Top 10 Most Populated Countries In The World 2014

It is amazing to know that the population of this world is increasing day by day and it seems to be like different countries are in race to be the most populated country. The world population is estimated to be 7,119,300,000 this year by the world’s population clock. Seven billion population count of this whole world is extremely high that not only affects the economy of the country but also create different issues for the survival of individuals. If the resources are high then high economy can be get from high population but in case of underdeveloped country its becomes very difficult to be populated, poverty and illiteracy are the major issues Here is the list of top 10 most populated countries in the world 2014 with their estimated population.

Figures that are used in this list are based on most up to date projections or estimations. The list shows the interesting information about the populated countries and shows which is leading in this race.


10. Japan

Most Populated Countries


Japan is an island nation in East Asia and is often referred as the “Land of the Rising Sun’. Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands., although it is a smallest country having a total area of 377,812 square kilometers but official estimation shows its population to be 127,270,000 that makes up 1.79% of the world’s population. Its capital city is Tokyo that has population 12,790,000 according to 2010 census.


9. Russia


Russia is a country located in Northern Eurasia. It is the largest country in the world having a total area of about 17,075,400 square kilometers, the capital city of Russia is Moscow. Official estimation shows its population to be 143,500,000 and therefore it comprises of 2.02% of over all world’s population. It is one of the powerful countries in the world with advanced weapons.


8. Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a South Asian country that is located on the fertile Bengal delta. The world Bangladesh means “Country of Bengal” in its official language. By official estimation in last year its approximate population is found to be 152,518,015 and makes up 2.14% of over all worlds’ population.


7. Nigeria


Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic that is located in West Africa and is comprises of 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It is known as “The Giant of Africa’’ and is the most populated country in Africa and seventh largest in the world, according to UN estimation its population is estimated to be 173,615,000 and makes up 2.44% of total world’s population and about 18% of the total population of continent.


6. Pakistan

Top 10 Most Populated Countries


Pakistan that is officially known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is one of the beautiful country in South Asia. It has population exceeding 180 million people, according to official population clock its present population is estimated to be 184,580,000 that makes up 2.59% of overall world’s population. It is the sixth largest country according to population and 36th largest according to area. Its population is estimated to reach 210.13 million by 2020 and to be doubled by 2045.


5. Brazil


Brazil is the largest country in South America and also in Latin American region. It is the fifth largest country by population as well as by geographical area. According to official estimation this year its present population is estimated to be 201,032,714 and holds up only 2.82% of total population of the world.


4. Indonesia



Indonesia is a sovereign state that is located in Southeast Asia and Oceania. It is a famous Asian country and is an archipelago that comprises of approximately 17,508 islands. Its capital city is Jakarta and according to official census 2010, its estimated population is 237,641,326 that make up 3.34% of world’s population.


3. United States


The United States of America is a federal republic and is the third most populated country in the world. It is not only a single country but the combination of different states of American continent. According to latest U.S. Census Bureau estimation the present population of this country is approximately 316,909,000 that makes up 4.45% of world’s population. It is the only leading industrialized nation where such high population is estimated.


2. India


India is a South Asian country and is the second most populated country in the world having population with over 1.2 billion people according to 2011 provisional census, it is the seventh largest country in world by area. With such population it comprises of approximately 17.4% of world’s population.


1. China

Top 10 Most Populated Countries In The World 2014


China is a sovereign state that is located in East Asia and is the most populated country not only in Asia but also in the world having population of more than 1.35 billion and therefore comprising of approximately 19.1% of world’s population.

Its largest city is Shanghai and its capital is Beijing. With such huge population China is very much concerned about its growth rate and has attempted for implementation of strict family planning rule that is known as “one child policy”

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