Top 10 Most Luxury Hotels In the World

There are many number of hotels in the world for stay but all are not expensive. Some of celebrates and guests wants to stay in  luxury hotels and they do not care about the money whatever it will be cost.Hotels attracts the guests with its beautiful infrastructure and giving them the unusual best service.Stay in any hotel is not difficult you will find the hotels in rest of the world in which stay will be in hundred dollars or up to some thousand dollars.But here we are providing the list of Most Luxury Hotels In the World.Where the stay will be the dream of every one.But some of them have strength to make this dream true.Here we have Top 10 Most Luxury Hotels In the World. Check the list and the provided information about some Luxurious Hotels.



10.Peninsula Hotel. Hong Kong (5,000 dollars)

This world,s expensive hotel is located in Hong Kong.It was opened in 1928. It is 30 story building.This hotels provide all of luxury services what are  required in the daily life. This looks like staying in a home. It include the kitchen,private office ,3 washrooms and also a private gym.two sitting area will be provided and you can see the view of Victoria Harbor and Island of Hong kong.What a view will be of both. The night stay in this hotel is charged 5,000 dollars.


9. Lanesborough Hotel. London (14,500 dollars)

This is a 5 star hotel located in Knightsbridge, central London, England and is known as the most expensive hotel in London. A 24 hour private butler is available for each guest.It is providing the 35o bed facility.This hotel is found across from Buckingam Palace.This hotel having the feature of three bedroom apartment,Marble bath room with hand painted cast iron tub and elegant furnishings.The cost of per night stay is 14,500 dollars.


8. Burj-AL-Arab Hotel. Dubai (15,000 dollars)

It is expensive hotel of Dubai is so famous in the rest of the world due to his superb structural work. It is the 4th tallest hotel in the world.It is situated on an artificial island .Burj Al Arab consists of 28 double story floors with 202 bedrooms. Any visitor visit to Dubai will have to check this hotel the stay will be memorable for him.It also provide a heart touch view of Arabian sea. It is fully decorated with marble floors and private elevator. The hotel  provides the marble and gold staircase for guest who wants to walk.The stay will be charged 15,000 dollars per day.Which is enlisted it at the 8th position in this list.


7. Ritz Paris Hotel. Paris (17,500 dollars)

Paris is well known about the romantic place in the world.Ritz Paris hotel is located in Paris.To stay in a romantic way then prefer the Ritz Paris.This hotel was opened in 1898 and yet many of celebrities all around the world have visited this hotel.This hotel provide sauna and whirlpool in your bathroom.It is fully decorated and giving you a beautiful view of landmarks of the city which include Eiffel Tower and Paris Opera Garnier.With all these facilities the hotel charge 17,500 dollars for a night stay.


6. Martinez Hotel. Cannes (18,000 dollars)

Martinez hotel is situated in Cannes with its beautiful Art work is so famous in the rest of the world. It is opened in 1929. Now becoming the world,s 6th luxury hotels.The entire floor dedicated to the elegant and luxury spa Martinez. The luxury facilities include Turkish bath, private butler on call to get all needs.It provides also a beautiful view of Bay of Cannes. One night stay will be charged 18,000 dollars which made it the world,s 6th luxury hotel.


5.Plaza Hotel. New york (20,500 dollars)

If you want to travel in the world the New York city will be one of your travel destination. In New York ,Plaza Hotel is one of the luxury  place to stay attracting the guests from all around the world.It is a 2o story landmark with height of 250 ft.Hotel offering 282 luxury rooms which include 102  suites. It also has a Butler service.It is the first hotel in the world which provide in-room i pads for all the guests to control their entire hotel experience.The cost per night stay is 20,000 dollars.It is the world,s 5ht luxury hotel.


4. Palms Hotel. Las Vegas (25,000 dollars)

Palms hotel is located in Las vegas.this hotel provide full of luxury services that include basketball court in a hotel suite,many selling points for guests, private locker rooms,scoreboard. This hotel offers bar and also a dance floor for entertainment.This the famous casino hotel is at number 4 in luxury hotels in the world with the cost per stay of 25,000 dollars.


3.Westin Excelsior Hotel. Rome (29,000 dollars)

This beautiful luxury hotel will be fine in Rome.With its quick and inspire catering service will fells you best stay ever in your life.The rooms of the guest will be filled with flowers and it will be well decorated for giving welcome to guest.It has also a library.With private cinema and a beautiful scenes from the balcony attracts the guest to stay more in this hotel. This hotel has the charge of 29,000 dollars of one night stay ans is the world,s 3rd expensive hotel in the world.


2.Palms Casino Resort. Las Vegas (40,000 dollars)

Las Vegas is famous for spending the vacations. This Suite was built by the cost of 10 million dollars. It provides a lot of luxury services. It is a two story building with 9,000 square foot which includes a glass elevator. It includes the Butler service.The guest are also provided the massage and spa rooms.Poker table,work-out room and pop up plasma TV are the one of the luxury features of this hotel.The one night stay of this hotel is 40,000 dollars which made it the world,s 2nd luxury hotel.


1.President Wilson Hotel. Geneva (53,000 dollars)

To stay in the world,s luxury will be the feelings.This luxury Suit is actually an entire top floor of the hotel and is reached by a private elevator.There are four bedrooms,six bath rooms with marble floor and a terrace which provide the wonderful view from the bulletproof window.This hotel is well decorated with a stylish look.The living rooms are provided with billiards table,library, cocktail lounge and a view of the water fountain.This hotel provides the world,s best security.It is a ideal place to stay.One night stay will be charged 53,000 dollars.This is the world,s most luxury hotel.

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