Top 10 Most Popular Magazines Of 2013

Social Media and Internet Media is now more stronger then print media, everyone have their own gadget and they are depending on them. Many famous magazines are now in loss because of the easy access of internet. If some one want to know something, the easiest way is to Google it. There are many kind of magazines available in the market some are publishing their magazines online too, which is good for them to survive in the market. There are still magazines present in the market that are too much popular and their demand is too high, million of copies are being sold out every year, so here we have best list of Top 10 Most Popular Magazines Of 2013.


 10. Men’s Health

Men’s Health

This magazine is totally related to men’s life. In this magazine male will find every answer related to their fitness, health, weight and many other things. This is one of the most famous online magazine for men’s. But this magazine is good enough for women’s too, you are thinking that how is a men’s health magazine is good for women, then the answer is this magazine is good for women to know about the liking or disliking of men, what is good for changing their mood etc.


9. Vogue

This is one of the best fashion magazines, in this magazine they collect everything related to fashion for you. If you want to know what kind of fashion is inn now a days this is the best option for you. Mostly readers of this magazine are teen ages. If you want to be a good looking person then this magazine will help you in a very good manner.


8. Time Magazine

If you are an mature person and your liking and disliking relates to what is going on all around the world then time magazine will provide you such kind a news for you like politics, current affairs of the countries etc this is one of the most popular magazine all around the world.


7. Sports Illustrated

Sports and games are not only the passion of players but also the dignity of many countries. Today sports like cricket, football, hockey, basket ball are being watched all around the world, so if you  are one of them who love sports than this magazine will provide you information related to every sports events.


6. Rolling Stone

If your age is between 30 to 60 then you will love this magazine, if you want to know about the pioneer of music and politics then this magazine is world wide number one with thins category.


5. People

People is one of the best selling weekly magazine of USA. This is an American magazine of human interest stories and celebrity news. In October 2005, it was named as Magazine Of The Year by Advertising age.  In this magazine Human interest and celebrity gossips are discussed with ratio of 50/50.


4. National Geographic

Nation Geographic is one of the most famous educational magazine, for those who love adventure, science and nature then this is the most beneficial magazine for them. It tells us stories from the ancient life  to the modern world. Life and nature is the most difficult items to understand but this magazine will allow you to know about these things with interest and enjoyment.


3. Playboy

As we all know that this is one of the most sold and demanding adult magazine all around the world. We are not recommending this magazine for teen ages because of sexual and adult content which can harm you thinking. But this is most famous in adults and they love to wait for the new addition of this magazine, sexy and hot girls with many scandals and controversies are among the top stories of this magazine.


2. The Lady Magazine

The Lady Magazine

At third point of this article you all were thinking that how is it possible that there is not an single popular magazine available in the market for women. Am i right but here we have the women’s magazine and most interesting thing is that, this is at number 2 in the list of most popular magazines of 2013. The lady magazine is totally for women and in this the life of women with pre and post marriage problems are discussed completely and also discussed about the health of women.


1. Real Simple

Real simple is a family magazine and hot favorite of house wives and general public. In this magazine they discussed routine life problems and solution with many tips like money savings, dealing with family problems etc. This is at number 1 in this list because of the popularity and demand of people.

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