10 Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

League of legends is one of the most famous and followed games in the world. It is a rpg (role playing game) and each player has a champion under his/her control. There are champions for every role and each has special qualities. There are three basic lanes in the game which called the top, bot and mid lane. We have prepared a list for the top 10 best champions for the top lane of the game but it must be kept in mind that it’s not the champions that matter; it’s the skill of the user that makes the champions successful on the fields of justice. Here we have 10 Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends .




Jayce, Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Jayce is considered the top pick by some of the best players in league of legends for top lane.There are various aspects to this choice which are his ranged and melee attack capabilities and a good sustain which is essential for a good top lane champion. Jayce regenerates mana on each basic or ability attack on an enemy champion or minion while in hammer stance. He also has a good escape in the form of Acceleration Gate which gives increased movement speed when heor an ally passes through it.




Irelia, Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Irelia is one of the league’s most nerfed champions being done so a total of 3 times so far and it is expected that more are coming. Her true damage, dash, and stun/slow make her a powerhouse in team fights and early game. She also has a good healing sustain which makes her a successful champion for top-lane. Being nerfed doesn’t matter because skilled players can still use the champion to good effect.



Lee Sin

Lee Sin,Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Lee Sin is probably the most animated player in the league. He is a lot of fun to play with because of his unique and deadly abilities. His shield, dash, crippling force and ultimate make him a champion for all lanes if his abilities are mastered. He is most affective in top lane because he gets lots of farm and can play a very important role in mid and late game. He has a good escape to counter enemy jungler ganks and a good health sustain as well allowing him to stay longer in the lane. Being mana less champion is also a plus point.




Kha'Zix , Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

KhaZ’ix has incredible burst damage if his abilities are used properly. He is also a very effective gap closer making him almost impossible to escape from. The same leaping ability can be used for defensive purpose i.e. avoid enemy attacks. His early game is not very strong but at mid and late game can be a nightmare for the enemy if properly farmed and built.




nasus, Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Here is a case of a champion who is totally docile in the early game but in mid and late game can change into a penta killer. Nasus only needs farm in early game and needs lots of health, armor and magic resist. Once properly farmed he can turn games around single handedly. He has a combination of burst and aoe (area of effect) damage with his ultimate, making him a master in team fights.




darius , Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Darius is a champion that makes his enemies cry if used properly. His burst damage is too much to bear for some champions. He is a good top lane champion but has two major disadvantages, 1) No escape, 2) No Sustain. These two drawbacks are overcome by his very high early game damage and his ultimate which does true damage and is the reason for him being a reaper for the enemy teams. If he has no sustain and escape how can he be chosen for top lane? , if you are wondering this then the answer is that darius is a dominator , he dominates his lane and does not allow his opponent o farm and sends him back to base giving him a gold and experience handicap. If darius is not used as a dominator, then he fails in top lane and later in mid and late game.




shen, Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Shen is a ninja and what ninjas do is they take the game away from their enemies without even letting them notice it. His ultimate is the main source success and makes him an effective team player. He also a good escape in the form of his dash which can be used for both offense and defense as it taunts the enemy champions. His sustain is also respectable allowing him to outlast his opponent in the lane.




Jax , Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Another word used for Jax is OP which means over-powered. It does not mean that he can be used to good effect even by unskilled players , jax needs skill , and if you have skill then you can not only win your lane but also the game. His stun, jump , and ultimate can drain the health of his opponents. He has a good escape and a very incredible sustain. He is one of the few champions who can do solo baron in late game.




Yorick , Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Many top laner run away when they see yorick against them. Why is it so? , it’s because he annoys, that’s his job, to annoy his opponent. He spams his abilities and they do damage, it’s very hard to escape for him, and he is the only champion who can take revenge if killed, with his ultimate. It means that you have to kill yorick two times to get a single kill. He does not have any escape but he has lots of sustain and damage, making him a effective top laner.




Renekton , Best Top Lane Champions in League Of Legends

Renekton is a win-win top lane champion. He has no counters if you know how to play with him. You can win against almost every champion and make the game a nightmare for them. He is the brother of Nasus , only difference being that he is on the more evil side. This evil side is also clearly visible on the fields of justice when Renekton wins games in all phases (early, mid and late). He has a very good escape and a respectable sustain which is essential.


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