Charles Dickens (1812-1870) is a genius with a difficult fate. He was born into a family of servants, but any aristocrat considered it an honor to shake his hand. His name stands alongside such giants of English literature as Shakespeare (1564-1616), Swift (1667-1745) and Chaucer (1343-1400). Dickens’s literature is read and re-read avidly, and especially enterprising people find in his works between the lines new, previously unnoticed meanings.

Despite the complexes and the bitter fate of his wife, Charles Dickens continued to create. Later, in the last years of his life, the classic of world literature fell in love with reading his works aloud, besides, he always gathered huge halls of spectators. They left the theater, taking great pleasure in meeting the English genius, and he, in turn, never skimped on his feelings and energy, with which he conducted readings.

Of course, everyone should familiarize themselves with the writer’s literature. Who knows, maybe in our list of the best works of Charles Dickens you will find a good book for yourself that will brighten up your leisure time?


  • 10. The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  • 9. Great hopes
  • 8. Haunted house
  • 7. Our mutual friend
  • 6. The story of David Copperfield
  • 5. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
  • 4. Bleak House
  • 3. Christmas stories
  • 2. Tough times
  • 1. The Adventures of Oliver Twist

10. The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Charles Dickens’s book ” The Mystery of Edwin Drood ” will help you immerse yourself in a mysterious, gothic world, where all the characters are unusual and curious, and humor is so elegant that you want to absorb it and learn to speak like the heroes from the book. This is the last and unfinished work of a genius.

Since childhood, Rosa Bud and Edwin Drood have been engaged, but they cannot do anything about it. They have no feelings for each other, however, Uncle Edwin has them – for Rose. John Jasper is in love with a girl, he wants to kill his nephew and marry Rose. It is even more interesting – visiting sister and brother appear in the town, and Neville falls in love with Rose at first sight …

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9. Great Expectations

Books like Great Expectations are useful for everyone to read from time to time. The novel, written in the 19th century, has not lost its relevance in our modern time due to the problems raised by Dickens in his work.

There are two heroes on the pages of the work: he is a boy from a poor family who got a chance to “break into people” and she is a beauty who grew up with the idea of ​​breaking men’s hearts. The story is classic, with only one difference – Victorian locations and fantastic landscapes serve as the actions for it. “Great Expectations” is a kind of message from Dickens, who mentally pats the reader on the shoulder, calming him: “Not all dreams come true … But maybe this is normal?”

8. Haunted house

There are different houses: empty, with people for sale … And they are often filled with ghosts, and this serves as an interesting theme for creating films and books. The work ” Haunted House ” is not so much scary as it is funny and light. Therefore, if you are a coward, there is no need to be afraid!

A young Englishman, by chance, learns about a gloomy mansion where ghosts live. Something terrible is happening there! The last tenants fled, leaving everything they had there. The ghosts are divided into zones: a Woman with a hood appears in one of the bedrooms, and the Ghost of Swamp Fever lives in the other bedroom. What is happening in the attic adds gloom to the picture: the bells are ringing there! Anyone will be horrified … The young Englishman is too educated to believe in any nonsense. He decides to make sure that he is right and settles in the Haunted House, and the next morning, instead of reflecting in the mirror, he sees someone else …

7. Our mutual friend

Charles Dickens had a talent for cleverly twisting the plot and intertwining the fate of the heroes in such a way that it becomes unclear where what is. Dickens’s readers are always intrigued – perhaps the genius had just such a goal when writing Our Mutual Friend ?

England 1860s. The country has learned to value the origin and ancestry, as well as along with this strong character and enterprise. However, as you know, everything has a reverse, one might say, a shadow side – London aristocratic salons flooded not only businessmen, but also dubious nouveau riches … Against this background, the adventure story of a “millionaire scavenger” unfolds.

For your reference: Readers recommend paying attention to detail from the start. They will help you understand the further plot.

6. The story of David Copperfield

One of the most popular novels, The Story of David Copperfield , is largely autobiographical. In tune with the childhood of Charles Dickens. The work tells about the life of Copperfield, starting from birth. In his childhood there were few joys, but many difficulties. But with the support of loved ones, to the delight of readers, he found his happiness.

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The story begins with the birth of David. His father died before he was born, and his mother married Mr. Murdstone. His relationship with the boy was always strained. After the death of his mother, his stepfather sends David to work in his manufacture, and one day his guardian goes to prison. David decides to flee and track down his grandmother in Dover. He succeeds, and the grandmother takes the young man under her protection.

5. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club

One of the brightest novels by the English writer, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club , was repeatedly filmed, and some of the filmmakers even managed to convey the atmosphere of the book well. The British TV series of the same name received high marks, the 1st season of which was released in 1985.

At the epicenter of the comic epic – Don Quixote – eccentric and sweet Mr. Pickwick. This hero, like the author himself, had enough amazing twists and turns in life, including spending time behind bars and staying in inns …

Interesting fact: “The Pickwick Club” lifted Charles Dickens to the heights of literary fame. This novel opened the way for him to a brilliant career. If you purchase a printed book, you will also have the opportunity to leisurely look at fascinating illustrations.

4. Bleak House

New Year’s holidays are approaching, ” Bleak House ” – a work of 1000 pages can be considered as a gift for a close reading person. What could be nicer than sitting by the window on a frosty day, immersed in the world of the Victorian era?

The main character of the novel is the girl Esther. From the pages of the diary, the reader learns the intricate story in which she was involved. The orphan Esther is constantly torn between duty and feeling, and the plot also traces a criminal line – many sudden deaths can stun and cause indefatigable sadness …

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3. Christmas stories

Dickens’ popular work ” Christmas Tale ” has a philosophical note, and an aura of magic and folklore details can captivate the whole family! A good book is one that unites. Christmas is a magical time when miracles become possible!

The old curmudgeon finds himself on an exciting adventure. It changes his life … Also, the chemistry teacher is a witness to fantastic events. After meeting with the mysterious wanderer, as if under the influence of a magic wand, the grumpy spouse also changes. The work tells the story of many heroes who prove that magic exists!

2. Tough times

There is wisdom of the mind, and there are hearts. Without the first it is bearable, but without the second it is unbearable … ” Hard Times ” is a novel in which Dickens demonstrated all the vices and delusions with the existing innate talent. He spoke about lies, arrogance and delusion, and with great warmth about the working class. After Dickens’s books I want to ask myself: “What am I really like?” A rare author is capable of such word magic.

The main events unfold in Cockstown, England, where the fate of people from different walks of life and their interests are intertwined. Tom Gradrind – the owner of the school, accepts the clown’s daughter Sessie into the family. The girl has a kind heart. Tom’s eldest daughter, Louise, helps the weaver Stephen Blackpool, accused of a crime committed by her brother. Sliri, the owner of the circus, rescues his brother Louise, who is on the wanted list …

1. The Adventures of Oliver Twist

” The Adventures of Oliver Twist ” is the second novel of the genius of the word Charles Dickens, and the first in English literature, the protagonist of which is a child. Oliver began his triumphal march around the world in 1837 and continues to this day.

The story of a boy who became an orphan captivated many readers. The orphaned child was forced to wander through the London slums. The ups and downs of fate, unforgettable meetings and a happy ending to dangerous adventures aroused the interest of readers from all over the world. The details of the little boy’s life and the nightmares of his childhood are backed up by Dickens’ solidity. Much has been torn out by the author from his own life, because he knew firsthand what hunger and poverty are.

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