Top 10 Richest Rappers In 2012-2013

The current competition in the pop industry has increased to such an extent that it’s hard to remain at the top and with new talent emerging as rappers; the competition has increased even more. Though the competition is sizzling hot but this industry has made a lot of fortunes for the ones who rule it. Here is the list of the richest maestros of rapping this year.Here we have Top 10 Richest Rappers In 2012-2013 . No one ever Claim about their their talent because all of these are the heart of their fans.



10. Christopher ludacris $ 13 million

With a stage name of Ludacris, this American born rapper does not only rap but also possesses excellent acting skills. The man has won many awards which includes screen actor guild, MTV, critic’s choice and about three Grammy awards which clearly depicts his talent and class. He is among the first artists of the dirty south who have achieved success on the mainstream and is still going strong. His successful career has made him a multi millionaire and the earnings which he made this year are about $ 13 million.



9. Nicki Minaj $ 15 million

This amazing and influential American rapper was born in Trinidad and is known on stage by the name of Nicki Minaj. Raping is not the only trait with her as she is also a good voice actress, song writer and a renowned television personality. Initially she got trained to become an actress before she hit the rapping scene in 2007. She won the hearts of millions with her first album which was named Pink Friday and it earned the number one spot on U.S billboard 200 and also got a platinum certification from the association of American recording industry. Since then it has been all up and up for her and this success has earned her about 15 million dollars in the current year.



8. Eminem $ 15.5 million

Who is unaware of this burning rapper who has castes an everlasting spell on millions. Bruce Mathers is his original name and is known on stage by the name of Eminem. This American rapper is also a recording producer, actor and songwriter. The success of this guy can be ascertained from the fact that he is among the best selling rappers on planet today. Rolling stone and various other magazines have ranked this sheer talent as a legend of the modern Era of artists. He has released many albums which have topped every chart there is and is still a hot prospect. This industry has made him earn a fortune of $ 15.5 million this year and is number 8th on our list.



7. Aubrey Drake Graham $ 20 million

Better known as Drake, this guy was originally a Canadian born actor and recording artists who became known with a television series by the name of Degressi. This was only the begging for him as he shifted towards releasing mixtapes which created a lot of hype regarding his talent to become a good rapper which he surely became. Among the mixtapes that he released, ”so far gone” attained him a lot of success and was a breakthrough for him in this charming profession. He has never looked back since then and is now among the most accomplished rappers in the industry. The worth of the fortunes he has earned in 2012 is $ 20 million which is surely huge.



6. Bryan Birdman Williams $ 20.5 million

Bryan Williams who is better known on stage by the name of Birdman is an influential American rapper, record producer and businessman. He is among the Co founder of cash money record and a member of the duo of Big Tymers. Apart from the various releases that he has done through Bid Tymers, he has also recorded many songs with Lil Wayne. Last year he has grossed more than $ 15 million and this year is even better for him as he has earned about $ 20.5 million. He is at number 6 in the list of Top 10 Richest Rappers In The World .



5. Dwayne Lil Wayne $ 27 million

Dwayne carter with a stage name Lil Wayne is a prolific American rapper who started pursuing his career at a very early age when he became a part of the Cash Money Record Label. He started off with the B.G’z and afterwards joined Hot boys in 1996 which also included two other rappers. He attained prominence with the group’s release by the name of Guerrilla Warfare which was released back in 1999. The Black is Hot was his debut album which earned a platinum status and attained such a huge success that its sales crossed One million only in U.S. The year 2012 has brought a purple patch for him and has made him earn $ 27 million.



4. Kanye West $ 34 million

This guy has got multiple talents up his sleeve as his is not only a rapper but is also a film director, a good fashion designer and a producer. He earned his initial recognition for production of the work which he did on Jay Z’s music album. After doing a lot of production work with many well known artists, he came up with his own Album in 2004 which earned him a lot of recognition and since then he has given 5 solo albums and all of them have earned Platinum status. 2011-2012 has been prolific for him as many of his songs have achieved digital sales of more than 3 million and this success has made him earn 34 million during this period.



3. Sean Diddy Combs $ 40 million

This American rapper is known on stage by many names such as P Diddy, Diddy and Daddy and his other traits are record producing, acting and entrepreneurship. This Harlem born talent released his debut work back in 1997 and it was so good that it got a seven time platinum certification and since then he came up with many successful albums over the years such as Press play, Dirty money and numerous others. His net worth overall is more than $ 550 million and has earned $ 40 million in the year 2012. This American Rapper is at Number 3 in the list of Top 10 Richest Rappers In The World .



2. Shawn Jay-Z Carter $ 41 million

Shawn cater with the stage name of Jay-z is an awesome rapper, occasional actor, record producer and an entrepreneur and is surely one of the best and the most successful artists in the rapping stream. He is also a very successful entrepreneur and his net worth has been estimated to be more than 500 million dollars. His albums sales worldwide is more than a whooping 50 million and has won about fourteen Grammy wards for the classy work he has done. He has a consistent ranking when it comes to being named as one of the best rappers of all times. Year 2012 has brought him a fortune of $ 41 million and is 2nd on our list.


1. Andre Dr. Dre Young $ 110 million

If you don’t know this guy than you probably have been living in the jungles of Arizona all your life as this American rapper has achieved all the milestones of success and fame. He is both the CEO and the founder of Beats electronics and Aftermath entertainment. He has earned most of his fortunes through his production work but became known for his own debut album which he released in 1992 which attained huge success and also made him won Grammy awards. He has also been into acting and different investment businesses. Year 2012 has been very successful for him as he has gone to earn about $ 110 million.

Top 10 Richest Rappers In 2012-2013

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