Top 10 Bloodiest Civil War Battles

In the world many battles occur .Many solders and public killed in these battles. Countries engaged in battle for the defense purpose or occupy purpose. This is not good thing for the countries and people. Country destroyed most of their progress. Innocent people killed in the battles. We have providing a list containing number of bloodiest battles. So check this Top 10 Bloodiest Civil War Battles


10. Battle Of Tannenberg

In this battle total causalities 182000.This was between Russia and Germany countries. In this battle total casualties of Russia were 17000 and total casualties of Germany were 12000.Russia was more suffer in this battle.


9. Battle Of Arras

In this battle total casualties were about 278000.This battle was in 1917 .This battle was between Germany and British from both side there were million of causalities.The Battle of Arras opened on 9 April, 1917, and initial efforts led to the capture of the strategically important vimy ridge by Canadian forces and to major gains by British forces in the center.In this battle German loss 120000 and British lost 158000 casualties.


8. Battle Of Gallipoli

British Commonwealth and French troops struggled to take the peninsula between February 19, 1915 and January 9, this battle total casualties were 473000.This battle was occurred in 1915. This was between British and Turkey. In this battle Allies lost 220000 men and Turkey lost 253000 men.


7. First Battle Of Marne

In this battle total casualties were 483000. This was in early September 1914. This was between Germany and British and french this battle German lost about 22000 men and Allies lost about 263000 men .British and French forces had already taken heavy casualties trying to stop the Germans and it seemed that pairs would fall to the German forces.


6. Serbian Campaign

Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia, causing the Russians to declare war on Austria-Hungary, and then the Germans to declare War on Russia and then so on and so forth.In this battle total casualties were 633500. this was in 1915. In this battle total casualties of German and Bulgaria was 313500 and Serbian lost over 320000 men.


5. Battle Of Passchendaele

In this battle total casualties were about 848614. This battle fought from July to November of 1917. This was between German and Allies. In Allies include British,Canada and Belgium.In this battle total men lost of allies were 448614 and German lost 400000 men.


4. Battle of Verdun

In this battle total causalities were about 976000. This battle was between French and Germany.In this Germany lost about 435000 men and French lost about 542000 men.


 3.  Battle Of The Somme

In this battle total casualties were 1219201. This battle was between Germany and allies.Allies include french and British, this was fought in this battle German lost about 600000men and allies lost 623906 men. Allies lost tank and aircraft.


2. Spring Offensive

In this battle total casualties were 1539715. This was launched in 1916. This battle was fought between Germany and Allies. German lost about 68000 persons and allies lost combined 85000.The attack failed in its goal to break the Allied force. In this Allied American force were also included.


1. Hundred Days Offense

In this battle total causalities were about 1855369 .With the failure of spring offense the German were left in a weak position. This was  between Allies and German. Germans used for peace and an armistice was signed in November 1918 bringing end of  the bloody battles of world war 1.In this Allies casualties were 1069636 and German lost total 785733 men.

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