Top 10 Most Dangerous T20 Cricket Batsmen In 2013

Cricket in not only the passion of the players but also the dignity of their countries. Now a days cricket is one of the most favorite game. In past few years we saw many changes in rules and regulation due to which the theme of cricket is now more different from past. One of the best example of changes is the creation of 20/20 overs match called T20 matches and in couple of years, T20 matches are more favorite then other matches because it consumes small period of time but end result is more entertainment. T20 cricket is more fastest then ODI’s . In T20 matches players came on grounds with different style and different passion. Cricket is all about the players who made this game more interesting and entertaining, especially batsmen. Yes batsmen make the difference in this format of cricket with huge sixes and fastest fifties. There are some cricketers known as the most dangerous batsmen of ODI game but there is hell of difference between ODI’s and T20 crcket, this is more aggressive then other formats of cricket, so here we have Top 10 Most Dangerous T20 Cricket Batsmen In 2013 and you must know about these batsmen.


 10. Tillakaratne Dilshan

Tillakaratne Dilshan

He is the right handed Sri Lankan player, and one of the best opener in their team. He played aggressively recently in Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2013. He is the most dangerous player of Sri Lankan team and threat for all kind of bowlers. He created many bizarre but awesome shorts, and those shorts are now very much famous in all teams.


9. Brendon Mccullum

Brendon Mccullum

Brendon Mccullum is the right handed and most attractive player of New Zealand. He always played big shorts and results in huge sixes. He is 5.7 inches tall and he is the captain of his team in all three formats of cricket. Till today he played 60 T20 matches and scored 1,814 runs with the average of 34.88 and strike rate of 135.27 which is looking great. He scored two hundred’s and ten fifties in his career and his highest score is 123. He is also the best fielder of New Zealand.


8. Mahindra Singh Dhoni

Mahindra Singh Dhoni

As we all know that MS Dhoni, the captain of Indian team and the most richest cricketer of 2012. He is also in this list because of his hitting power and if he is still in the ground then everything would be possible because he is match winning batsman. In his life he played more IPL matches then international T20 matches. He is the Wicket Keeper of Indian team and he played 42 T20 matches and scored 748 runs with the average of 31.17 and strike rate of 114.9.


 7. Kieron Pollard

Top 10 Most Dangerous T20 Cricket Batsmen In 2013

Now at number 7 we are talking about KA  Pollard, full name is Kieron Adrian Pollard. Kieron Pollard is the match winning right handed batsman of West Indies. He also bowls well but his A plus game is batting. He hit many big sixes in his T20 career. He played total 35 twenty20 matches and played thirty innings with the strike rate of 148.8, nearer to 150. Due to his aggressive behavior and short selections he is the main hope of West Indies fans.


6. Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag

He is the right handed opening batsman of India, after Tendulkar he is the only player who played fast bowlers with good techniques. He just played 19 international T20 matches. But he played 79 matches in IPL but here we are discussing about international T20 matches. He is average in height but one of the best timer of ball in their team . He scored 394 runs with the average of 21.89 and strike rate of 145.39. His highest score in T20 cricket is 68.


5. AB De Villiers

Top 10 Most Dangerous T20 Cricket Batsmen In 2013

Ad De Villiers is a right hand batsman and right hand medium pace bowler. He was born at Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa on 17th Feb 1984. He is the coolest player of South African team. His positive point is that he can play in every situation, he knows well how to handle the pressure and convert that pressure to the opposition with his batting style. He always ready for hitting big sixes. He played 45 T20 matches and scored 818 runs with average of 22.72 and strike rate of 123. His highest score in T20 cricket is 79.


4. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is the middle order right handed batsman of Pakistan team. He is the man with the title of player with the fastest hundred. He is one of the best and most famous all-rounders  in the world. His bowling style is googly and leg break. But he is the best and power hitter of ball. His shorts look like rocket. He scored 864 in 59 T20 matches. His strike rate is 143.05 and his highest runs inning is 54.


3. Martin Guptill

Martin Guptill

Martin James Guptill is the right handed New Zealand player. He played total 41 T20 matches and he scored 1,168 runs with average of 35.39 and the strike rate of 124.39. He is go and on category batsman . He like to score all around the ground. His highest T20 score is 101. He scored 5 fifties and one century, with the help of 68 sixes and 101 fours.


2. Mohammad Hafeez

Mohammad Hafeez

Pakistani T20 captain  Mohammad Hafeez is at number 2 in this list because of his hardworking and match winning strategies. He is the right handed opening batman. He scored many good and A+ shorts in his career. He played 43 matches and scored 1101 runs with the average of 27.52 and strike rate of 119.03. His highest score in international T20 matches is 86. He scored 5 fifties in his carrier yet. He scored 1101 runs with the help of 123 fours and 29 sixes. If he is still not out then he has the ability to turn the game with the favor of his team. For winning match team required good opening partnerships and he has the ability to score well.


1. Chris Gayle

Top 10 Most Dangerous T20 Cricket Batsmen In 2013, Chris Gayle

Now we are talking about the man who has the power to hit every ball out of the ground. He is not only the best tallest batsman but also the number 1 most dangerous batsman of 2013. In just 32 T20 matches he scored 993 runs with the average of 35.46 and amazing strike rate of 144.33. He is the only player who scored too many in IPL , in just 59 IPL matches he scored 2512 runs that is unbelievable, but here we are just counting International matches. his highest score in this format is 117. With 10 fifties and one century he is at number 1 position. Now every one is waiting For ICC Champions Trophy 2013 and Chris Gayle is the most favorite player and the big hope for West Indies fans.

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