10 Most Expensive Softwares in the World

Software products are indeed very expensive. A great deal of initial investment is required for the development of some useful and integrated software. These days, most of the software product managers are greatly worried about the expenditures of development and are also looking for such strategies that would help in lowering down the costs of the developmental phase. One way of cause a substantial decrease in the cost is to reuse the parts from the previous software and designs. But this cheap strategy comes to cause a great decrease in the overall performance of the software. So, in order to equip you with some knowledge on this phenomenon I have made a list of the 10 most expensive software in the world .


10. AutoCAD

The product which is of the prime concern here is the Autodesk Plant Design Suite which comes with a staggering price of $ 9500 or more. As the name suggests, this software is one of the distinguishing tools that are used in carrying out the designing phase. In addition  of supporting all 2D and 3D platforms, this suite empowers the users to visualize all the modeling and restructuring scenarios.


9. Autodesk Maya

Looking for a software for modeling, designing or any form of rendering? Then indeed you have come to the right place. Autodesk Maya is more like an all in one tool to carry out various forms of designing and 3D animation platforms. In short, this software addresses all your production and designing requirements in the best way possible. Presently, there are a number of companies that use this software for carrying out the game development phase. Don’t be shocked to hear the price of this software which is more than $ 11,500 for the 2013 extension.


8. Adobe- Acrobat Capture 3

I don’t know why the company has stopped the manufacturing of this software, but one thing is for sure that this software had truly revolutionized the concept of computerized imagery and 3d conversion. Not to forget that the software used to be the most expensive one in the market many a years back. In addition to the PDF and catalog reader, the software also offers the support for a number of add-ons. Although the company would not be selling this software, still it will offer forms of upgrade support. The price of this software is nearly $ 20,000.


7. Core Impact Pro

Security of your network and computers is indeed beneficial and a must for your company. You can find hundreds of examples of businesses and companies going down into losses, all because of a vulnerable security. But not to worry, as Core Impact Pro has been designed to deal with all your security needs. The company endeavors to offer top notch levels of security, but you are required to spend a heavy price for it, which is nearly $ 50,000.


6. Softimage Face Robot

Ever imagined doing some life like animations of the real life images? This special software enables you to animate as well as rig faces in any way you desire. The animations look so real, that most of the people cannot even distinguish the morphing or faking. There are a number of stages and measures that are involved in carrying out the designing and remodeling. It is because of this software that you can now add some emotions and feelings into any face you desire. So, the price of $ 95,000 is indeed justified for the kind of options this software provides.


5. VxWorks

Now this software is yet another exciting release from the company named Wind River Systems. It is located in the state of California, USA. For those who do not know, this software offers an all in one solution to your operating system needs and requirements. The uses of this program have been carried out in the domain of air craft designing, space stations and in various robots. Do not be astounded to hear the price of this software which is nearly $ 200,000.


4. Source Engine

As some of you might already know the fact the making of games requires the use of specific gaming platforms and environments, real world physics, state of the art technologies and some visually appealing features. Now you know that how the designing and processing of the PC and Play Station Games is being done these days. Source Engine costs for more $ 200,000.


3.  Renderware SDK

You know what makes the PC games so unique and out of the world? Yes, it is the innovative use of graphics and various technologies that make use of real and life like environments in order to make them more enjoyable for playing. The platforms in which this software has been used include X-Box, PS3, Wii and many more. Is the price of $ 250,000 justified?


2.  CryEngine 2

A number of gaming entrepreneurs and production companies have been using various versions of this software from time to time. Furthermore, the all known Crytek Company has also announced that they would be making use of this software from time to time. The cost of this software is $ 500,000.


1. Unreal Engine

The practical and worldwide usage of this game was first witnessed in the year 1998. The game which first made use of this state of the art search engine was itself known as “Unreal”. Although the original intent was to use it in FPS games, still the engine has yielded some successful and profitable results in other games genres. The company which first created this software is none other than the best FPG game makers in the market, Epic Games.


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