Top 10 Best Universities In The World

To get education from the best university is the aim of every person. Here we are giving the list of top 10 best universities of the world. Which is evaluated by times higher education world university ranking 2010-2011. Which is compiled with the help of 13,000 academics from all around the world. It gathers opinion on research and teaching and factual data from the universities themselves. Top 10 best universities in the world are listed below.


10.Yale University USA

(Score 89.5)

Another university of USA is included in top ten best universities list that is Yale University. It is private research university located in New Haven. It gained the score 89.5 and became the world’s 10th best university. Yale contain more than 1100 teaching faculty for teaching the 5300 undergraduates and 6100 graduates. The libraries of Yale contain 12.5 million volumes. It is the 3rd oldest institution of higher education in USA.


9.Imperial College London UK

(Score  90.6)

Imperial college London is a public research university situated in London uk. Which is the world’s 9th best university with 90.6 score. It is  the university specializing in engineering, business,Medicine and science. The institute is consist of 40 departemetns and research centers. Imperial college has more than 3350 teaching and research staff and round about 13500 students. This university is the major center of biomedical research. It has 14 Nobel prize winners and 2 Field Medal winners.


8.University of California Berkeley USA

best universities

(Score 91.1)

University of California Berkeley is the university of USA and is the world’s 8th best university of the world with the score 91.1. it is a public research university with a large are contains 6,651 acre. Berkeley university offers 300 graduates and undergraduates degree programs. This university is providing both the classical and practical education. The faculty member of Berkeley have won 70 Nobel prizes, 7 fields Medals 45 MacArthur Fellowships 15 Turning Awards 20 Academy Awards and 11 Pulitzer Prizes. They have a great work in research activity with 652.4 million dollars both in research and development. It has also won a athletes Olympic medals.


7.University of oxford uk .

(score 91.2)

oxford university is a British university located in Oxford. It is second oldest surviving university in the world. Oxford university is at number 7 position with its score 91.2. it is also a oldest university in the English Speaking world and historical part of English society. The most of graduates teaching at oxford is organized around weekly tutorials at self-governing halls and colleges which is supported by labo work and classes well organised by faculty of university. It has served as the home of the Rhodes Scholarship. Which attracting the students to study at oxford from the number of countries all around the world.


6.University of Cambridge. Uk

(Score 91.2)

It is the world second oldest university in the English-speaking world.(after oxford university) It is situated in Cambridge UK. It is ranked at number 6 with its score 91.2. graduates of this university has won 65 Nobel Prizes, which is the most of any university in the world. It is well reputed university for educational and research work.


5.Princeton University USA

(Score 94.2)

Another American university Princeton is included in this list. Princeton University is at number 5 with score of 94.2. it is a private research university which is located in Princeton, New jersey,USA. This university is providing the graduates and undergraduate in the humanities, natural sciences, engineering and social science. It is associated with 35 Nobel Lureates ,3 National Humanities Medal winners and 17 National Medal of Sciencewinners.


4.Stanford University USA.

(Score 94.3)

Another American university named Stanford University is at number 4 with the points 94.3 .it is a private research university situated in Stanford, California USA.This beautiful and attractive university campus contain 8180-acre area. More than 50 staff member of standford university got the nobel prize. It also has the largest number of Turing award winners. This university organize seven schools including academic schools of Humanities and Earth sciences and professional schools of business, Law, Medicine and Engineering. Total budget of this university for 2011-2012 was 1.2 million. It also has a good infrastructure in games. Standford university has more than 8,400 graduates and 6,988 undergraduates students.


3.Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA .

(score 95.6)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology with 168 acre area is an private research university which is also known as MIT. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. It has 32 academic departments. it has a  great work in scientific and technological research and in 1934 it  was elected to the Association of American universities. It gained 95.6 score and is at number 3 in top best universities list.


2.California institute of Technology, USA

(score 96)

California institute of Technology is a private university which is located in Pasadena California USA. It is the world’s number second best university with having points of 96. It is situated on 124 acre area. Some of its faculty have won Nobel prize.


1.Harvard University. USA 

(score 96.1)

It is world’s number one university. which have scored 96.1. It is situated in Cambridge, Mass in USA. It was established in 1636.It has the largest private collection library system. It is the oldest institute with higher learning environment. Harvard university contains 11 separate academic units. In 2010 there were about 2100 faculity members which were teaching about more than 6700 undergraduates

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