Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In 2013

Wrestling is a profession that is watched throughout the world with a fan base belonging to all age groups. There have been various organizations who have contributed to the promotion of this field of entertainment and then there the people who actually do the work, they wrestle to entertain the crowd and make a living out of it. A point to be noted is that the wrestling of today is very much different than the past, where the priority is given to the entertainment of the public. There have been various wrestlers in and out of this profession but there are some who are considered the legends and guide the way for others to follow. We have prepared a list of such men who were successful at what they did or still do and went on to become the richest wrestlers of the world. Here we have Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In 2013 , enjoy the list below.


10. Mick Foley ($15 million)

Mick Foley 10 the richest wrestler in the world

Mick is an American wrestler,author,comedian, actor and a commentator. He started out his wrestling career back in 1986 and has been a part of various wrestling organizations like the WWF/E , ECW , WCW and currently with TNA. He has been a successful person in wrestling, has taken part in a lot of films and has various published books. Apart from being a wrestler, he has also been an ambassador for the profession with performances around the world. His style of wrestling was unique that made him famous among the wrestling community. His multi business personality gives him the 10th spot in the list with a total amount of 15 million dollars.


9. Undertaker ($16 million)

undertaker 9th richest wrestler

Mark William Calaway also known by the name ‘Undertaker’ has the honor of being the longest serving member of the wrestling field. He made his debut in 1984 and is still going strong with occasional appearances. He has the record of being undefeated in 19 wrestle mania matches against the toughest opponents. He has made appearances in various films as well like the ‘America’s Most wanted’ and has been active in the television shows also. He is the brother of another wrestler known by the name ‘Kane’ and together both are called the ‘Brothers of Destruction’. Undertaker is considered a legend by all wrestling fans and his contributions in and out of the ring have no parallel. He has a worth of 16 million dollars giving him the 9th place in the list of richest wrestlers.


8. Shawn Michaels ($17 millio)

Shawn Michaels 8th richest wrestler of 2013

Shawn retired from professional wrestling in 2010 and had made his debut in 1984. He is a hall of fame icon in the wrestling community with numerous contributions to making wrestling common among people of all ages and nationalities. He used his sex appeal for the good of the profession with a huge fan base composed of women. In a way he was the ambassador of WWE. Throughout his career he has enjoyed everything a person can ask for, with the gains in the form of money being very high. He is a close friend of Triple H in and out of the ring and also takes part in television shows occasionally. His success in and out of the ring bagged him $ 17 million making him the 8th richest wrestler.


7. Chris Jericho ($18 million)

Chris Jericho richest wrestlers in 2013

Chris made him debut in 1990 into the wrestling profession. He is an American born Canadian wrestler who started out as an underdog and later went on climbing ranks and become a full force during his prime. He has won 30 championships during his career. He has also taken part in television shows and films making him one of the richest people of his field. Apart from WWE, he has also been into other wrestling organizations like WCW and ECW giving him an 18 million dollar bank balance.


6. Kurt Angle ($20 million)

Kurt Angle, Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In 2013

Kurt has the honor of being the only gold medal holder in the wrestling profession. He is currently associated with total nonstop action wresting but started out his career in WWF/E. His finishing move is called the ‘Angle Slam’ his strong, compact body made him one of the most feared wrestlers of his time. His career began in 1998 at the age of 30 and bagged many titles during his career. He has also taken part in various films like Warrior and End Game and has been very successful. He has been named as the wrestler of the decade for the 2000’s and owns a total worth of $ 20 million dollars giving him the 6th spot in the list.


5. Triple H ($25 million)

Triple H 5th most richest wrestler

If you know what wrestling is, then it is not possible that you don’t know who Paul Michael Levesque is. He is a walking legend with enormous contributions in the wrestling arena. Started out his career in 1992 and won 21 championships as a wrestler. He used his good looks and impressive physique to good use by stepping into acting and took part in 8 films. He got married to the daughter of the famous owner of WWE Vince McMahon. His finishing move was called the Pedigree smashing the face of his opponent into the ground. He is considered the 5th richest wrestler with a total amount of $ 25 million.


4. Big Show ($30 million)

Big Show , 4th richest wrestler 2013

When it comes to big show, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Total Domination’. Yes, he was a dominator, still dominates and will keep on dominating as long as he remains in the wrestling profession. His sheer size and strength make him a walking, talking tank. Like other famous colleagues he has also taken step into films with respectable success. Apart from wrestling and acting, he is also considered a comedian and he is good at making others laugh. Being a global symbol of strength he is our 4th richest wrestler with a total amount of $ 30 million.


3. John Cena ($35 million)

John Cena , 3rd richet wrestler 2013

‘You Can’t See Me’ is the trademark line of John Cena. He came into wrestling in a time where there were already bigger super stars there, but to his credit he fought his way to fit into the community and now has become one of the most famous wrestlers around the world.Cena has won every title there is to offer and been part in historical fights. He made his debut in 2001 and is still going strong. He has also taken part in movies and has been successful making him the 3rd richest wrestler with $ 35 million.


2. Steve Austin Stone Cold ($45 million)

Steve Austin Stone Cold

Steve Austin, who is not aware of this name? Steve has retired from wrestling and moved into production and action but without any doubt he was one of the most feared wrestlers of his time. No one could stand his aggression and people gave him a nick name ‘The Rattlesnake’. His trademarks were his bear can splashes before and after each fight in the ring. Like Dwayne he also met success in Hollywood and took part in respectable movies bagging a $ 45 million.


1. The Rock ($70 million)

The Rock, worlds richest wrestler

Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’ is famous all around the world for his unique and self-confident personality. He started out his wrestling career in 1996 and grabbed a total of 17 championship belts. He used his fame in the wrestling field to become successful in Hollywood and became a guiding path for others belonging to his profession. He has taken roles in many movies but undoubtedly ‘Fast Five’ is his most successful film so far. The Rock is the richest wrestler for 2013 with a total amount of $ 70 million dollars in his pocket.

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