Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies In 2013-2014

Health care is one of most hot topics around the world and people give preference to countries simply on the basis of the health care they offer. Having a health care plan means that you can relax and enjoy your life, with the back hand knowledge, that in any case of emergency you are safe from any trouble. Not having a health care plan on the other hand means that you are under constant stress over your health issues and most importantly, the financial problems that come with it. After deciding to have a health insurance plan, the next most important step is to choose the right organization. In this matter we have prepared a list of the Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies In 2013-2014 that cannot be ignored.

Health Insurance Companies


10) Coventry Health Insurance

Coventry Health Insurance

Coventry Health Insurance is the least experienced health insurance provider in this list. It offers a vast number of health plans but does not cover life, dental, or other types of major insurance. People belonging to any part of the society can find suitable packages which range from the lowest being $ 55 to $ 416 per month. The two plans that are worth mentioning are CoventryOne Plan 14 A and 23 A, the latter covers up to 70 % of your health care expenses. All in all Coventry Health Insurance seems to be focusing more on quantity of the packages they offer than quality.


9) Cigna Insurance

With a 30 year experience in this business, Cigna Insurance offers a wide range of health care packages and it has a huge setup. They offer services of around 500,000 physicians and cover around 8000 hospitals. The scale of their work is much greater than many of its competitors. The lowest plan offered by them is at $ 92 per month and the most expensive plan is at $ 426 per month. Critics believe that if you are single then Cigna is the way for you because their individual plans are far better than their collective plans.


8) Kaiser Permanente

The world of health insurance would not be the same without the contributions made by Kaiser Permanente. It is considered one of the most well known health insurance providers in the world. If you are a 27 year old, non-smoking individual then the lowest plan offered is $ 119 per month and the highest can go up to a $ 500 per month. It is apparent that the expenses are far greater than its competitors but they offer quality packages for individuals that are worth the funding.


7) Select Health

Select Health is probably the smallest in this list as far the coverage is concerned but this does not take away the high standard it has maintained over the years in its health insurance packages. If you are lucky enough to be living in the area covered by it, then do not think twice because the individual and family plans offered by them are simply amazing. They are low cost at $ 68 and cover most of the major health care expenses. There is a plan called Select Care Preference Plan which offers 80 % health expenses for your entire family at just $ 400. It might not be the biggest but it is surely one the best in the health insurance business.


6) Assurant

Assurant can be considered as the unsung hero because it has been around for a very long time but it is still not well known. It offers quality plans for both individuals and families. One of the key features offered are Health Saving Plans that allow the customer to keep a check on his expenses and the second thing are the short term plans. The Plans start at $ 61 and can go up to $ 400 per month. A few famous plans are related to cancer, stroke plan and other critical injuries or illnesses.


5) Celtic Insurance

Celtic Insurance

If you are looking for long term plans then Celtic Insurance is the option for you. They are in this business for over 30 years now and like its major competitors they also offer a wide range of health care options. Their most positive aspect is a different plan for each age group of individuals and for families there are different plans depending on the size of the family. They lack in the area of short term plans where they need to improve their services, because majority of the public prefers short term plans. Their expenses are very low with respect to others with packages going from$ 77 to $ 96 per month.


4) Anthem Insurance

Anthem Insurance also known as BlueCross BlueShield specializes in plans for individuals rather than families. They are one of the few companies that take customer service to a whole new level by giving them guidance in issues related to health care. They maintain a high standard and given that they are surprisingly cheap if you compare them with other insurance companies. Each customer is given equal importance no matter what his/her financial situation. They offer packages all people as far as financing is concerned, with packages going from $ 54 to $ 400 per month.


3) Aetna Insurance

If you want to talk about pioneers of the insurance business then Aetna Insurance is one of them because they started around a century ago in 1899. They offer an incredibly wide range of plans that vary from life style to financial strength. Their main attractive aspect is the choice they provide in all categories of their short term plans. Their experience gives them an edge over others; due to which majority of the families prefer Aetna. The benefits they offer go from a large number of doctors and other specialists under their radar and a state of the art patient support program that guides you on every step of your journey.


2) UnitedHealth Group

Two phrases that are synonymous with UnitedHealth are ‘good-quality’ and ‘low-cost’. Another experienced organization that started in 1974 and it specializes in individual health care programs. Their network includes around 544,000 doctors and 5,400 hospitals which makes them a giant in the health insurance business. What this huge network means is that no matter how far you travel there will always be a doctor or a hospital near you that is affiliated with UnitedHealth Group. The pricing of their plans is satisfactory and easily affordable given the high quality services that come with them.


1) Humana Insurance

Humana Insurance

Taking the first spot of our list if the Humana Insurance merely because of their experience and vast specialized expertise in this field. They offer the largest choice pool for its customers. Like UnitedHealth Group they also have a large network which includes 544,000 doctors and 4,000 hospitals. They have 50 years under their belt of public service in the insurance industry. It is one of the few companies that actually prefer to lower the cost of its customer’s expenses instead of giving preference to their own profits. Their plans are currently serving customers ranging from college students to retired officers. They offer plans that are easily affordable and provide ample choice for the customer.

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