 2.7 million nurses are already working in this field. The median salary of this registered nurse is 64,690 dollars.


8. Computer Programmer

Computer Programming is a profession of writing computer software. This great profession has the growth of 43700 and has the average salary of 71,380 dollars. The matter is not concerned with a course of 4 years or 2 years. You should keep yourself updated with software programs.


7. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analyst profession is becoming so demanding. It is a profession of information technology. Number of jobs is coming in this field. This profession requires technical orientation and knowledge to solve problems related to computer technology both in software and hardware. The median salary of this profession is 71,380 dollars and growth is 43,700.


6. Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist is concerned with promoting health. It is a health care profession. Occupational therapists use treatments to recover, develop or maintain daily work skills of their patient with a physical and mental condition. This profession has the growth rate of 36,400 and has a unemployment rate of 5.5%. The median salary of Occupational therapist is 72,320 dollars.


5. Database Administrator

This is a computer related field. This Job is concerned for the installation, upgrade, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of physical database. The person in this field requires an Information Technology degree. This field has the growth of 33,900 and the median salary is 73,490 dollars.


4. Web Developer

Web Developers can be work on full time or as consultants or as contractors for any organization. There is not formal education require for this job but should have a knowledge about HTML code, browsers and web user’s. The employment rate has increased up to 65,700 in this field. The median salary of this job is 75,660 dollars.


3. Physical Therapist

This is a health care job. Physical therapist is involved in treating the people who has the injury or disability. The goal of this profession is to reduce the pain of the patient. This profession has the median salary of 76,310 dollars and has the growth of 77,400. This profession requires the Master degree for an individual.


2. Software Developer

Software Developer is concerned with facets of the software development process. This person enganged in this field has the responsibility of researching, designing, developing and testing software. The growth of this job is so high which has reached up to 143,800. The median salary of Software Developer is 87,790 dollars.


1. Pharmacist

In medical field pharmacist is becoming most demanding. They play an important role in healthcare of mankind. The pharmacist can work in holidays, weekends or even in shifts. Pharmacists can be work also in hospital, in pharmaceutical industry and as a retail pharmacist in pharmacies. This job acquired high competition in recent year. The growth rate is 69,700. With median salary of 111,570 dollars pharmacist is at the top.

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