Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers Ever Made

Everyone has heard about the name ‘ supercomputer‘ but the name does not tell the whole story. There are various natural phenomenon , take the example of a nuclear explosion simulation. These natural processes take a lot of calculations and by a lot we deal with millions and billions of calculations. Apart from this process there are various other complex procedures , and the only solution is found through a supercomputer. Computers have changed the way of life of the modern man but ordinary computers are not powerful enough to do large amount of complex calculations to understand complex procedures. For solutions to such questions countries around the world use supercomputers.We have prepared a list of the all time fastest supercomputers ever made or those that will be operational in near future.Here below we have list of Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers Ever Made .





10.) DARPA Trial Subset


DARPA is another creation of IBM which contains 63360 cores powered by 1024 cores and has a maximum speed of 1944 teraflops. It requires 3574 kW of power and uses linux as a operating system.



9.) Fermi


Fermi is the new age super computing system installed in Cineca. It has 10,240 power sockets each running a 1.6 GHz processor and contains 16 cores.It is capable of doing around 2.1 petaflops of calculations. Each socket comes with 16 gigabyte of memory and a hard disk space of 2 petabytes.



8.) Tianhe-1A


This supercomputer was build by the Chinese National University of Defense Technology. It is capable of doing 2.566 petaflops of calculations per second. It has 112 cabinets containing 7168 Graphic Point Units and 14,336 processors. Tianhe-1A has a total hard disk space of 2 petabytes and a memory of 262 terabytes.



7.) Stampede


Stampede is a supercomputer that will be deployed in early 2013 at the Texas Advanced Computing Center . It will be able to run at a speed of 9 petaflops per second from two clusters. It will have 5000 Dell PowerEdge C8220X Zeus servers where each server has a 8 core processor with 32 gigabytes of memory.



6.) SuperMUC


This supercomputer was build by Leibniz-Rechenzentrum in Garching near Munich, Germany. It has about 147 ,456 PC cores and can clock a speed of 3 petaflops per second. The total memory of SuperMUC is 288 Terabyte and a hard disk space of 12 petabytes.





JUQUEEN is another of IBM’s creation which contains 16 cabinets housing 294,912 cores and it is capable of doing 222.8 Teraflops of calculations. JUQUEEN has 144 terabyte of memory and can store up to 6 petabyte in 72 racks.



4.) Mira


Mira is another supercomputer manufactured by IBM and it is capable of doing 8.16 petaflops of calculations. It requires 3.9 MW of power and was built for the purpose of studying material science , climatology and seismology. The construction cost of Mira was $50 million .



3.) K computer


This computer was made by Fujitsu and has been operational since June , 2011.It is capable of doing 10.51 petaflops of calculations and consumes 12.6 megawatt power. K has a total of 864 cabinets and each cabinet has 96 nodes where each node contains a processor and 16 GB of memory.



2.) Sequoia


Sequoia is a supercomputer made by IBM which can do about 16.32 petaflops of calculations.It measures about 3000 square feet and consumes 7.9 MW of power.Sequoia has a memory of 1.6 pecobytes. The purpose of this supercomputer was mainly the simulation of nuclear weapons



1.) Titan


The title of the worlds most powerful computer belongs to a supercomputer called titan. It was built by Cray at the US government’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee. Titan is capable of doing about 17.59 trillion thousand calculations per second power by 19000 power nodes and has a memory of 710 terabytes.Each node has a 16 core AMD CPU and a Nvidia gpu accelerator. Titan consumes a power of 8.2 MW and measures around 303 square meters.

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