Top 10 First Animals In Space

The first animal to be sent up in a rocket – but not into space  was Albert 1, a male Rhesus Monkey , in a US air force converted German v2 rocket in 1948. He and his successor Albert 2 died during the tests, as did a monkey and mice in 1951 tests,but a monkey and eleven mice were recovered after a launch in a US Aerobee rocket on 20th Sept 1951. The earliest soviet experiments with launching animals in rockets involved monkeys , dogs, rabbits , cats and mice .Most of which died as a result . SO here we have Top 10 First Animals In Space . Check this interesting information below.



10. Belka And Strelka


Belka and Strelka are female Samoyed huskies . They lived in space and and return safely to home (Earth). They belongs to USSR and they are at 10th position in this list because they move in space on 19 August 1960. They came back on earth safely.


9. Miss Sam

She was an rhesus monkey and she is at 9 number in top 10 first animals who visit space. She survived there and returned to earth successfully .Miss Sam belongs to USA .She reached space on 21 January 1960 .


8. Sam

Sam was an rhesus male monkey who also survive at space and returned on earth successfully . Sam also belongs to USA and the date when he reached space is 4 December 1959.Sam is at number 8 in this list.


7. Unnamed Rabbit

This unnamed rabbit was on space at 2 July 1959 and he successfully back on earth safely.The country of this male rabbit is USSR,this rabbit didn’t travel alone , one more animal with him , the detail of that animal is at number 6.


6. Otvazhnaya

This is female Samoyed husky belongs to , she went to space with unnamed rabbit and successfully back on earth with no damage . This animal belongs to USSR  and the date when it reaches at space was on 2 July 1959.


5. Baker

Baker was an Female squirrel monkey went on 28 may 1959 at space she went with another animal named as Able , she successfully returned to earth safely .This is t number 5 at Top 10 First Animals In Space . The country of baker is USA.


4. Able

Able is female rhesus monkey reached space on 28 may 1959 with baker and successfully back to earth safely Able is at number 4. Able belongs to USA.


3. Benjy

on 13 Dec 1958 Benjy and mice entered space but the sad news was that when Benjy re entered earth’s atmosphere but not recovered  . Benjy belongs to USA.



Laska and benjy went on space same day and laska also died when re entered earth’s atmosphere Laska is at number 2 in the list of  Top 10 First Animals In Space . She also belongs to USA, with same date 13 Dec 1958 Laska was on in space.


1. Laika

Laika is actually the name of the breed to which the dog named Kudryavka,a female Samoyed husky, belonged. Laika died in space , Laika belonged to USSR she is at number 1 in the list of Top 10 First Animals In Space because she reached in space on 3 Nov 1957.


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