Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Games In 2012

People have a number of things to do in their spare time. But the best one to spend your time is using social networking websites. There are various social networking websites are working but among them Facebook is most famous. A countless number of people are using facebook now a days. It is a easy access to keep in touch with your loved ones. Among these people most are fans of facebook games. These games has become so famous. We have prepared here a list of Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Games in 2012.


10. Mafia Wars 2:

Mafia Wars is a blasting social features games which has a great production value. In Mafia Wars 2 Zynga is a best rewarding game play. In this game the energy drains very quickly in the start of your career. But over all this game provides too much entertainment.


9. Bingo Blitz:

This game is so interesting and has a superb fight. You will have to compete against a number of opponents. The one best thing about this job is that you can discuss with other players by chat and can gain tips from them .Over all this is a good game for entertainment but bad thing is of slow regeneration of credits which is later used to buy cards.


8. Words With Friends:

This is a game which provides the knowledge and was released back in 2009 by zynga. It is so interesting and scrabble game.There is a chat features available in this game through which opponents can exchange messages. It is one of the top ranking games in the iOS application store.


7. PixelJunk Monsters:

This game was launched for PS3 first and then introduced on Facebook later. The theory of this game is that you will have to build towers on the top of the trees to protect small creatures. Towers have distinct attributes, such as rapid fire, long range, air focused etc. There are total 21 different levels.Throughout you game play you have control of an actual character.


6. CityVille:

City Ville game is another interesting game with 3D experience. It is launched by Zynga. It is easy and understandable. This game attracts you to spend a more time in it. It is similar to SimCity and Farmville. The theme of this game is to develop a city by farming, constructing buildings and collecting rent. The energy available increases as the user gains in experience levels. The energy points are replenished automatically at a constant rate of 1 energy every five minutes.


5. Empires & Allies:

This is action based game and is a version of CityVille. With number of interesting features in this game you will enjoy a lot. But at some stage similarity with CityVille makes its negative points. In this game you will have to construct a city when things are not really favorable. This game has over 18 million monthly active users. Empire points are used to sell certain items. Player get 15 empire points when starting the game and have to pay to get more. With in 9 days Empire and Allies had gained 10 million users.


4. The Sims Social:

The Sims Social game has some new features. You all have a good experience about this game. The game has become more excited by addition of the career features. In this game yo can unleash career ambitions for you SIM and watch your ambitions to be completed.  Sims can aspire to 3 different career paths: Rocker, Chef and Artist. Each career consists of 5 levels each with 3 sub levels.


3. Dragon Age Legends:

Dragon Age Legends is a fighting game with intreseting experience. This is the first real game on Facebook. In this game you gathers as a team with your friends and fight against the dark forces. In this fight you build your own castle. This games gives the experience of the Free Marches to the players.


2. Gardens Of Time:

It is too much interesting game which is different from others games. It is based on a time travel stuff. In this game you travel in time to do some thing special and to explore happy moments in the history. With division of number of chapters this game has a variation in number of explorable moments in every chapter. The best thing about this game is that you can enter in any chapter.


1. Indiana Jones Adventure World:

Indiana Jones Adventure World is a beautiful game with full of adventure. The executive producer of this game is Toby Ragaini who said that it was the best opportunity for both the companies. You will love to take a experience of this game. It is marked as best Facebook game ever seen so far. The object is to achieve goals by exploring maps. The player depends on energy, adventure, cash, coins and goals.

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